Airship Treasury is Open for Business




The Heirship Trust and Heirship Treasury are open for business with a new asset backed currency called the Heirship Bond Note (HBN). All communities adopting natural law as expressed in the Court of Ages Law of the Land Handbook are eligible to develop their own physical currency bearing the Heirship Bond Seal designating it as a tradable, asset-backed currency.

The United States Treasury was lawfully foreclosed and repossessed in 2015; however, the people of the District of Columbia have not yet commissioned a natural law sheriff. Once the community has a sheriff to interact with the Army National Guard, they will be able to access the Treasury building. Until then, natural law communities will have to print their own bills and apply for use of the Heirship Bond Seal to authenticate their money.

The HBN is interest-free and exchangeable one-to-one with the USD.

Communities that have established their ecclesia, commissioned their natural law sheriff and made contact with their area Army National Guard are eligible for the new currency. Acceptance of the HBN by all merchants is expected. As of this date, no community has applied for the Heirship Bond Seal nor taken advantage of the availability of the HBN.


by Cindy K Currier = Responsibility.

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