TERMINATED CASES NO: 1-15-44530-cec/24890/07


Let it be known to all living and dead that on the 12th of January of 2016 at time of 2:30 PM and at the alleged corporation of the bankruptcy court of Brooklyn New York, a meeting took place with Judge Carla E Craig (something that it needed not to be) but because we/I am dealing and or am amongst outlaw we did not take a chance.

According to Judge Carla, it is our/the responsibility of fe-esperanza: ramirez, the previous owner of the property to set up an appointment with Trustee Alan Nisselson in order to answer some questions so this way the alleged case above get discharged according to their “Game of rule?”

We are going to make clear to Alan Nisselson, judge Carla, and the Boys from Long Island that being ignorance of the law and or ignore the law is no excuse, and that enough is/are the websites and or links directing you to be aware of the fraud committed by the BAR association (and or alleged attorneys that disguise as banks and or collecting agencies behind the scenes) defrauding the American citizens with assumption and presumption of us all being under their jurisdiction or to be more specific us all being corporate U.S citizens subject to admiralty law or the law of the sea, which is the only law attorneys are only to be working under, along with the alleged federal United States of America Inc (Minor).

There is a difference between the United States of America (Minor) the corporation that is composed of Washington DC, territory in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, and which by a fact became defaulted in 2012 due to their crimes committed to humanity do to wars, and terrorism all over the world. The One People Public Trust (OPPT) Closed Upon all United States Corporations worldwide and or all government corporations in this Country of the united States of America, the Continent, inclusive of the Federal Government; FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, freeing all humanity from the slavery system and with a due amount of ten billion dollars lawful money to each citizen of this Country, and countries of the world. This amount is due to us by the banks which are the ones, along with the BAR that are and or have been the cause of the misery of humanity all over the world.

We also will like to mention that the social security is not part of the “United States Corporation and or the treasury of the United States, none whatsoever”. However, that money of the Social Security I paid with my own hard labor, and that under fraud has been taking to create wars under the NAME OF PERSONAS and or identity theft, and as well to stealing from my Global Collateral Trust Account so the perpetrators can enrich themselves; and with my hard labor, and unlawful taxes I paid. According to the Perpetrators I am an Unpaid Volunteer Employee of the “alleged federal government” therefore a “US citizen” instead of an American natural citizen whether born here or not.

When did this happen?

Unknown to those same American natural citizens, the corporations masquerading as their lawful government used their “voluntary application” for “Social Security benefits ” to obtain a veiled general Power of Attorney hidden in the SS-5 Form, and used it to seize control of theirs ESTATES. They then set up two accounts “in their names”—-one administered by the Federal Reserve’s Internal Revenue Service and one administered by the “IRS” for the International Monetary Fund. One account is set up as the debt side account and follows the familiar pattern: -123-45-6789. The other account is set up as the credit side account and uses the same numbers without hyphens: *123456789*. Most American Natural citizens are owed several million dollars’ worth of credit owed to their individual ESTATE accounts, but the perpetrators of the fraud never disclose this fact. The “richest people on earth” live as debt slaves to international banking cartels that have obtained this position by fraud that is run by the BAR.

The frauds are too many to counts, but for one thing we are sure and that is that all is being done to defraud the American people of their State through the Global Collateral Trust Account and leaving us as their slaves, laughing their ass off from their corporate COURTS, and high-rises offices furnished with all the commodities the earth resources can produce, and paid by us the American people with our own hard sweat and labor, and on top of that perpetrating against us crimes of embezzlement of credit, willful identity theft, inland piracy, currency manipulation, obstruction of bankruptcy, impersonation of public officials of the American people, semantic deceit, unlawful conversion, malfeasance, and constructive fraud.

MY social security better not be involved in bankruptcy of my own property!! My social security is my own property and it is not to be used by anyone to screw the living life off of me and my family. And let us make clear that we brought to the attention point by point to Alan Nisselson and company the many ways our property has been already paid off and or You all being on DEFAULT.

FOR A FACT Alan Nisselson works and or is an attorney from an LLP (limited Liability company of professional Attorneys?) FOR A FACT AND PURSUANT TO INTERNATIONAL LAW of Ordinance and Order of 2012, and of UCC Doc. No. 2012127914, and 2012114776, all attorneys licenses are terminated. Whereas (and we repeat) banks and “governments” have been foreclosed upon worldwide…Acts, Statutes, Codes, Courts, Executives orders etc were thereby foreclosed upon, thus without a lawfully binding contract- individual to individual, no instrument exist to compel performance.

DOES  fe-esperanza:ramirez have a contract with you Alan Nisselson, judge Carla, and or with all the alleged attorneys that are on the notion they have the authority to steal our property? THE answer is NO. IN FACT, and officially you are INSTRUCTED to no longer act in any TRUSTEE capacity related to my ESTATES and you are  “RELEASED”  from any right or obligation to take any action related to mortgages, deeds, titles, and other such records held in my NAME.

Let us also make clear to the living and dead that any Deed of Trust registered in the County of Queens and or New York City on the NAME OF FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, FE E RAMIREZ, RAMIREZ, FE ESPERANZA OR Fe Esperanza Ramirez Or Esperanza, Fe Ramirez are all and uniformly invalidated for semantic deceit and non-disclosure. Title Number CAPLS-18207-Q is/has been terminated. Alleged loan# 68888218 is/has been terminated. Our property never had been or it is Not or will be Not collateral to any perpetrators that are in contempt of public law policies and disguising as public officials of the American people.

Let us also make clear that I/we do not need to follow the rules of the corporation of the “alleged United States of America Inc”, thus if I want to sell my property, that is my choice and my own decision and under the law of contract “a contract is between two party” which comes to think why would I need to register my property in the County and or ACRIS which is a dissolved corporation as we explained. The reason of all the chicanery is because of the control by the perpetrators and the illegal and unlawful taxes against the American people, and again perpetrated by the alleged BAR and all the Psychopaths that  call themselves investors or should we say  run away outlaw criminals in contempt of public law policies of the American  people

The living fe-esperanza: ramirez, as she already made public and or on the public records has made clear to everyone that she is not the owner of property any longer. And that if the perpetrators as that of Alan Nisselson and company wants to ignore the law and or our presentments and or filings on the public domain, and or making us look as if we do Not know what we are talking about, that indeed is not our issue, as we have done everything according to due diligence and due process. However, if for some reason unknown to us and to avoid any disrespect to anyone, and as we have said before we are all here to help each other; to learn from one another so we can grow and thrive this journey call life together, then it is of outmost important that a meeting be with Alan Nisselson to bring to his attention in person that the alleged fabricated cases NO: 1-15-44530-cec/24890/07 are terminated for all the obvious reasons; and in truth hear what else can he be of service if the property has been SOLD?

Alan Nisselson, we are asking for a meeting with you as soon as possible, please send us the date that you would be available by mail to the address of 149-39 83rd street, howard beach, new York 11414 and to the attention of fe-espranza:ramirez. And if for some reason what ever you have to say can be resolved by mail that would be even better as we want to go ON with our lives without the abrogation’s and infringements on our daily lives and choices. We pray for your answer as soon as possible.


All federal employees are guests of the people of each county and state. So long as they pursue their lawful duties and do not inappropriately presume upon, threaten, harass, or otherwise offer to harm their hosts, over-reach their lawful jurisdiction, or make false claims against land assets they are owed safe conduct and support. The moment they breach the peace, break the Public Law, offer contempt against the Constitution, engage in operations under color of law—including trespass on private property, cattle rustling, armed racketeering and so on, they are subject to arrest like any common felon. The people of this country are the employers, benefactors, Priority Creditors of all federal corporations, all federal employees, all federal contractors, and all federal officials. The people did not grant their hirelings any power to harass them, in debt them, mischaracterize them, change their political status, seize upon their property, defraud them, trespass upon them, or engage in any other criminal activity whatsoever.

Any federal employee offering to harm or interfere in the normal occupations of their employers, that is, the people of this country, or to prohibit their employer’s customary use of the land and resources they are heir to is acting as an Outlaw in contempt of the Public Law and the actual Constitution and is subject to arrest under the Bounty Hunter provisions of the United States Statutes-at-Large.

USC 18 §2382 – Misprision of treason Whoever having knowledge of treason, conceals and does not make known the same to some judge is guilty of treason for contempt against the sovereign and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

USC 18 §241; CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS: If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.


I fe-esperanza: ramirez charge for the Violation fee of my liberty, and for using My Fiction name(s), FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, FE E. RAMIREZ, MRS FE E. RAMIREZ, Fe Esperanza Ramires, Fe E. Ramirez, Mrs Fe E. Ramirez and any other derivatives thereof, for the intended gains for themselves (the issuers or users) or for others for any of My Rights, My private property or any part about My Estate without full disclosure and My written prior consent is strictly forbidden and chargeable per each user and issuer, in the amount of the sum certain of $1, 000, 000.00 (one million) dollars silver specie in lawful coinage for the united states of America as defined under Article 1, Section 10 of We the People’s Contract/Constitution FOR the united states of America per using Fiction including any past, present, or future use, and for my time, and or under any circumstances under duress, especially without my express consent. My time is never pro-rated.


With due diligent read:

FACTS: Technically, we shouldn’t have to file in court, its a living soul to living soul interaction. No foreclosed courts needed. All private Courts operating under the guise of Public courts of the people already foreclosed… (and we quote), and pursuant to UCC Doc, No. 2012127914; 2012114776; UCC 2012113593; 2013032035, of universal law, governed and insured by UCC public law policies of UCC 1-103 and UCC 1-308 thereof.

NOTE: the courts filings(for the records only) concerning this presentment in particular may not be exactly as this one here due to the fact that both the County Public Records of New York City, and the Private Corporate Court Records are working together with the Corporate County Clerk, the terrorist organization name the BAR Association(attorneys/esquires/judges, and the Corporate police force to cover the crimes committed by the alleged perpetrators of defrauding the American people of their god-giving lawful right, by them stealing their properties, children, and jail for profit. For a fact both recording entities have altered, hide, and lied about documentations in order to cover the facts. Furthermore it could have been that we may or may not made a mistake within our documentations. Regardless, the fact are facts about the perpetrators. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the American people know this. To those of concern, it is of importance that they go by the presentment of this website(s) as authentic:  and Furthermore, a contract is between two people, no interloper needed from an alleged corporation.

This presentment was prepare by public servants for the people and by the people and with full authority of fe- esperanza: ramirez, national citizen of Continental united States of America.

Served on this day and date of 01/13/16, and pursuant to Canon law of 3228 (i) and Canon 3228(ii) for the records and On the records.

This presentment was send to:

Alan Nisselson c/o Windels Marx Lane and Mittendorf LLP 156 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019;

Judge Carla E. Craig U. S. Bankruptcy Court, EDNY at 271- C Cadman Plaza East- Suite 1595 Brooklyn New York 11201-1800;

Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel/Ronald Howard, PC Address: 100 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530

With all due diligence and all due process, alleged CACE(s) No: 1-15-44530-cec/24890/07 is/are terminated. Made NULL & VOID AB INITIO NUNC PRO TUNC AD INFINITUM. Aligned with Common law, protected under the Constitution FOR The United States of America, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 1, governed and insured by public policy UCC 1-103, and UCC 1-308, and UCC Doc. No. 2013032035 of universal commercial law.

Absent my knowing, willing and intentional express consent, you are ordered to Cease and Desist from committing trespass on my domicil of mind and body, my mind and body’s domicil by choice, my private land and my private property, inclusive of any and all direct or indirect contact.

Sincerely and

without prejudice

/s/ fe-esperanza:ramirez _________________________________

(non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved)

Red thumbprints here/s/__________________________________

The Court is Abated

public servants and the ramirez family



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