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If we want having a glorious life, we must pay attention to our health. And our health starts with what we eat, besides our environment. 

Our environment get influence by not living in a clean surrounding- not having a clean home for example. Clean means not sharing our homes with roaches, rats, mold, funny smells, and all kinds of small creatures that invade our homes when we do not keep cleanliness. It gets influence by watching too much television; too much time on the phone; too much time on the computer; too much time listening to the radio. It gets influence by prescription drugs, streets drugs, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sweets, and last but far away from the least, violent relationship, and or toxic relationship, and or being in a relationship with someone and or with some people that belittle you. That unworthy you. That do not honor you. That do not appreciate you. That harm you psychologically, economically, and as well physically. 

If we all are very wealthy. Very good looking, and with all the material possessions money can buy, besides having great relationships, however, if we do not have health, we have nothing. Which is why it is written within the old books that “Health is wealth.” And it is also written that “Knowledge is power.” And it is also written that “Knowledge is not free, you have to pay attention.” It is also written that “One need not a title and or a degree to have knowledge.” Nor it is knowledge useful if we do not live it or practice it within our daily lives. And without health, not even spiritual growth can be achieve. Mind blowing, is it not?

Also keep in mind that the establishment, or what we know as our government was nothing more than a collection of local and worldwide corporations that goal was leeching our vital force any way possible until we drop dead. We were the life force for all these parasites that knew very well what they were doing. That knew very well that when we would find out about all the harm that they have done upon us, that would be the END for them all. 

They took advantages from our good heart. Our good spirit. Our good intentions. Our trusts. Our integrity. Our family. Our country. Our health. They took the lives off so many people knowingly and deliberately for their own gain and fame. 

But do not despair, we are at that point where we got them all by the balls, and we are not letting them walk away from us until them all die as they so rightfully deserve. 

Discard what no longer serve.

Little were they aware of, that government means literally, “working for the people.” It also means delegated authority giving to someone and or some people, by the people to represents them in their behalf for a period of time and for the greatest good. Government owns no land. No resources. No country. No people. The only thing government owns is an official OFFICE or official OFFICES where affairs for the people are work upon for the greatest good of the people. For the greatest good and safety of theirs communities and their families. For the greatest good and safety of theirs nation. For the greatest good and safety of theirs kingdom.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and sword at hands because the enemy is closer than you think, and that disguise in many forms. Discernment and awareness are vital.

For now we are navigating into a forever timeline where we are the only ones responsible for our own health. For our own resources. For our own future. For our own family. For our own children. For our own country. For our own spiritual growth. For our own lives. 

And be aware as well, that Bacterias within our body are what it is call White Blood Cells that when we have an infection and or a fever for example, these white blood cells jumps into the blood stream and attack the invaders and destroys them. The invaders are cells that are malfunction do the lack of a mineral(s), and or do the lack of oxygen. Cancer cells for example, lives with little oxygen. Cancer cells are also call parasites, and or fungus. Do your own research about healing any cancer that you may have before having any surgeries and or taking deadly treatments from the mafia. <No offense> Cancer is curable. And so is diabetes, and heart issues, etc.

So when you have a fever and or a cold, just make some hot herbal tea and rest. Let the cleaners, as these white blood cells are also call, do the work. 

Further, stay away from most supplements, as these are very synthetic. Take not calcium or magnesium for your bones because what these do is stop calcium and magnesium from being absorb by the cells within your body! Your doctor knows this, and he or she still prescribes them for you. This is of extreme malice. 

We can meet our daily calcium and magnesium by having some milk products; eggs, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and roots vegetables as carrots+ and beets, etc. It is best to have two carrots a day, and twice a week two beets roots.= medium size. Further, we should be baking our own bread from the finest and pure ingredients, inclusive navigating making our own cheese where it is not loaded with table salt. Also keep in mind Not to over eat. Eat little, and also learn to combine food choices. You might want to check Ayurvedic. This is a system that can teach you how to practice food combination. This is very important, as the way we eat, is keeping us very tired. This is due to the inability for our body not being able to produce fast energy due the food combination taking. More later.

Further, cut down on table salt. Table salt and or any salt for that matter, never get absorb by the body. Never, matters not what you read and hear from anyone. Table salt is as dangerous as sweets, alcohol, drugs, and smoking, caffeine, etc. And although salt and or sodium, that is a vital mineral for our existence, the only way to be absorb by the body is by us eating the vital nutrients as described above. All that exists is made of minerals. In fact there are twelve vital mineral, but this would be a subject for another day. Regardless, our body cells depends on minerals. The earth is full of minerals. In fact minerals are what we call salts, or cells salts. These minerals salts are living thing, that together with divine intelligence and or source, forms atoms, cells, and molecules within our body. Enough for now.

Do your own due diligence and watch the teaching from Miss Barbara O’Neill, an Australian herbalist doctor that have helped millions of people across the world with her wisdom and raw teachings on how the body works. On how anatomy is constructed. On how cells, and or how organism works within our body. True teaching indeed.

Make sure you keep on watching the presentations from Barbara, from the same channel that name is Beyond Patmos. Below are some links to the teachings from Barbara. If you want, you can watch her presentations in numerical order. 

Get your Note Book ready. Awesome learning. Fear not. Be brave. Be courageous. Be responsible. Be diligent. Your health and that of your family matters. Keep on learning and thou shall be free!

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. … There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” ~Revelation 21-4.

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” ~Jeremiah 17:14.

Daily Affirmation for Ultimate Health:

I am that I am

I am I!

I am earth

I am water

I am air

I am fire

I am currency

I am flow

I am life

I am truth

I am health

I am worth

I am joy

I am all that is I!

And so it is

Links to some of Barbara presentations:

“The True Cause of Diseases.”

“Wonders of Exercise.”

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