We Are All One

We are beings that have your best interests in mind at all times, and we do not wish any harm to come to any of you at any time. This is what we are. We are your families and we are your friends from the higher realms. It is we that are your guides and it is we that are your Angels. It is we that craft certain situations to bring about results that you expressed you wished to achieve before your current incarnations. We are not strangers to any of you. We are not ‘visitors’ in this sense of the word that may come to mind. We are here with your permission from our contact with you before your current incarnation.


All that is transpiring here at this time in your world has already been discussed with each of you before you set out on the current journey you find yourself on. This is not a surprise to you, although it is due to your lack of memory of the planning stages of these events that these events unfolding appear to contain surprise, mystery and elements of the unknown. In reality, there is nothing transpiring here that you do not already know and do not already fully understand and have planned for quite some time. What we, your friends and your family who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light would like to begin to do at this time is to reveal to you, or should we say help you remember, portions of the plan that we feel it is now the appropriate time to begin to unfold here in your world.


Nothing we do and nothing we are a part of with you is planned or carried out without your consent. This is simply the way it is and there can be no other way. There are many of you who believe that we are strangers to you, that we are different from you, that we are uninvited guests or intruders of some kind, here to conquer and take what it is you possess. This is hardly the case, and we wish to remind you just who it is we are. We are the beings that come from the same places you have come from. We do not come from places where you have not come from. Do you understand this? Do you understand that the worlds and the realms that we call home are the worlds and the realms that you call home?


Many of you do not, under other circumstances, call Earth your home, and many of us also do not call Earth our home. This we have in common. There are those beings who do call Earth their home, yet they too come from origins which are the same places of our origins. We all have the same origins. Many of you understand by now that we are all one, and we do wish more of you would understand this very fundamental spiritual understanding, for it all starts at this point. One cannot skip to advanced concepts of spirituality before understanding this basic law, and we wish for all of you reading these words right now to say with us “We are all one.” When you hear these words ‘We are all one’, what is it that crosses your mind? Do you think that this is just a poetic saying, meaning that we are all friends or that we all play for the same team or that we all come from the same place? Or does it mean something else to you? Does it mean to you what these words truly mean, that we are all one?


We are all one, and we are all one because we are all connected. Every single thing in this universe is connected. There are no different sections, portions, parts or sides. There is just the one, the whole, the all that is. There is only we, there is only us, there is no them or they. We hope that each and every one of you reading these words at this very moment understand this very basic but very important concept of our existence, for it is truth. It is what this entire fabric of this universe is sown with. We are all connected to each other and to each object, we are all connected to past, present and future timelines, and we are all connected to each and every corner of this universe whether it be star, planet, asteroid, comet or galaxy, it does not matter how big or how small, we are all connected and we are one.


We wish for you to remember these words and say to yourself the next time you feel yourself beginning to distrust us or suspicion begins to grow within you that we, again, your family and friends, we who are you, are here for devious purposes and our plan is to trick you, con you or conquer you in some way. ‘We are all one’ are words that we would like you to say whenever these shadows of fear begin to creep inside of you and dim your light. ‘We are all one.’ This is what we would like you to take away from our conversation today.


We see so many of you at this time who see us as strangers, and it is now time for that misconception to be put to rest once and for good. Can you help us dispel these rumors and misunderstandings? Can you shine light where there is shadow throughout your online social networks when you see others begin to spread disinformation that has the power to turn into fear and panic? Can you politely and respectfully reply underneath their fear-based comments that we are all one, and that no one on this planet is going to meet anyone that they do not already know, that they are not already a part of?


Of course, there will always be new faces that you will meet and become friends with, and we are not saying that you have had personal encounters with every single being in this universe. What we are saying is you will not ever be meeting anyone that is not already a part of your life, as we are all connected and the lives of each and every individual in this universe affects the lives of each and every other individual in this universe. Just as each and every one of you on the planet you call Earth are connected, your lives are intertwined and what one experiences all experience. The same goes for each and every individual being throughout this entire universe. What one individual experiences, each and every individual experiences in one way or another. This is how this universe has been wonderfully designed, to bring about the best in us and to bring us together as the one, as the all, we already are and have always been.


We are all reconnecting now. We are all experiencing what you are experiencing, and that is the reconnection of each and every being and each and every object, animate are not, throughout this entire universe. You may call the glorious mission that we all serve ‘The Reconnection’, for indeed, this cannot be said any more brilliantly clear than this. Are you ready for the reconnection? Are you ready to reconnect to everything in this universe that you are already connected to but you may have just not remembered this yet? For many of you, it is the time for this. For many of you making this choice, it is time for you to reconnect.


There are just as many of you who are choosing not to reconnect at this time, and we honor and respect their choice to continue their journey under the illusion that they are separated in some way from many other beings throughout places and times throughout this universe. It is their right to continue along the path of the illusion of the lower dimensions. Their journey too will bring to them experiences, knowledge and wisdom and answers that they seek, and it is not our right to push them or pull them to walk the steps of the path that we choose. All our choices are sacred, and all our choices are just as valid and should be just as honored and respected as anyone else’s choices. This is the way it is and must be in this universe.


Allow those who choose to remain within the illusion of separation to continue to wander through the realm that they choose at this time. There will come a day when they will begin to remember and to accept that they are not separate and have never been separated from everything else in this universe. We will be there waiting for them with open arms and open hearts to welcome them back, even though in reality they have never left. This journey that we are all on is merely part of an illusion that we agreed at one time to believe as our one true reality, but behind all this façade and scenery is the truth, and the truth is we are all one, we have always been one and we will always be one, and it is time for many of you to once again understand this spiritual and scientific law.


Thank you for generously giving us your time today. We hope that many of you have learned something, or shall we say remembered something, from our discussion with you today, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled though Greg Giles


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