Acclamation from the People








Acclamation from the People:

We the people of the Republic of The United States are asking the company of heaven, and our divine mother Sophia, Mother Wisdom, and our solar self to unite with us during this divine energy that surrounds us on planet earth, to immediate transmute to light the dark side of our humanity, and liberate our country of the slavery of our people from corporate terrorism that have invaded our land.

We want all international agencies, and or corporate agents that are violating the civil rights of our people, such as collecting loans that they never loaned, and disposing our people of their homes; taking our children and putting them on government/corporate agencies that are owned by pedophiles, murderers, and killers; arresting, and or incarceration of our youth, and our people for profit, taxation, invasion, and violation for profit. We want the end to these atrocities immediately.

We want the judicial corporate system that is run by the BAR to be vacated from our land, immediately.

We want all corporate police out of our land, immediately.

We want all attorneys/esquires, and their terrorists collecting agencies/firm to be dismantle, and all of them arrested for crimes of violation of our civil rights, violation of public peace, and violation of public trust against the American people.

We do not consent of the selling of our public land to any foreign entity by any corporate agents that do not have the delegated authority from the people to take such action. Our land, our resources, and our people are Not for the profit of any entities/corporation/agents, foreign or domestic.

We want to those that are being directed to do/release, the immediate value, and or digital credit cards with unlimited funds for our people to meet their daily needs, as it is our inherent rights.

We want the protection of our vulnerable animals/all creatures worldwide.

We want the closing down, dismantling of any/all corporate media that is/are in the disgrace of reporting/fabricating scenarios behind their desks to scare mongering/warmongering, and the controlling of our people with lies.

We want any entity/individual that is/has been giving the grace/opportunity to be in our country, to abide by the law, and or respect/honor the law of our country. If you are/they are not happy with it/our laws, you may leave/would be/could be deported for inciting/being a/ warmongers/and or terrorists against our principle, and our people.

We want all victims that are in jail for profit to be released immediately.

We want the corporate jail system for profit to be dismantle immediately.

We want the return of all/any child that is in a corporate agency such as Child Protected Service, and or Foster Care agency to be return to their family/and or any family member, immediately. And we want the closing down of these agencies for their atrocities of crimes committed of child kidnapping, child killing, child murdering, child selling, child harvesting, and child pedophilia.

We want the Department of Education to be Dismantle immediately. We do not consent of BAR members, pedophiles, and terrorists be directing the education of our children.

We do not consent of any child to be vaccinated under any circumstances for profit by the/a private doctor, hospital, school system, and or any agency, or entity.

We want all corporate agents that are in the atrocities of human trafficking/harvesting/killing for organs profit be arrested, and or taking from planet earth immediately.

We want all corporate agents/corporate politicians on a local, and international level that are enforcing these atrocities to the American people to be dismantle/arrested immediately.

WE want the corporate system dismantle.

We want NESARA Law now.

We want Constitutional law now.

We want abundance of our daily needs for all humanity, we want harmony, peace, and love for all.

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love for all.


These videos below are for awareness of the crimes inflicted to our people and our children by these soulless beings that need to leave our societies immediately. We do no consent of these atrocities by local corporate criminals that go on disguising as our local government.

Together we stand against all evil. Do your own research, and take hold of your children! Keep in mind that you are your own government, not these outlaw. Also study the Constitution, and all other laws in your state.

Do not entertained these thugs. Do not go to their movies, do not watch their shows…, it is time now to expend family times, and go to the park, the beach…, keep vigilant!

Remember that we are protected under the Constitution! Keep vigilant, and keep in mind that anyone that is in the agenda of violating your civil rights, and or dividing the American people, you do not need to be listening to.

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Video 2


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