Alberta Premier Jason Kenney REJECTS “The Great Reset,” Klaus Schwab

F653CC4A-F40B-4C9C-BE0D-3F46F2EBA3B6Picture of Klaus Schwab above

Known only to a few, the Virus issue is the idea of Top demon, Klaus Schwab that along his worldwide affiliates, is the CEO of the Economic Forum.

He had the genius idea of taking advantage of the worldwide FALL of the old guard/worldwide conscious cleansing= call a Virus, so he/ they could introduce in reality a False Virus from the seasonal Flu. The aim was complete control of our humanity based on a communist manifesto. All governments around the world would follow his/their orders to submit their people which consists of fear, social distances, masks, and most important use the people, or should we say the goyim as collateral when a vaccine for the suppose virus get distributed to cure them from the virus they themselves created.

Actually what they did not tell you is that the intention is to harm our people until they are walking as useless robots inclusive of damaging the female uterus! Moderna, Pfizer, Bayer, and etc., and along Big Pharma/ the medical industry, Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, and Soros to name a few, are all involved in the hoax that would lead them to make money for theirs lavish lives styles, cover the bioweapon, cyber, and information war fares created as well by them, where millions of people died, specially in China and the United States, etc., and as well pay their taxes, all at the expense of our people regardless the consequences.

We can say this is a China Virus= a communist virus. Meanwhile on the other hand, some people took this opportunity to go ahead and get some things done while their bankruptcy was final, etc., where the people were the ones to suffer the consequences, specially small businesses around the world, but his would be subject for another day.

The bottom line is we have been used as guinea pigs by everyone only though to come victorious at the end, because we got them fuckwits all on the records for all theirs crimes against our humanity.

The insanity would cease to exist, and we are NOT going to get any vaccine in our bodies to please criminals. We are not. Their party is OVER, and all those evil laboratories will be destroy along with the culprits. The people command.

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