A Prayer For The Planet

Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky,
and spirits of Light and Love, hear me. I
stand in your presence as a steward of
this small patch of land, and I ask for
your guidance & blessing. Teach me to
care for this portion of the Earth. I am
your child. Teach me your ways. Guide
me in co–creating here with you and the
Nature spirits a place of Light and
balance, peace and healing, beauty and
joy. Teach me, please, to honor my
Mother, Gaia, and all my relations who
share this place which you have
entrusted to my care. Forgive my past
ignorance and any damage I have done.
Let me hear your voice in my heart.
Guide me with visions and how things
can be. Let us begin together, here and
now, on this land, to restore balance and
harmony to the Earth. I (State your
name), dedicate this property to the
Light. I call Light and Love here, now. I
trust that I will receive guidance and
direction in nurturing this land. Thank
you for choosing me as a caretaker of
this sacred place. Thank you for
strengthening my connection to Mother
Earth. Guide my steps. So be it.
By GLR  Rian Claassen

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