Monthly Archive: August 2013

The World 0

The World

The whole world fits into My Heart. The whole world, Universe, every human being, every animal, every stone, every seashell, every particle of sand, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven fit into My Heart....

I Forgot my Phone 0

I Forgot my Phone

If you were to note when ever you go anywhere like the park, the beach, or the city you will see that nine out of ten people are talking on the phone. This I...

Twin Spirits 0

Twin Spirits

Do you grasp that I am your Confidant, and you are Mine? Do you know that We are close? I clasp you to Me, and you clasp Me to you. Even when or if...

Mi Colombia Querida 1

Mi Colombia Querida

We the people of this earth are all one and the same, with this being said let us all enjoy everyone cultures with love and respect.   LOVE= ONE

Be a Blessing 0

Be a Blessing

When you are certain of how things should be and how they should go, perhaps you are putting too much confidence in your personal knowing and not enough in Mine. When you are very...

Everything is Changing and Shifting 0

Everything is Changing and Shifting

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the new energies begin to heighten and expand the human life experience upon and within...