Discernment On A Spiritual Level


El Morya: Blessings! It is I; El Morya. It is lovely to speak yet again, for I so do enjoy our little tête-à-têtes. It is surprising how many who claim to be spiritual, do not seek to question, or ponder the ways of life, and yet…. at the foundational level of all spirituality, one must possess the ability to be aware and be discerning.

When I speak of discernment, I don’t mean that one should be selective on a judgemental basis. Discernment on a spiritual level means to look at a situation in the physical world, and recognise on an intuitive level, the spiritual lesson that is being learnt from said experience. For instance, you my dearest, are a Snap-Dragon.

Jill: A what?

El Morya: A Snap-Dragon. Now don’t get haughty, please listen to what El Morya is saying. I am merely using this to help you visualise a scene. You know that you get very angry very quickly, and when you do you snap, out bursts forth your anger, like fire, and God help anyone who happens to be in the line of said fire. Now, on a physical level you will find that those who do not know of, or practice, spiritual discernment, they too will respond back with fire. Yes, they too will spew forth back at you. So my dear, imagine a scene where someone is being angry and shouting at you, you can either respond with like-for-like or you could remain impartial to what has been said or done to you.

Although you are experiencing this angry moment in a physical sense, on an intuitive level, a spiritual level, discernment would help you see this angry soul is stuck with an issue ‘they’ need to learn to deal with. Whatever is being directed at you is not your burden. Discernment means spiritually, you rise above what is happening, and recognise there is no need for you to do, or say, anything. This is what Lord Sananda tried to teach others. Recognise they are the ones who are having issues, you don’t have to judge them, you don’t have to react, you can, if you wish, just walk away. By being non-reactive, you will diffuse the situation, honour yourself, and create less stress.
How do you think you would react, if every time you became angry, people just didn’t respond or walked away?

Jill: I’d become even more angry.

El Morya: Who is the one hurting and stuck in the midst of pain?

Jill: Me?

El Morya: Yes! Your anger is a behavioural response which at one time gave you the ability to divert attention elsewhere.

Jill: I don’t understand.

El Morya: You have learnt, that if you get angry, you take the problem away from yourself, and you stop yourself from having to deal with your fears. When someone says something to you that makes you feel wrong, rejected, hurt, bad or attacked, rather than recognise this, you become angry, and use your anger to deflect the situation elsewhere. What would happen if more and more people detached from you when you got angry?

Jill: I would be alone?

El Morya: Well yes, but more importantly, you would begin to realise that this type of behaviour wasn’t acceptable, and you would have to learn to master your anger, face your fears, and alter your own behaviour. Many times we preach and talk about meditation being the key to self-awareness. Learning self-awareness is a vital life-skill you need, for it gives you the opportunity to understand who you are, why you behave the way you do, and where you are in your life. Instead many humans spend more time and effort trying to understand others, but your true soul’s purpose is to learn to understand the self, so you can empower the soul.

If you find it easy to point the blame at someone else, or you feel the need to tell someone else who they should be, or how they should be, or you are the type of person who doesn’t allow another to complete a task because you feel it isn’t being done correctly, then recognise these issues you see in others aren’t really in them, they are in you. Spiritual discernment isn’t about judging others, it is about stepping back and recognising you have issues with you, issues which you are not accepting and dealing with.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you all find it so easy to see faults in others? All the misunderstandings, all the frustrations, all this angst, is because you have failed to see that you are responsible. If you can’t accept others for what and who they are, it is because, in truth, you have never learnt how to accept yourself.

If you are a nit-picker, someone who finds fault in others, the spiritual lesson you are failing to see and accept, is that you are unhappy with you. Your limitation, your blocks in life, are stemming from your inability to see you are unhappy, and do something about it. Perhaps you feel you haven’t been taught how to accept yourself. Perhaps you will acknowledge that you don’t know how to accept yourself, saying you accept yourself doesn’t just make it so. If you don’t know how, then take action, spring forth and learn. Enrol on a class, seek knowledge, practice, practice, practice.

Spiritual discernment is allowing others, or things, to be as they are. Instead of finding fault, and thinking others, or things, should be the way you want them to be, whatever you are experiencing in your life, from today, try to practice spiritual discernment. Try to recognise the spiritual lesson, the spiritual virtue you are meant to be learning.

It is one thing to desire to change oneself, to improve life, or the things you have around you, but unless you understand yourself, then you will continue to draw to you experiences which will demonstrate an aspect of your nature which you are still unaware of.

Why do so many humans fail to practice discernment? In truth it is because they don’t make time for themselves. What time they do have, they fill with things, experiences, busying themselves with inconsequential activities; anything so that they don’t have to identify or face who they really are, and where they are at.

So many humans don’t like truth, and yet the truth shall set you free. It releases all the bonds which bind you to behaviours, poverty, unhappy relationships and careers, which you are so desperately trying to avoid.
El Morya wants you to stop, and enter into meditation, slow your thinking down, breathe, and seek help from us on understanding, and see that your current experiences are trying to reveal to you; what you are not aware of.

If people are letting you down, mistreating you; although these problems seem to be outside of yourself, in truth they lie within you. Until you recognise the power to change your life lies inside of you, not outside of you, you will remain a victim of circumstance, shrouded in powerlessness and fear.

Spend as much time as you can on improving the self. Seek classes, books which help you recognise behavioural traits which you have inherited from your childhood, so that you can change. Learning to know thyself, is what life is all about. You can dream, or try to change your life, be a spiritual warrior, an Earth Angel who ministers to others; a good parent, a loving spouse, but unless you know who you are, why you do what you do, and where you are at, then you will not have achieved much of your soul’s purpose.

The ascension process, this spiritual time of evolution, is very important to all of you. If your past is painful, and you ‘believe’ it is too painful to face, then you must one day come to recognise that it has kept you locked in a dark prison, and you have missed out on this opportunity called life.

All of life’s lessons are not new. So many souls have experienced what you are all experiencing now. Some souls understood what life was all about ,and they made learning about themselves, understanding the spiritual laws and how to apply them to life, their life’s mission. Now, more than ever, due to technological gadgets, hectic lifestyles, fewer souls are making spiritual and personal development their life’s mission. Sadly, even those who claim to be spiritual, fail to make time to meditate and spend time gaining spiritual knowledge. They make excuses. They tell themselves and others anything they like, as long as they don’t have to acknowledge their own truths, and face their short-comings and fears.

Spiritual discernment is a very important lesson to be mastered at this time. The challenges on a global scale, economically, environmentally and spiritually, are major ones. Ignorance creates darkness, pain and suffering. It is important for you to learn self-mastery. If you refuse to see what is happening in your world, then you will remain powerless to change those things which you do not like.

Do not live in fear beloved ones, life is about learning who you are, for when you know who you are, you will be able to discern whether to fight fire with fire, or walk away. You will know what direction to take, and how to see the spiritual lessons contained in each morsel of every experience.

Life has a way of shaping, moulding and teaching everything that God wishes us to learn. There are no coincidences. Synchronicity is spiritual purpose in action. Your soul’s mission is to know thyself.
Keep your light on full beam

El Morya..



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