Food Matters

Great movie for everyone to watch, and educate yourselves of the cunning practices of our societies, it’s also good to note that although we are supposed to eat organic, lets not forget that what looks so fresh it might actually be genetically engineered! So we have to be very diligent on what’s goes in our mouth. Gather as much information as possible, do your own research, but do not just sit there and ignore the subject, your health, and that of your family, and that of the planet matters.

One simple way to do it is to remember that if it does not come from the earth directly, do not eat it. And avoid all kinds of meat, as no meat is save! The food they feed the animals are nothing more than genetically engineered corn, and growth hormone, as well as lots of cruelty to the poor animals to come along with it! Be not blind to realize that whatever the animals eat, that as well will go into your body, including the fear of the cruelties they were treated with.

Basically, the food industry of the United States is poisoned. It is our responsibility to spread awareness, as well as boycotting anyone that is misleading the public with products that are not even near to any nutritious value. Fight back, and start by planting your own garden, and/or buying from your local grocers, you know, the ones that come from the neighbors yards, and pray they do not use Round up, the Chemical that is destroying the earth’s soil.

Awareness to good health everyone

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