A Gift Given to You







All of this outward experience in life is to show you how ephemeral it is. That is the point of it. When you see this life for what it is, then you see the More you may not have been seeing, or almost surely have not. You have hung on to the outward display of life. When you see it for what it is, you can enjoy it more.

Without attachment, you enjoy everything more. When you finally really and truly discover the dissolubility of earth life, you will watch it like a good movie. You will know what you are seeing. And you will know you are the watcher of what is portrayed before you and that you leave this theater by and by and enter another.

Even attachment is an illusion. You cannot attach to what shimmers across the screen. You cannot even catch it. When you open your fist, you see there is nothing there. How tightly you hold on to nothing!

That which is yours you have without holding. It cannot part from you, nor you from it. You can turn on and off all the switches you like, but you and I are beyond any mechanics of this world. We exist independent of it. We are One regardless of anything else. Nothing really can lay a hand on Us. What in life can affect Our mutuality? Nothing. Despite storm or hiatus from storm, We are irrevocably Our One Self. We are a Vortex of Great Energy. No energy can be lost. Therefore, there is nothing to try to hold on to anymore than there is anything to get away from.

There is great cause for joy. And that is all there is cause for. Anything else than joy is unsubstantial. There is nothing to win in life. You are a victor to partake in life. You already won it. Life is a great gift given to you to spend as you will. It is like a great allowance you get. Whatever goes on on the surface, you cannot run out of this allowance. It is yours forever, just as you are Mine. You are not partly Mine. You are not sometimes Mine. You are Mine, as I am yours, and, so, what is all the fuss about?

Nothing can be lost, and nothing can be gained. There is no more or less. You have all that there is. You have it all the time. Do you think there is something more than Our Co-Existence? We cannot be undone. And nothing can be added unto Us. We, you and I, are forever. There never was a moment We were not. And there will never be a moment when We are not.

All of life comes down to Us. Upon Our relationship, all else rests.

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