All About Evolution And Devolution

Presently, many philosophical doctrines based on the dogma of evolution are being taught in the Eastern as well as in the Western parts of the world.

Evolution and devolution are mechanical forces that are simultaneously processed in all of Nature. Gnostic do not deny the reality of these  two forces; they explain them. It is necessary to know the origin of human being: where the human being come from, and the fundamental reason for its existence. It is necessary to investigate deeply, in a more profound way, since only vague theories have been stated about the origin of the human being.

The present materialistic scientific bases of evolution are:

First, the nebular theories related with the origin of the Universe with all of their innumerable alterations, modifications, additions, restrictions, and so on.  Indeed, all of these do not even minutely alter this original mistaken conceptual theory related with the mechanical constructive processes.

Second, the capricious theory of Darwin related to the origin of the species with all its correlations and subsequent changes. Indeed, the appearance of new species (as a result of the Law of Evolution) is merely a simple hypothesis since it has never been verified. No one has ever witnessed the appearance of a new species.  When creating the theory of evolution, modern thoughts forgot about the destructive, devolving process of Nature.

The reason lies in the much too limited field of intellectual vision of these times, due to this pompous theories that are elaborated upon. All of them are very beautiful but all have an insufficient number of “FACTS.”  Within these theories none of the processes are certainly and entirely known; these only observe part of the process of evolution.  Erudites state that this process consists as a type of evolving change.

In this day and age, the human  mind is already so degenerated that  it has become incapable of even comprehending the inverse, degenerative process on a greater scale. The minds of contemporary erudites are so trapped (bottled up within the dogma of evolution) that their minds only know how to think or function according to their own bottled up condition. This is why they attribute unto the other phenomena ( that is, devolution, destruction, decadence, and degeneration) the qualification of evolution,  development and progress.

The so called European primitive races of the Stone Age ( such as the Cro- magnon that lived in the caverns of the Earth) were formerly very beautiful, but degenerative, descending cyclical impulse acted terribly upon those races of Atlantean origin. Finally, the Paleolithic man left his position to his successor, disappearing almost entirely from the scene. None of the truly primitive villages found by explorers have shown any sign of evolution; on the contrary, in all of the cases without exception the unmistakable signs of degeneration and devolution have been observed.

Alongside, any evolving process there exist a degenerative, devolving process. The Law of Evolution and its twin sister the Law of Devolution work in a synchronized and harmoniously way within  all of creation.  From the rigorously academic point of view the word evolution means development, construction, progression, improvement, advancement, edification, etc.  By focusing on the purely orthodox grammatical term, we can clearly state that devolution means reverse progression, backward motion, destruction, degeneration, decadence, etc.

Obviously, the Law of Antithesis coexist within any natural process. It is urgent to emphasize this transcendental idea, because the contents of this concept related with the Law of Antitheses are absolutely unimpeachable, unanswerable and irrefutable.  For example: day and night, light and darkness, construction and destruction, growth and fall, birth and death, etc.

Therefore, the exclusion of either of those two aforementioned laws (evolution and devolution) would produce a radical paralysis of the natural mechanism; thus to refute any of those two ordinances means, in fact, to fall into barbarism. There exists evolution in the plant that germinates, develops and grows. There exist devolution in the plant slowly grows old and falls until it become a pile of dust. There exist evolution in all organisms that gestate, are born and develop.  There exist devolution in all creatures that become senile and die. There exist evolution in any cosmic unity that arises from the chaos. There exist devolution in every planet in a consummate state, destined to become a Moon, a dead body. There is evolution within all ascending civilization and there is devolution in every descending culture. It is obvious that these two aforementioned laws constitute the fundamental mechanical axis of nature. Unquestionably, without such basic laws the axis of wheel of nature mechanisms would not be able to turn around. Life is a processed in surges that rotate.

Many people believe that small monkeys, apes, orangutans, and gorillas are evolving creatures. Some of them suppose that the human being came from the ape, but this concept fails when we observe the customs of these species of animals.  Put an ape inside of a laboratory and observe what happens. The diverse families of apes are devolution that descend from the intellectual humanoid.   The humanoid does not come from the ape, the truth of this is the reverse; apes are degenerated humanoids. On earth there lives a population of about four and half billion people; obviously these people belong to the Aryan Root Race.  Our continents are densely populated: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania (Australia and the Pacific Island) are the five continents  upon this Aryan humanity lives.  If we ask, what is the origin of this Aryan humanity? Where did it come from?  Do you think this Aryan humanity (which lives on these five continents) was originated on these five continents?  Humans traces were found in the caves of Grimaldi.

There has been an effort to reconstruct the history, or the pre-history of the races of Grimaldi and Cro-magnon.

Skeletons of giants have been found in different places; in Brazil a figure or a human skeleton of about six or seven meters in height was found.  Also skeletons of humans beings which look just like gorillas, orangutans or something of the sort, have been found, especially within the caves of Cro-magnon. Based upon the above mentioned traces, ignoramuses have mistakenly deduced that the human race could have possibly originated from apes or monkeys.

Darwin’s theory was very celebrated in his era. It was through that theory that ignoramuses started to state that the human being came from apes. This (human-ape) mystery worries our humanity.  Every so often someone tries to figure out if the human being came from the ape or if the ape came from the human being.  Who came from whom? During some epochs this controversy calmed down; in others it re- emerge again.

On pseudo-scientist ( a rather “spoiled child” type) had the idea that the human race descended from savages; this is what he thought and of course, in the end, his theory did not resolve anything.  Who came from whom?  I do think that the current world population of our four and a half billion people originated upon these five continents because the world has changed its geographical aspects many times.

Before the Earth had the geographical aspects that you currently observe on a map, its physiognomy was different. There are older maps;  there exist different maps that have been found in various parts of the world where the physiognomy of the planet Earth appears to be different. The Earth did not always have the same continents, the same physiognomy. In older times, it had a different aspect.  What today are the poles used to be the equator, and what used to be the equator at one time was the poles. On those maps the present continents did not exist or they existed only partially ( they emerged after, from within the oceans). A densely populated continent that was located in the Atlantic Ocean is shown on those maps. Therefore, the physiognomy of the planet was different. I can not for a minute believe that the human race originated on these present continents.  The human race that developed in ancient Atlantis was very different. Remands of the Atlantean Root Race were found in the caves of Cro-magnon and Grimaldi (and other caves). The apes or man-apes that were found were the degenerated descendants, the degenerated remnants of the Atlantean Root Race.

Evolution and Devolution exist within plants and animals and just as evolution and devolution exists within human beings, etc.,  so too does evolution and devolution exist within civilization.  For example, when one speaks with some tribes located in the western or eastern hemisphere, one understands that in their past they once had grand civilizations. They have legends that they preserve within their memories that are related to their ancestors, very ancient civilizations that have already disappeared. They speak about their ancestor with a lot of respect.  Even the primitive-looking cannibals have great traditions: they preserve traditions of unmemorable times, of colossal cities, etc. Therefore, they are not “primitive,” they are just degenerated people (some very cruel, bloodthirsty and savage tribes are devolution descendants of ancient civilizations).   Indeed, today it is very difficult to find truly primitive people because the human race is constantly evolving and devolving.

In this day and age, we are fascinated with this modern civilization; it is a wonder to us.  We wonder about the space machines that travel to the Moon, to Jupiter, or Venus. Its atomic experiments surprise us, the physiological investigation, the study of living cells, etc.  We are so fascinated with these experiments that indeed, we believe that  this is the most powerful civilization that has ever existed in the world.  We had fallen into a kind of “geocentric system” similar to those of ancient times. In the Middle Ages, as you very well know, people used to believe  that all the stars rotate around the Earth. Once again we have fallen into a kind of “geocentrism” since we believe that the history of the world has to move around our much boasted civilization.  I think that modern geocentrism is necessary, a new Newton who will be able to demonstrate that our much boasted about civilization is just one of the many civilizations that have existed here on the planet Earth. The day will come when it will be possible to prove all of this. There are systems that exist that makes possible the verification of the fact that prior civilization (which looks so bright) a more powerful civilization existed.

I am referring to systems that study the Akashic Archives  of Nature, the memory of Nature. Experiment with carbon-14, for example, have demonstrated that the Moon is older than the Earth.  We can also demonstrate it through systems that makes it possible to read the memories of Nature. The Akashic Archives are a reality; we do not deny that one day scientists will find them.  We Gnostics, however, have methods that makes possible the study of the Akashic Archives of Nature.  Whosoever wants to study those Akashic Archives will  have to extraordinarily develop the lotus of a thousand petals (Sahasrara chakra, which is related to the pineal gland) as well as the latent powers that exist within the pituitary gland ( the lotus of two petals and ninety-six radiations). These two small glands are extraordinary.  Once these glands are developed, they allow access to the ultra, to extrasensory perceptions, and also to the Akashic Archives of Nature. When one study The Akashic Archives  of Nature, one can study them as if one is watching a “living movie.”   The whole history of the Earth and its Root Races are recorded in the Akashic  Archives.

The sages who have studied the Akashic Archives of Nature know that Atlantis was real, that it was an enormous continent which spread from south to north. This gigantic continent was the scenario of the Root Race that existed before us. I am referring to the  great Atlantean Root Race. This Root  Race was a race of giants.  That is why ancients legends talk about Briareos, the one with one hundred arms, from a race of Cyclops. That Root race had a powerful civilization, millions of times more powerful than ours. The Atlantean went to the moon, and even to other planets. They had cars and airplanes ships more powerful than ours, they built great cities and their sages knew all the mysteries of the universe, they had universities where one will study how to become masters of the elements.

Unfortunately, like any other race, the Atlantean degenerated. Horrible things happened during the Atlantean decadency. Obviously, Atlantean degenerated by means of despicable vices, homosexuality, lesbianism, drugs, etc. They abused everything during the time of their degeneration.  Obviously, that is why that race had to be destroy. The whole continent was submerge in the Ocean that bear its name: The axis of the planet earth turned and where it was land now it is an ocean. Every one perished, except for some survivor which are The Mayan. This modern civilization as we think it is was not even remotely close to the civilization of Atlantis.  Our “Babylon the great,” mother of all fornication and abomination will also perish as the Atlantean very soon. The Mayan immigrated to Tibet,  Egypt , and Central America. It seems incredible, but even now, the Mayan language is still spoken in Tibet;  it is a sacred, ritual language in that country. Let us remember that the Naga and Mayan languages are very similar.

Jesus of Nazareth learned Mayan in Tibet. For example, the sentence pronounced by Jesus, “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani” that some state signifies,  “Lord, Lord, how have you forsaken me?” Is not, indeed, a Hebrew phrase.  That is why when the Jews listened to Christ saying, “Eloi, Eloi, Lama  Sabachthani, ” they said to themselves, “This man calls for Elias to come to same him….”  But any small Indian of Yucatan, Mexico and Guatemala can translate the sentence,  “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani,” because it is the Mayan language and not Hebrew.  That is why the Jews, I repeat, did not understand it.  According to the Mayan and their translation this phrase means,  “I hide myself in the pre- dawn of thine existence.”  It is a Mayan ritual sentence. The Turanians were also survivors of Atlantis; unfortunately, they were devoted to black magic. They also reached Tibet (as other descendants did, such as the selected Aryans), and  immigrated in the direction of ancient Persia.  The great Law finally defeated them and they all were destroy.

The red-skinned natives of North America are descendants of Atlantis.  The ancestors of Mexico, the ancient Nahuatls- Zapotec, Toltecs, etc came originally from Atlantis.  Almost all the tribes of America descended from Atlantis.  When we advance in these studies we understand that our present root Race did not have its origin, as  many believe on the continents on which they live.  We recommend that we come from another Root Race, the Atlantean Root Race. We do not come from apes (orangutans, monkeys) as Mr. Darwin and his partisans mistakenly believe.  We descended, I repeat, from the Atlantean Root Race.

However, the Atlanteans with all their powerful civilizations did not descend from the Atlantean continent.  Atlantis, with all its powerful civilization was magnificent, but the Atlanteans did not descend from the Atlantis: they descended from Lemuria. Lemuria was even older than the Atlantean continent. The Lemurians lived on a continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean. It was a continent that existed in that boisterous ocean. It was a colossal continent that almost covered all of the Pacific Ocean.  It was bigger than Atlantis, bigger than Europe, bigger than Asia.  Obviously, the Lemurian civilization was powerful.  The Lemurians were a Root of Race of giants, Cyclops.  The height of the Lemurians was about four to six meters.  They were giants; it was a Root race of giants.

Lemuria had a powerful civilization, titanic, formidable. In Lemuria, enormous cities were built, Cyclops, surrounded with stone walls and lava of volcanoes. Like now, many people also lived in the country.  In the beginning, in the pre-Lemurian era, we can state that a race of hermaphrodite existed, they were Lemurian hermaphrodites.  The division into different sexes happened in the post Lemurian era.  Therefore, we can divide Lemurians in two halves or times: the first part was the existence of hermaphrodites and the second was division of the race into two sexes.

Let us observe that Lemurian Human Root Race.  In the beginning separated sexes did not existed, the race was hermaphroditic.  At that time, each sacred Lemurian had both sexual organs (masculine and feminine) totally developed. Thus, reproduction was perform through the system of Gemmation.  The hermaphrodite detached from its ovaries (through menstruation at a specific time) an ovule or egg perfectly developed.  It had the size of a chicken egg with its calcareous shell.  When that egg was put in a special environment, it  gestated a new creature within its interior. Finally, when that creature was out of the shell, he was then nourished with the breasts of the Father- Mother.  That is how the Lemurian used to reproduced themselves in the beginning.  The sexual act did not exist because each individual was complete.  Reproduction  was through the gemmation system.  However, it so happen that the post- Lemurian era came, some children were clearly born with one sexual organ more accentuated than other.  Some children were born with the masculine organ more developed than the feminine organ, or vice versa.  That phenomenon became more and common to the point that finally uni sexual children, man and woman, were born.   Yet, it did not happen from one day to the next, this process of division into different sexes took millions of years.  That  is why it is written:  “Eve was taken from one of the ribs of Adam.”  genesis 2.21-22 Adam and Eve are a symbol to represent the division into different sexes.

When the total division of sexes appeared it was necessary to have sexual cooperation in order to create.  Menstruation remained in the feminine sex, but that was unfertilized.  It was then necessary to have the cooperation of the masculine sex to fertilized the ovule in order to reproduce the species.

The Creators, the Elohim, the Kumaras, used to congregate the people in order for them to reproduce during pre- determinate times of the year.  It was amazing how those races, those tribes, traveled from one point to another in order to go to the Temples in which they would reproduce themselves. The sexual act was never perform outside the Temple. Intercourse was a sacrament of the Temple.  In the paved courtyards of the Temple, the couples (men and woman) were sexually connected in order to procreate under the direction of the kumaras.

The Lemurian humanity enjoyed spiritual faculties. They could perfectly perceive all of the wonders of nature and the cosmos.  Their capacity of vision allowed them to see half of a Holtapamnas (half of the tonalities of the universal color).  We know very well that a Holtapamnas has five and a half a million totalities of color.  Their hearing was sensible; they could listen to the symphonies of the universe.  Their sense of smell was so sensitive that is was more accurate than that of today.  In their alphabet, the Lemurian humanity used 51 vowels and 300 consonants.  The power of the word, of the verb, was not degenerated. Their language was the universal language that has power over fire, over air, over the waters and the earth.

The Lemurian humanity was a superior humanity, millions of times superior to this present humanity.  They made powerful civilization and also knew how to use the energy of the atom and cosmic rays.  They had spaceships in which they traveled throughout the infinite space.  These were marvelous spaceships.  Any human being in Lemuria could live for twelve to fifteen centuries. Their lifespan was more than one thousand years.  It was a strong, vigorous race.  They could easily take a boulder and throw it far away, a boulder that today would require crane to move (perhaps not even a crane would be able to). The Lemurian were very strong, vigorous, Root Race.  However, their origin was not in the Pacific, as it believe. The ancestors of the Lemurians came from the Hyperborean continent, that horseshoe shaped land close around the North Poles.

In the Hyperborean continent there existed a powerful androgynous race.  They were not Hermaphrodites, but androgynous.  It was not a Root Race that was only limited to the terrestrial layer as the Lemurian race was.  The Hyperboreans were different: they floated within the atmosphere, within the atmosphere of those days.  However, they created their own civilization.  Many have believed that they never knew war, but as a matter of fact there existed a race of Hyperboreans that had wars.  The mineral, vegetable, animals and human kingdoms were very mixed then.  There were mineral-vegetables and vegetables-minerals, animal-vegetaloids-animals.  Humans beings were totally androgynous; they could elongate their bodies voluntarily to a great height or reduce themselves to a mathematical point.  The Hyperborians reproduced themselves as corals do: by Sprouting.   We know very well that there are plants that can reproduce themselves by simply sprouting.  A sprout germinates and this grows and develops. Likewise, from those bodies a sprout could be born that would later detached itself when ready for independent existence and it would become a creature that was fed by the Father- Mother.  The hyperborean were wiser and were governed by the Super- Humans, by the Superman of all times.

The Hyperborean with their great kingdom and civilization did not come from the Hyperborean continent, either. They knew that their ancestor went back further in time.  The Hyperborean ancestors were the  Protoplasmic Men, the polar Men, the Glacial Men of the first Root Race, who lived in the North Pole Region.

One can not avoid the laughing at Haeckel’s protoplasmic theory and his partisans who believed that life came from it, which is in accordance with their unbreakable dogma of evolution (this was also accepted by Darwin and his partisans). The protoplasmic Men were not related to that protoplasm (of some other author) “that was floating in the ocean.”  No indeed, they were not related with that protoplasm. It is better if we think about the protoplasmic Man and about the protoplasmic Root Race that existed on the Sacred Island ( the first island and the last one that will disappear). I am referring to the Nordic Land,  the Land of Crystal, as our ancestors of Anahuac called it.  That Island is the Ancient Tule, the continent that now is covered by the ice of the North Pole.  Yet, in era that continent was located at the equatorial zone of the Earth, because the Earth position was different. At that time the current Equator was a Pole and the Poles was an Equator.

That Island had huge and profound forests.  A gigantic Polar civilization was created on it.  The Earth indeed had a magnificently beautiful blue color.  The mountains were as transparent as crystals.   The Protoplasmic Root Race reproduced themselves with the system that still we have in the blood of our organism:  the system of Cellular Division.  We very well know that this process begin when the Germinal cell is divided in two and then four and so on during the nine month of gestation.  The germinal cells are divided in two, the two are divided in four, the four into eight, and that way starts the process of gestation through cellular division.  Even now, that process still exist in our organism. Why does it exist?  It exist because it existed before, because the Polar Men reproduced themselves with that process. Thus, at a certain time the Father- Mother organism was divided into two, as the cell divides itself, thus in that way reproduction was performed.  When a creature was born it was celebrated as a great event.

The Hierophants had meetings in the temples in order to work with the elements of nature and the esoteric symbols were used in different forms. They were used to indicate to us that life was in the process of materializing into the physical world.  The human being of the Polar Era could voluntarily stretch or reduce their bodies to a mathematical point. They were androgynous. They were able to express the feminine aspect within themselves, resembling beautiful ladies, as well as being able to submerge within themselves and express their masculine aspects. They were authentic, divine, androgynous beings. Their imagination reflected the starry firmament ; they spoke the word of gold that flows like a river under the thick jungle of the Sun.

Then,  Uriel, great Master of Venus, taught the arts and sciences. Uriel left a book written with Runic characters, a book that was studied by the humans of the Polar Root Race, the human beings of that Era. The whole of this data is written in the Akashic Archives of Nature.  If you develop the epiphysis and the hypophysis (those two small glands) you will be able to study (with proper concentration) for yourselves what I am stating here.  What is the origin of the Polar Root Race? The human being of the Polar Root Race knew quite well that they had evolved in the previous era, or that they had lived within a superior dimension, in the Forth Dimension: they knew that it was here they had lived and known the mysteries of the universe.

The human being of the Fourth Dimension did not ignore that they had come from the Fifth Dimension. The human being of the Fifth Dimension did not ignore that they came from the Sixth Dimension, and also the human being of the Sixth Dimension never doubted that they had unfolded from the primitive original seed. Therefore, the elemental seed, atomic,  primeval of the human race, existed before the existence of these universes; it came from  within the Chaos.

The seed  of the human race, of the  plants elements and of the animal species were within the Chaos. Those seeds were asleep within the Chaos before the universe existed.  When the universe was shaken with the word, when the creative Word of the first  moment put in movement all of the atoms, those deeds surged forth from within the Chaos. They had their first manifestation in the seventh Dimension.  Afterward they crystallized and developed a bit more in the Sixth  Dimension, then in the Fifth Dimension, later in the Fourth Dimension, and the day came when those seeds appeared already with some development on our planet Earth, on the Protoplasmic Earth, as simple living protoplasm.

The human race came from the Chaos, evolved in the Chaos and was developed within the Chaos.  One day, the human organism will return to their original primeval state, thus they will come back into the Chaos. They came from the Chaos and to the Chaos they will return.  Once our planet Earth was a protoplasm, yet in a future time, after the seventh Root Race, it will be a cadaver, a new Moon.  Then life will pass, it will exist within the superior spheres and it will eventually return into the chaos, because from the Chaos it came and to the Chaos it will return. The Chaos is the Universal mind= The Sky of NUN= where all that is, all that was, and all that will be, exists.

Does the Chaos that I have mentioned have any relation with the theories of Darwin, Heckle, Huxley and their partisans?  No, it does not have any relation with those nonsensical theories. The Chaos is the Chaos and the reason for its existence is the Chaos itself.  The Chaos is sacred.= the Absolute.  The latent seeds of life exist within the Chaos, there they developed and from there they evolve and descend, from dimension to dimension, to finally appear here in a concrete form.

From the Chaos emerged the Cosmos. Undoubtedly, through the Law of Three, through the Holy Triamazikamno, it is possible for creation of new unities.  When the three forces (positive, negative, and neutral) coincide at a common point, a new creation appears.  The creation of any cosmic unity would not be possible without the conjunction of these three forces that in themselves are the Holy Triamazikamno.  These three forces are the Holy Affirmation, the Holy Denial, and the Holy Conciliation.

However to create is one thing and to organize is another. It is possible to create, but if there is no organization, what could the creation itself be worth?   For a Cosmos (and order of worlds) to emerge, to crystalize, it is necessary to have another law.  I want to emphatically refer to the Law of the  Eternal Heptaparaparshinokh, the Law of Seven. Through the Law of the Holy Triamazikamno creation is done, but through the Law of Seven the organization of what has been created ( in the form of a cosmos) is established.

Therefore, our solar system exist because of the two laws: first the Holy Triamazikamno; second the Eternal Heptaparapardhinokh.   Thanks to these two laws our solar system and planet Earth can exist.  From the Chaos emerged a cosmos and from the Chaos emerged all the cosmoses.  So, from the darkness emanates the light.

~Words of Samuel Aun Weor

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