Lightbody Activation and the Ascension Process


A lightbody, or homo luminous, is simply an overlay of higher dimensional energy that anchors into our physical self when we are of sufficient frequency to sustain the connection. This etheric matrix raises our vibration to match that of source, and the occurring earth changes. Giving the physical 3D body connection points into the multidimensions template which will be our new reality, the lightbody is our energetic fascial support system. Fascia is the continuum that communicates throughout the body, the energetic fascial sheath communicates with the rapidly merging interdimensional vibrationsThis is a mandatory upgrade for all path cutters and ascension will not occur without having it firmly attached. Key to our survival in the coming times, this vibrational container merges all the levels and layers of self into a cohesive whole. The frequency of the lightbody calls to and re-establishes schizmed pieces of self lost throughout time, dimension and space. It causes our bioenergetic field to become luminous, transparent, and divinely conscripted for the work to be done.

In this time of wholeness we are becoming crystal clear. This is so the light that moves through us it is dispersed with focused clarity and not bounced off of our rough edges or deflected from our intentions. The truth of one thought manifesting, one touch healing and so utterly connected that disappearing into the all is the norm.

Master Jesus said you cannot pour new wine into old wine skins, they will burst. The lightbody is the new vessel for our restored spirit. Putting such high velocity energy into our existing bioenergetic system would cause an overload, so it is better to upgrade the container than to risk its destruction. Chakra to chakra, meridians merging, layer rising to meet layer, the lightbody is us with all of our lights turned on. It is above the frequencies of color, and it seems as if all color within the energy field fades away into pure light, merging together in a sphere of brilliance.

The Lightbody carries the blueprint for who we are becoming as a race of beings, and holds our vibration steady so we can live in peace as we transmute any lower energy trapped within our cells. When the personal lightbody has anchored into a field, it brings mental clarity, emotional stability and an increase of physical health and well being. As the individual lightbody becomes united with the self, it reunites with humanity’s lightbody, earth’s higher body, the universes over soul, and eventually simply merges into “the everything”.

This evolved energy system not only maintains our resonance with source, it also changes us at the cellular and DNA levels. Like the physical universe, the physical parts of our cells are only a tiny fraction of what constitutes the cell. Within the cell membrane there is mostly space, called dark matter, made up of pure potentiality. As the frequency of the dark matter increases, the amount of light it can carry raises in equal amounts. Light is a conduit of information, and when enough information moves into a cell, it needs a place to go.

DNA, Deoxyribonucleic acid, are physical double helix spirals of encoded information in each cell, containing all the genetic material we need to become human. It today’s terminology it is the hardware to our computing system. Only 10% of our physical DNA is accounted for use in building proteins. That leaves 90% of what is called “junk DNA” unexplored and unexplained.

Russian scientists Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues worked with “junk DNA”, believing that there is nothing in the natural world that is insignificant. They were able to prove that sound frequencies modify DNA patterns, and that DNA can be changed to hold downloaded information, thus permanently altering the physical. Hence the truth that what you say you become! Eventually they will be able to prove that thought vibration has an even greater effect on DNA, with less interference than even sound could have.

We are gathering new data every second we live, especially if we are on the ascension path. Thus, new strands of DNA must be activated to store the information. Not physical strands, energetic ones that resonate with the higher vibrations as they merge into our fields. These etheric strands of DNA multiply exponentially as needed, each new set a closer frequency resemblance to source, able to hold the higher knowledge. As we activate more DNA strands, our physical body seems to become lighter, younger and healthier.

How many strands a human can hold is unknown and I believe unknowable. In reality, whom does it serve to know this information? Only to the ego, to show psychic superiority or growth, for when you reach ascension numbers are a ridiculous waste of time. You either are evolving or asleep. Anyway, intuitives can only see what they are a vibrational match to seeing and nothing more, so who knows if what they are seeing on you is an accurate accounting for all the strands you have!

Light Within
There are many incredible pathcutters today that are able to psychically detect the changes in the physical form as we move into homo luminous. They intuit the evolution of the body, organs morphing to hold more energy, components of our brain developing into higher powered super computers, and even our nerves being able to conduct purer frequencies so that visible alterations will soon be available for all to see. Our bioenergetic fields also need improved energy circuitry so new chakras are forming, higher vibrational DNA strands are appearing and larger auric fields are produced for upgraded performance. Science is finally catching up to what our brethren light beings have been saying for years.

We have within our body an electrical conductive property called the piezoelectric effect. Crystals and certain ceramics are piezoelectric materials, which transmit electricity along a crystalline network throughout their entirety. Davis’s Law states that “when you stress it, it grows”, and Anti-Davis’s Law states “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. All our physical systems depend on stress in order to maintain homeostasis. Good or bad stress, if our lives were stress free, we would simply cease to be.

Our skeletal system depends on stressors such as compression (from muscles moving the bones and pulling on each other) which shoots electrical impulses through the skeletal cells, causing them to grow. Our nervous system creates electrical impulses by thoughts, and our endocrine system creates hormones that need to communicate with each other through the nervous system (our body-mind link). Our muscular system creates energy by a chemical reaction called the Krebs Cycle. Every time a cell reproduces (mitosis or meiosis) it creates an electrical charge.

We have one component of our framework that also has a piezoelectric property, which is especially important for our evolutionary process. From deep within the bowels of our body to the superficial point where skin is held onto our frame, fascia covers every cell. It is here, in the fascial sheath, that the body tells the mind the truth, connects into the super-conscious, manifests by attraction and allows the light language to be created. For fascia holds light within itself, it is our connection point in the physical to source.

It has been recently discovered that our fascial sheath contains hollow micro-tubules within each of its cells that have piezoelectric properties. Photons, discrete manifestations of light energy particles, are transmitted through these micro-tubules at the speed of light. Photons are neutral until charged with a negative or positive energy. Photons are mutable- they morph with whatever flavour of energy we assign to it through our thoughts and emotions. And, our body responds to the dominant frequency by being what it is told to be.

Fascia hides our secrets, our past, and shines out to the world what it holds. It links our dimensions, brings forth our karma, and calls out our daily reality mirror. It binds up and constricts when traumatized, capturing our pain signatures within. When we start to unwind and unbind our mind, it releases, sometimes in phases, at times all at once, to remember and heal. Crucial to our evolution is bodywork that will assist in relaxing our fascia, to allow for gentle releasing, so less chaos is created in our outer reality.

Photons are rare in that they are identical to their antiparticle (an exact duplicate of the original particle except the charge is the opposite) – the anti-photon. This is integral- for when an antiparticle and a particle usually meet (as when dimensions link) they obliterate each other.

When our light bodies anchor into our physical body, there can be no annihilation of our present bits here in earth world. That would not only be disastrous but little bits of us disintegrating as we connect to the higher dimensions would hurt! There has to be a mutual linkage device so that multi-dimensions can exist in one space at the same time. It is through the fascia, the photon light particles that this is manifested. Our physical bodies have been hard wired for this shift to occur, and we are finally at the point in our evolution where it can be realized.

Because the pathway into enlightenment is an inward journey, it only makes sense that we already hold all the information that we could ever need. We access this information and receive information at the speed of light via our fascial system. Through the light language, the communication from our higher selves through our internal hard-wiring, we can access and manifest at the speed of light. One touch healing, one thought manifesting is the 2012 shift, what we have known about internally intuitively all along.



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