All About our Divine Mother, Part 2

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Kingdom of Nature

All mineral through out space have inside them a spark of living substance. It is not the same substance as a plant, or an animal, or a human being, but it is nonetheless a fire that gives that element energy,+ and power. That energy inside any element is its force; it is consciousness in every single particle.

Now, if we look at our planet, to us it seems quite big, a huge mass, and by far most of it is minerals. Only a very thin skin on its surface has other kinds of life.  All of those minerals are life forms bursting out of the Cosmic Mother that are developing in hierarchies or organized patterns. Now grasp this: the physical element is just a shell. Iron, sulfur, any kind of rock, any kind of crystal, gold, silver, all the metals, are just physical shells through which consciousness enters and leaves, just like us.

Our bodies are born and die.  Minerals are born and die, but in a different time scale from us—very different. Minerals are alive.  They host the consciousness of very new souls: they are extremely simple, without mind as we think of mind. In ancient times, a long time ago, when humanity was not so dense, we could see them.  We called them dwarves, gnomes, pygmies, leprechauns—different names for these little creatures that would inhabit certain types of elements.

Little by little, over many, many ages, and many, many stages of development, those souls learn.  They grow; they develop; they advance—I am not referring to the body, the material element, but the soul, the consciousness, the energy that is in that body.  Little by little, they advance.  That is why there are hierarchies in metals. Many elements we have already begun to map in science, from very simple elements to very heavy elements, represent the range by which those sparks of consciousness are elevating themselves and their intelligence.  The most valuable metals—in terms of nature’s value—are the ones that are the most advanced.  A diamond, for example, is relatively rare, but  is an advanced mineral. Gold, as well.+ and Silver.  There are different metals, different elements, that represent an ascension through the hierarchies of that level of nature. They have power, they have energy, and that is why we harvest them and use them—because of the energy that is inside of them.

Certain elements have more energy than others. We know this.  In fact, we can’t live without them.  We drink water, we eat food to get those minerals, those elements in our bodies. This is the basis of life.  This is why the minerals, the earth, is called the body of the Mother.  The milk that nourishes us comes from that—the Mother’s milk. It is the oceans.  It is the gases. It is all the elements in nature that sustain our very existence.  All of those elements, all of those atoms are alive.  They are living.  Yet we treat them as though they are nothing.  This is a demonstration of our profound ignorance.  You see, our ancient ancestors, and some modern natives, still remember the Earth is sacred; the Earth is our Mother; the Earth should be treated with respect.  We do not have the right to rape our Mother.  Yet we do it. All of us have witnessed what happened in the Gulf of Mexico: a terrible crime against the planet.

What is the extraction of oil?  It is sucking the life blood out of the planet.  That blood is oil.  We have punctured a hole in the body of the earth, and the earth is bleeding. Why have we done that?  We like to blame the big corporations and governments for it, but the only reason they are doing it is because we want to drive our cars, we want to buy more plastic, and we want the things that the oil makes; even our clothes depend on oil production.  So, the rape and pollution of the Earth is our fault.  The companies and governments are only doing it because we are paying them to do it.  We, as a humanity, are raping the earth.  Not “them,” not “those other people”; it is us.

We need to take that seriously and recognize the facts of it. All the minerals on the planet contain the essence of the Divine Mother, the life force. In that life force we see the evolution of conscious sparks that are moving through the kingdoms of all the different types of minerals.  When any essence, a consciousness, that spark of intelligence gains enough knowledge in that kingdom, it is granted the right to graduate= to be initiated into a new kingdom: the plant kingdom. What emerges out of the soil?  A superior life, a more complex life, a life that needs that soil, the minerals, to sustain itself, but it goes on to build something even greater.  Plants are superior to minerals, but depend on minerals. The spiritual essence in a plant is more evolved than the one in a mineral. There are not as many plants as there are minerals.  There are not as many souls that are advanced into that level.  But there are a lot of plants, and forms of life that belong to the plant kingdom. Plants are physical bodies that house sparks of consciousness that are more advanced than minerals.  Those sparks of consciousness use their physical bodies in plants to take the minerals and transform them in their bodies.  You see, plants take from the mineral kingdom—from the water, from the air, from the soil—and transform them.  They create new life, beautiful life. Subsequently, the souls of plants who develop themselves graduate into the animal kingdom.  There are even fewer animals than there are plants.

The  animals depend on the plants to live.  There are many levels of animals; many kingdoms, many hierarchies within that animal kingdom. kingdoms of nature

So, do you see a vast triangle growing here?  The foundation is all the minerals.  The next level up, even smaller, is the plants. The next level, even smaller, are the animals.  But these are all interdependent.  They need each other.  They sustain each other.  They cannot live without the other.  Minerals are transformed by the plants, to create their bodies.  The plants are transformed by the animals, to create their bodies.

We see a vast, beautiful cycle that is perfectly balanced—well, at least it used to be.  Because then, those animal souls who over millions of years evolved through animal bodies and reached the height of the animal kingdom graduate into the humanoid kingdom.  That is us. We are merely animals who have entered a new level, in which we can develop ourselves further. The problem is that we are ignorant of it, and instead are becoming worse than animals. Instead of advancing, we are degenerating, and along the way we are destroying everything around us. The harmony, the interdependence, the beautiful relationship between the three lower kingdoms, is now gone.  We in the humanoid kingdom do not respect our younger brothers and sisters.  Because of our enslavement to desire and our profound ignorance about the effects of our actions, we destroy them.  We trample them.  We torture them.  We abuse them.  We rape them.

We are exterminating them.  We are polluting them. We are ending life everywhere on the planet. In every conceivable area of our existence on this planet, we are destroying life. Nowhere are we improving it, not on any level. I wish that was untrue, truly. I wish I could say, “I found one place where we are doing something good to help nature.”  But I do not see it.  I hope somebody will find one and can tell me, because I do not see it. We are exterminating the animals, killing the oceans, and spreading our disease into every corner of the world. We are polluting every level of the lower kingdoms. We are modifying genetically all the animals, or exterminating them. Many are gone already. Many more are on the edge of disappearing. Those that remain have become monsters.

In the plant kingdom is the same story. Nowadays, in many countries, a farmer cannot grow whatever he wants. He has to get permission from a corporation or a government. Nowadays, none of us can sustain ourselves by farming because we have created a situation within which we cannot. It is impossible.  We would die.  We would starve. We are raping and destroying the mineral kingdom.  All of that erosion, the changes of the land, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the tsunamis, the earthquakes—all of that is a result of what we are doing to the Earth.  Scientists have not admitted it yet.  They have not seen it yet.  They will.

Everything that is happening on this planet is interdependent. No element is isolated from another.  The humanoid needs the three lower kingdoms. Moreover, the humanoid should be guiding them.  When we study in the ancient scriptures, we always hear that Adam was created by Iod-Havah and given the command to name and organize the animals and plants, to protect them, to guide them, to help them, because Adam represents, in that context, the most advanced level of mechanical nature—the human organism.  There is no more sophisticated physical body on the planet.  There is also no more misunderstood body.

The Human Body

The physical organism that each one of you is sitting in right now is the most fantastical technological advancement in the history of this planet.  It isn’t the iPad.  It’s your body. nervous system

The physical body is an incredible machine. Yet, it is not you. That which is “you” is your soul, your Essence, which has been evolving up through these kingdoms for millennia.

Every one of us was an animal. Every one of us was a plant.  Every one of us was a mineral.  And you ask, “How come I can’t remember?”  You cannot even remember your dreams last night. You cannot even remember what you were doing last week, or where you were last month. You cannot remember your childhood. How can you remember what happened before that?  You can remember if you awaken your consciousness, if you work with the techniques to restore those memories—because the memories are there in your soul.  This is why the Buddha Shakyamuni related the Jātaka Tales—hundreds of stories about his previous existences, as animals, as plants.  And he was not the only one to relate those stories. It didn’t only happen to him. It happens to every soul. It is how nature functions. This is a well-known fact in many traditions, called Transmigration, along with other names.


Nonetheless, essences evolve up to the humanoid kingdom and receive a body like ours.  But the soul, the mind, is still an animal.

We  receive the humanoid body in order to develop ourselves into human beings, but unfortunately we have maintained the animal mind.  So all those instinctive animal behaviors, desires, and automatic mechanical reactions, we just have made them stronger.  We have an intellect, true.  But the vast majority of the rest of what constitutes our identity is animal: anger, lust, desire, envy, jealousy, pride, greed, gluttony, to kill or be killed.  That defines us.  We would like to say it is something else, but look at our civilization.  What is running it?  It is to compete, to conquer, to kill the other guy before he kills me.  We take that approach in every way of life: in business, in religion. Those are not human values. Those are animal values. Nonetheless, the humanoid body is the most advanced machine on the planet.  It has capacities about which we have scarcely dreamed.  And that is because, as we look at these kingdoms, we see that in each level, each of those bodies of minerals is a womb within which a soul has emerged to become a plant.  The plant bodies are a womb within which souls emerge to become animals.

Those animal bodies are likewise a womb of a Cosmic Mother, within which souls perfect themselves in order to advance into humanoid bodies.  Therefore, this is why Samael Aun Weor stated, “Humanity is a womb.”  But what will come from that womb?  Humanity, all these physical bodies, are shells within which something is growing.  But what is growing in us?  Are we behaving like angels?  Are we managing this planet the way angels would manage it?  The way Masters or Gods would manage it?  Are we managing this planet the way the Cosmic Mother would have us manage it?  Do the angels, do the Gods, live their moment to moment existence in order to satisfy their desires?  In order to feed their lust and their greed and their envy?  In order to make others afraid?  In order to dominate?  In order to conquer?  In order to steal?  In order to be intoxicated or drunk?  Do the angels behave in those ways?  Animals do, but not real human beings. A real human being is a Master.

A real human being is one who has mastered the human organism, has conquered it for the benefit of everyone, not just himself.  A master is an angel, a Buddha.  A Buddha is one who is awake, has the consciousness awake, knows their Innermost, knows their Divine Mother, knows the laws of nature, and knows how to command them.  This is what a Master is.

A Master does not seek to feed their pride, to become a big shot, to be famous, to be recognized, to get money, to get power. This is not what a Master wants.  A Master wants to guide others and help them to come where he is, to have serenity and peace, to be in harmony with the laws of nature, to advance the whole, to bring his family to the light. You see, all these kingdoms are our brothers and sisters.  They are our family.  They are our mothers and fathers, our children.  But we treat the plants like they are not even alive.  We treat the animals as if they do not feel anything, as if they are just a carcass that walks.  We do not understand that an animal, a plant, and a mineral have emotions, consciousness. They perceive. They feel. They think, in their level.  They are alive.  And the distance between us and them is not as great as we arrogantly believe. So you see, the purpose of all of this, this hugely complex and sophisticated life that is flowing on this planet in this moment, all of it is flowing upwards into the humanoid kingdom, into us. We depend upon the minerals, the plants and the animals. Without them, we would perish. The question is: What do we do with those energies and forces?  What are we using them for?  To dominate our neighbors?  To kill each other?

Everyone loves to praise this civilization, but what is it built on?  Everyone loves to praise the United States and claim the United States it the greatest country in the history of the world.  But no one realizes the United States was built upon the deaths of millions of natives and on the backs of slavery.  No one wants to recognize that the modern countries throughout the world are built upon exploitation and corruption.  Anyone who has worked a retail job or a minimum wage job knows the truth of it.  That is not life.  To work and have nothing is not life.  It is slavery.

The Purpose of Living

This whole planet, and all the forms of life on it, is this great pyramid of living things, but we are not the pinnacle.  The humanoid organism is only a step.  I am sorry to shatter your illusions about humans being the greatest thing in the world. They are not.  The humanoid organism is a vessel.  That is all it is.  It is a vessel.  You will not have it long.  You might have it for a few more days.  You might have it for a few more months or years.  No one knows how long they have to live. The humanoid organism is a vessel that channels and transforms forces, in the same way that every other body receives, transforms, and transmits energy.  The minerals do that.  The plants do that. The animals do that. The humanoid organism is no different.  But we scarcely tap its true potential to transform energy.  That is because our mind is a complete mess.

psychologically, we are a disaster. To harness the full power of the humanoid organism, we have to use it wisely, but with the mind we have, we do not use it wisely. Instead, we abuse it until it dies, and the result is that our soul, inhabiting that body, receives the consequences of that abuse. This is why, not long ago, a great meeting was held in the internal worlds amongst those divinities that are responsible for guiding humanity, and all the evidence was placed on the table. The judgment was reached that this humanity has failed. So, the times of the end are upon us. This is a simple truth that was predicted in every religion in the world. We are in the beginning of that ending, because this humanity has failed. Just as in the mineral kingdom, a small number of those seed embryos of consciousness have enough strength and wisdom to graduate and become plants, throughout the vast plant kingdom only a small number have the strength and wisdom to graduate into the animal kingdom. Even fewer in the animal kingdom have the strength and wisdom and development to emerge out of being animals and become humanoids, or intellectual animals. But now, in this womb, very few have the strength and the wisdom to stop being animals and become angels, true masters. Very few. Most of the seeds in humanity are already lost—they are too corrupted, too degenerated.  So nature, the Divine Mother, in her great love for all living things, will reabsorbs them by means of one her faces, which is Kali Ma, Durga, Persephone, Hecate, the Divine Mother Death, who is in charge of the infernal worlds, what we call hell.  She will take all of those fallen, failed seeds, and recycle them, purging them of all their impurities so that one day they can try again, many thousands of years from now when they have become pure again. That is what hell is: nature’s recycling of energy. This whole planet is already sinking into it. You see, when those forces descend down the Tree of Life, things become more complicated.

At the very heights, at the Absolute, at the Ain Soph, at Kether, life is very simple.  It is one, united. It is God. Level by level, down the Sephiroth, life becomes more complex. Three laws become six laws, twelve laws, all the way down until we get to the physical world, which should have forty-eight laws modifying existence in the physical world. You can still feel that simplicity of life (of 48 laws) if you get out of the city.  If you go to the country, things feel nicer, simpler, not as complicated.  But when you come to the city, it is very complex, very confusing, very heavy, very dense. And that is because all of the people with their complicated minds reflect the laws that manage them, and the minds of humanoids all reside in hell, because our minds are filled with anger, lust, greed, gluttony, and more. These are all complicated, mechanical forces that reverberate in our psychological environment, and the more we fall victim to them, the more we strengthen them, thereby making life even more complicated. And since we are all gathering in the cities and infecting each other more and more, life is sinking more and more. The laws are sinking lower, below Malkuth, into the abyss, where every level of hell gets worse—more and more dense, more and more complicated—because all those pressures are there to purify the souls, to purge them.

laws of nature

So everything that we think in our world is so good and wonderful and admirable is actually sinking and will be destroyed by nature, purged. Nothing will remain. Nothing. Out of this huge womb of humanity, a few seeds will be given the granted right to be initiated to a new level of life. Not every seed. It is not a right that is given to every soul automatically, because to go to this next level, one has to escape mechanical nature. One moves into conscious nature, to truly become Adam, a man made into the image of God, who can command the plants and the animals and the minerals, who can create life, who can organize life, who can help others, that is a master, that is Adam, that is a real human being. That is a process by which one reaches perfection, stage by stage. It is not easy.

The scientists know we only use a small fraction of what the body actually has inside of it.  Scientists differ in their estimates. The brain itself, we only use three or five percent of it.  Some say ten percent, but I think it is less, given the behaviors that we can observe. What about all our glands?  There are many things in our bodies that we ignore, many powers, many abilities. We have heard stories that some people have learned how to use them, because you can learn how to use them.

The Bodies of the Soul

Our physical body, in Kabbalah, is called Malkuth.  This means “the Kingdom.”  We have a physical body according to the kingdom that we belong to.  All of us have humanoid bodies. We are in the humanoid kingdom. Our own Malkuth is humanoid, not human yet.  This body has its physiology. It has a spinal column.  It has three nervous systems. It has a very sophisticated and beautiful arrangement of organs and systems that receive energy, transform energy, and transmit it.  But we have no control over it. Everything within us is happening automatically, mechanically, without any awareness or intervention on our part. We just want to eat and drink, and sleep, and have sex, but we do not know why. But the physical body is only one aspect of what makes a living entity.  The physical body exists because it has a vital aspect, what we call the vital body, the body energy. It can be called the ethereal body, or the body of Chi, or Prana. This is the body that the acupuncturists work on, or people who work with Chi kung.  They work with this body.  It is a body of energy that empowers the physical body. These two cannot be separated in terms of existence. The physical body and the vital body are really one with two parts.  And what is interesting here:  I told you before that life was descending through dimensions, the vital body is in the fourth dimension. It is not here in the third dimension, directly.  It is multi-dimensional, in the sense that this energy is what is empowering our physical body.

If you have ever felt your arm or leg fall asleep, you are sensing a separating between the two aspects: vital and physical.  When an amputee has an arm or leg removed, and they still feel their arm or leg, they are feeling the vital body, which is still there. five bodies of the soul on the Tree of Life

The vital body is in the fourth dimension, what we call Eden. This is where all our energy and forces are. Superior to that, in the fifth dimension, we have an astral body and a mental body, related with Hod and Netzach on the Tree of Life. The emotional body, the astral body, is related to our emotions and feelings. It is related to the heart. The mental body is the body of though, related with the brain, the mind. Above this there is what is called a causal body, the body of willpower, the body of consciousness, conscious will. Unfortunately, none of us have these yet in their full form. We have the shadows of them, the embryos of them. Throughout the process of our evolution through the three lower kingdoms, nature was elaborating these internal bodies for us.  Our soul, our essence, our spark of consciousness, was an extraction from the Sephiroth of Tiphereth.  It is conscious will, but simple. That spark, when it first emerges into nature, is given lunar mental body, astral body, vital body, and physical bodies. These are gifts from nature. The Divine Mother says, “Here are the vessels you need, the vehicles you need.  This is your mind, your heart, your body.”  We call them protoplasmic, because they are a modification of forces in nature that are given to us. They do not belong to us. Over the course of millions of years, that essence inhabits its protoplasmic bodies and takes physical bodies, and gradually evolves as a mineral, as a plant, as an animal, until eventually it gains the right to enter the humanoid kingdom.  That humanoid, you and me, enters into a humanoid physical body with these ancient protoplasmic bodies, the gifts of nature that carry all of our memories, all of our history, all of our knowledge in them. Well, at least that is how it would be if we were an innocent humanity, the way we were in the Garden of Eden, when we first emerged into humanoid bodies.

But we are not an innocent humanity anymore.  We discovered desire.  We became entranced with power, with lust.  And over the course of thousands of years, we created the ego and infected these protoplasmic bodies with all of our karma. You see, these protoplasmic bodies are vessels for our soul. But these bodies are our mind.  What we think, the thoughts we feel, are flowing from our protoplasmic lunar mental body. The emotions, the sensations in our heart that we feel, are flowing from our protoplasmic lunar astral body.  The energies in our body, the instincts, the drives that we feel are flowing from our lunar vital body into our lunar physical body.  All of that driven by all those behaviors, habits, and desires that we developed through the three lower kingdoms.

So we are animals inside of a fancy car, driving it around like mad. A Master is one who has conquered all of that; conquered it and learned how to transform into something different. The key is inside the body.  Every body has a spinal column. The physical body has a spinal column.  The vital body has it. The astral body has it.  The mental body has it. The causal body.  You see, all these bodies are reflections of one another throughout different dimensions. Nature works in pattern.

The Spinal Column and Kundalini

The spine is where everything in us is organized.  This is our Tree of Life.  This is our Tree of Knowledge.  It is the spine. Our nervous systems, our brain, our ability to perceive, to see, to touch, to walk, to run, to eat, to do everything, flows in and out of the spine.  You cannot be alive without a spine; you cannot function. It is the central pillar of our temple. But we do not really understand what it is, what it can do, what is hidden inside of it.

spinal column and kundalini

The Divine Mother creates these bodies for us, gives us these vessels. Then we receive instructions on how to use them.  Those instructions are encoded in our religions.  Those instructions are in our consciousness if we know how to retrieve them.  You do not have to get them out of a book. You can get them directly from your Divine Mother.  What we see when we examine those kingdoms is that the mineral and the plant kingdoms use all the energy in themselves in a very balanced way, in a very efficient way, in order to advance their development.

The animal kingdom, also, in its way, following its course of development, uses its energies according to the laws that apply to the animal kingdom. But there is a great shift that happens in that transition between these kingdoms.  In the mineral kingdom, there is always an exchange of forces—positive and negative.  Minerals combine and recombine to create new compounds, new elements.  And we see that in all the different ways that we measure forces in the minerals—electricity and magnetism, acidity, and those types of forces that always have a positive and negative, a polarity.  We see the same in the plant kingdom.

In the plant kingdom, we see the emergence of sexuality on many levels, from asexual up to sexual levels.  In the plant kingdom we see that also, but it is sexual, to a certain degree. So we see that throughout these kingdoms, sexuality that begins with very simple plus and minus, and advances through more and more sophisticated forms of combinations, until we reach the humanoid kingdom. In the humanoid kingdom on this planet, we have forgotten the cosmic law.  The animal kingdom is given the law of instinct, and they follow the instructions of their own Innermost by following that instinct.  They only use their sexual forces according to instinct, which in most cases is in spring.  They only use it to procreate a child, that is it.  They do not use it every day for fun. But then when those souls graduate into the humanoid kingdom, they are given new laws.  To become a humanoid, those forces have to be managed and transformed. These are laws related with chastity.

The science of those laws is called Tantra or Alchemy.  It the method by which a humanoid organism takes all the energies and forces in the sexual organs, transforms them, and raises them up the sexual column of the spine in order to nourish the brain and the endocrine system, in order to fully develop the brain. This is the most ancient, beautiful secret, that was once called the Ark in the Judeo-Christian traditions.

The Ark is actually the Aron Kadosh, “the sacred chest.”  That Ark is Tantra, or Alchemy.  It is the science of taking those forces and combining a man and a woman, to combine those forces, to restrain them, to transform them, and to send them up the spine. What is that energy?  Why is that needed?  That energy is the Divine Mother.  In every level of life, in every kingdom, she creates through sex.  The great power of the Divine Mother is her womb.  That is what makes her who she is, from the cosmic level to the atomic level.  The power of the mother is her ability to make a child, to create life. But the Cosmic Mother cannot do that in us as long as we remain an animal.  If we remain as an animal, she can only create animals through us.  That is why in the past a soul who worked seriously in spiritual development was given the clue.  Once you had awakened consciousness, once you had mastered a certain degree of any spiritual tradition, you were given the clue, the secret knowledge, the highest Tantra: sexual transmutation, scientific chastity.

It  is the first commandment—to not fornicate, but to take those forces, use them, but under divine will, not animal will, to take those energies inside and give them to the Divine Mother.  With that, she can create something beyond an animal.

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

“Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? ”

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and [of] the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. ”

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

“Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” – John 3

If you want to be born again, we have to take the spirit and the water.  That spirit is the Daemon, spirit in Greek.  That spirit is creative power of the Divine Mother.  The water is sexual, the mayim in Hebrew, the waters of Genesis, creation.  Those waters are sexual.

The Divine Mother creates minerals through their sexual forces.  She creates plants through their sexual forces.  She creates animals through their sexual energy.  She creates more intellectual animals like us through our animal sexuality.  But how is she going to create an angel?  How is she going to create a master, a Buddha?  Through lust?  Obviously not.  How will a God come from lust, anger, or pride? If our tradition of lust and fornication is so great, then why are we in such a mess?  We have had millions of years of lust and envy.  We have not created any angels, and the few that have emerged, emerged because they had the secret knowledge.  They conquered themselves, purged themselves of all of that filth. The sexual energy is the Divine Mother herself.  It is her power, and we call it Kundalini.  We call it the Divine Mother Kundalini, Devi Kundalini, the Goddess Kundalini.

Some people talk about it just like it is any energy in nature.  It is not.  It is not a mechanical energy.  You cannot turn it off and on like a switch.  You cannot trick it.  There are a lot of people out there who think that if you go to a certain ashram and you pay a certain amount of money, you can awaken your Kundalini in two weeks.  This is snake oil: lies and deceit.  You cannot trick the Divine Mother.  She has known you for millions of years.  She knows your ways.  She will only give you what you deserve—nothing more, nothing less. For her to be born in your spine is for her to give you her power.  Can you imagine that?  Do you sincerely believe you deserve to handle the power of the Divine Mother? Ask yourself:  Do you deserve it?  What would you do with power?  If you were given divine power with your mind as it is now, what would your mind do with it?  Feed its lust?  Feed its pride?  Make itself out into a big shot?  Try to be famous?  Try to get power in the world?  Try to get money?  Yes.  That is exactly what we would do with it. Why would the Divine Mother give us that power when we have proven that we are not interested in helping the planet, helping her, helping our brothers and sisters in the other kingdoms?  We want to kill them all; we want to conquer them; we want to consume everything to feed our desires.  We do not care about anything but our desire, so why would she give us that power? Yet, there are thousands of books and groups and schools who teach that you can awaken your Kundalini and get all this power being just the way you are.  Well, I’ll tell you a secret that they want to hide from you:  Yes, you can get power from what they teach you to do, and it is related to Kundalini, but it is inverted. It is not divine power.  Remember all the forces of nature are polarized—polarized energies.  So just the same way that she can rise up the spine, she can flow down it. That downward flowing energy is the tail of the demon.  That is why demons are depicted with tails.  The tail represents is their animal power, active and inflamed by lust, pride, envy, etc.  You can have that kind of power easily, very easy.  It is as simple as reading a couple of books, learning a couple of techniques, and you can instantly start working with those powers, because all of us are that close to the edge of becoming fully fledged, awakened demons, because of our ego, because of desire, because of pride and lust. But to go upwards is not easy—it is very difficult.

Every single step along the spinal column is accompanied by tests, ordeals.  We have to prove ourselves; we have to conquer ourselves.  Nothing heavenly is given for free.  If something comes easily, it is because it is not worth anything. What is of value is expensive; that is, to earn the status an Angel, one has to pay the price, and that price is the elimination of everything within us that is contrary to the angelic state. The positive, upward flowing Kundalini must pass through each vertebra of the spine. Every single vertebra of our spinal column represents tests, psychological tests: tests of desire, tests of pride, tests of lust and fear and envy and gluttony and greed and all the elements we have within.  When we pass a test, we can receive that force.  Step by step, we can raise the thirty-three degrees.  You have heard about the thirty-three years of the life of Jesus, the thirty-three degrees of the Freemasons.  Those are symbols of the steps we have to walk up the spine, taking that energy back to God, purifying ourselves of all of our animal elements. Raising the Kundalini is a sexual process, wherein one is born again. What is born is the soul. Everything that is born is born of sex. Every living thing is born of sex.

To enter that process of birth, you have to be with a spouse.  A single person cannot do this, because a single person cannot have a child.  A single person cannot engender a child, or give birth to a child.  It takes a couple.  As above, so below.  The angel is born of chastity, Tantra.  This is why in the ancient traditions, the most secret, holy symbol of every religion is a couple united in sexual union, even in Christianity and Judaism—which they deny now, but the evidence is there in the scriptures; you can learn about it in the Gnostic websites.  The most ancient symbol that was hidden in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon was two angels united in a sexual embrace.  The Jews know this.  They keep quiet.  When the Romans saw it they destroyed the temple, because they thought it was depraved.  They saw it the way their minds were, as if it was degenerated like their minds.  They did not see that it was something holy and pure. That sexual symbol encodes the secret that a male and female working in sexual cooperation and scientific chastity unite forces, restrain them, transform them, and the Divine Mother takes them and creates life inside. That which is physical is physical; that which is spiritual is spiritual. If we take our sexual energy and make it spiritual, it gives birth spiritually.  It creates the soul.

Initiation and Spiritual Growth

What happens then, by passing the ordeals, by satisfying the tests that the Divine Mother provides to us, little by little we raise the force of the Kundalini in the spinal column.  We awaken the chakras along the spinal column.  We awaken all the hidden powers of a real human being.  In other words, we begin to return to Eden, to restore our place where we fell from. There is a spine in each body.  There is a spine in the physical body.  When that energy reaches the top, we receive an initiation; we graduate into a new level. It is the First Initiation of Major Mysteries, the Kundalini or the serpent of the physical body.  In that moment, a connection is made in our soul, in our Spirit, and our Innermost, our Being inside, becomes a Master.

You see, our Innermost, our Being, has been working with our Divine Mother throughout all those millennia to raise that conscious spark through all those kingdoms, finally reaches the humanoid kingdom, and that human soul, that person in the humanoid body finally takes advantage of that energy and achieves something.  That Innermost becomes a Master—not the human person, not the physical body, not the soul—the Innermost becomes a Master, our Master, inside.  The Innermost becomes a Master.  This is our Atman, our Chesed, our Inner Buddha. But that is only the beginning.  Then the same process has to happen in the vital body.  Those energies have to be raised up the spinal column of the vital body, and thirty-three degrees of tests and ordeals have to be passed.  And again with the astral body; and again with the mental body; and again with the causal body.  Five serpents.  Have you ever seen a Buddha with five serpents over his head?  That is the meaning. There are five serpents related with these five bodies.  There are more serpents than that, but for our discussion today we are talking about just five Serpents of Fire, related with five Initiations of Major Mysteries.  The reason is the person who has managed to raise those energies of the Divine Mother within themselves, and reach the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, becomes a Master proper, an actual Master—not a complete Master, but a Master that is beginning—because that person has raised the forces of the Divine Mother to illuminate their physical body, to illuminate their energy, to illuminate their heart, to illuminate their mind, and to enforce and sustain their conscious will.  This person has the Divine Mother inside.  This person is a child of the Divine Mother, finally.  This person, in the internal worlds, is a Buddha, and angel, really, but is not done, because the ego is still alive. You see, this whole process is hard.  There are a lot of challenges, a lot of ordeals, but this is not about eliminating the ego—that comes next.  This is only about returning to Eden and creating the soul.  In other words, in each of these serpents, we transcend the protoplasmic bodies, especially in the top three: Hod, Netzach, and Tiphereth. When the serpent of Kundalini is raised in the astral body, what is really happening is our Divine Mother is creating a new body for us, unless we had one already.  She creates a solar astral body.  This is a new astral body.  This, esoterically, and in initiation, is the first appearance of Christ.  Christ first appears in us when we create the Christ Astral, the solar astral body.  This is a body of gold.  It is a body that is created from scientific chastity.  It is created from the purification of the sexual forces, united with prayer and longing and the wisdom and intelligence of the Divine Mother.

This is represented in all of the religions, when Athena has the weapons crafted by Vulcan in the forge to give to Theseus or Perseus.  Those weapons represent the solar bodies—the armor, the shield, the helm.  These are those solar bodies.  This is the chariot of Ezekiel; the Merkabah of the Kabbalists; this is the To Soma Heliakon of the Greeks; the Sahu of the Egyptians.  This is the boat of Ra that travels across the lakes of peace.  This is the soul.  This is an ancient, secret mystery. Each of these bodies is just a vessel, a vehicle like your physical one, but better, because it is not made from fornication, it is not made from sin.  It is made from divine atoms.  They are bodies of incredible beauty, splendor, and power.  They are acquired for a reason, not for fun and games, not so we can go in the astral plane to investigate the lives of other people, spy on our neighbor, or see if what we suspect about our wife is true.  These bodies are needed because in order for us to completely eliminate the ego, we need these weapons—we need the protection, we need the armaments.  If we try to go into our own infernal worlds with our protoplasmic bodies—which are infected by ego—we have nothing to defend ourselves with—no defense, no protection—because the protoplasmic bodies are diseased.  The solar bodies are perfect—well, on their way to perfection.

The solar bodies are perfected in initiations of the Serpents of Light, which come later. A master is one who has reached the Initiation of Major Mysteries related with the Sephirah Tiphereth, and has received a sword.  The sword is symbolic.  We have all heard about the flaming sword that guards the way to Eden.  The flaming sword of any great God or Angel is the Kundalini.  What does the sword represent?  Willpower. Right now, our will as a humanity is in conquering each other, stabbing each other in the back, stealing and lying, feeding our lust.  Our will is all about serving our self-will.  But the Divine Mother gives a flaming sword to a Master who will serve Her, who will become an exponent of Divine Will.  Kundalini is that sword.  That is something that is earned.  It is not given for free.  This is what the Divine Mother wants.  This is why we exist.  It is to create the soul, and to return to God, and to advance our evolution. Through the Initiations of Major Mysteries the initiate is transcending the mechanical laws of nature.  All of us right now are complete victims of the mechanical laws of nature.  We have little or no control over what happens in our lives, in our communities, in our culture.  We cannot control ourselves, and we cannot control nature.  We think we can, but a little storm comes along and shows us differently, or somebody falls asleep at the controls of a machine and kills a lot of people, or destroys an area of nature from negligence and foolishness.  We cannot even control our own nature inside; we are slaves of our animal nature. A Master commands nature.  We have all heard about masters like Krishna and Moses creating miracles, Jesus raising the dead back to life.  All the prophets have performed miracles; all the saints, all the Buddhas, could fly through the air, walk on the water, command the flames, call the tempests, split the earth.  That is because the power of the Kundalini in the spinal column of each body makes them a priest, a magi, a magician.  Magi, or mag, means “priest.”

The triangle of Netzach, Hod and Yesod in Kabbalah is called the Magical Triangle, or the Triangle of the Priesthood, because it is here that the real priest works on behalf of others. The real priest works for the benefit of others, not himself. He does this by exercising his will over the lower spheres; the powers of conscious will are in Tiphereth, in the sixth dimension.  Through conscious, divine will he uses the powers of conscious thought through the mental body in Netzach, in the fifth dimension.  Through conscious, divine will he uses the powers of the astral body—conscious emotion, divine emotion—in Hod.  Through conscious, divine will he uses the vital and physical bodies: Yesod and Malkuth.  Magic is performed in these spheres.  These spheres are where, through conscious will, the Innermost works through His human soul, which is us, to benefit others, to guide the souls. All of nature is organized.  The minerals are in groups; the plants are in groups or families; the animals are in families; and every family is guided.  Every family has a guide.  That guide, in Sanskrit, is called a Deva, an Angel, an intelligence that is responsible for that family, to guide them.  Even humanoid families have guides, but we ignore them.  If you have studied The Iliad, you remember that the family of Priam takes their totems, the statues of their family gods (penate gods), in order to protect them when they have to abandon Troy.  Those statues represent the guardian angel of that family.  We all have that.  Our families have it, and we as individuals have it, but we do not listen.  We persist and insist on following our foolishness, and our guides, our guardians, attempt to help, but there is a limit to what they can do.  Cause and effect is still the law.  If you shoot yourself, you will die. A master takes his place in the ranks of those hierarchies that manage nature.  A master guides beings on other levels below him.  Your own Innermost, your own Being, may have relations with certain kingdom, and if you achieve the degree of mastery, your Being will place you in a certain position in order to help other souls in different kingdoms—maybe mineral, maybe plant, maybe animal, maybe humanoid, maybe angelic.  There are masters who guide and teach the angels.

Our true evolutionary path is not to get rich.  It is not to try to fill our house up with a lot of junk and then die.  That is not why we are here.  We are here to emerge out of the shell of our body as angels, and to step into this evolutionary path into the conscious circle of humanity—to leave the unconscious circle, to become conscious, and then to help the unconscious ones.  That is our purpose. Along that process, for millions of years, our Divine Mother is the one helping us, trying to give us the ability to do it.  But we always slap her away.  We spit on her.  We ignore her.  We curse her.  We do it physically; we do it psychologically.  Do not forget your Mother.  I am not talking about your terrestrial mother.  I am talking about your internal Mother.  Go back to her.  She will guide you.  She is the one who takes her child from the level of a simple mineral up to the level of being a God.  If you want to transcend suffering, if you want to help others, she is the one who will take you by the hand along the entire path, and she will never abandon you.  Even now that you have abandoned her, she is waiting.  She is waiting for you psychologically and spiritually, but also coiled up in the bottom of your spine, in your Muladhara chakra.  All of her potentiality is coiled there, waiting for you to awaken her.

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LFabre/Gnostic teachings


Questions and Answers by Instructor= Optional Reading

Audience:   As far the lower six vertebrae, are there any physical exercises that you would recommend in addition to mantra exercises to make those more limber?

Instructor:  Yes, there are a number of practices you can use to strengthen and limber up your spine.  The spinal column is very important, and it is necessary that anyone who takes this type of path seriously do a lot to protect their spine, and make it strong and flexible. The single most important rule, that cannot be emphasized enough, is to relax.  Just relax.  Most of us are so tense all the time; we do not even realize it.  And we are tense why?  It is because our minds are tense.  Our mind is running a thousand miles an hour, our heart is racing with all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, and we get tense because of desire.  We want something or we do not want something, and so we are tense.  This is desire.  Tension in the body makes you sick, and builds up negative energy and stores it in your muscles, and can hurt you physically.  It gets worse as you get older.  Some people—even young people, but some older people—become so tense they are like they are not even flesh anymore.  Their muscles are like rocks, steel, totally locked up and inflexible.  That is not good.  That is a result of years and years and years of tension stored in those muscles—untransformed impressions, energy that is trapped. Samael Aun Weor has muscles like a sponge, like a baby: totally relaxed.  Yet, he was dealing with a lot of intense energies—a lot.  People were trying to kill him, and he was perfectly relaxed.  He was not tense.  We need to learn that—to be relaxed.  That is the main thing.  And he said, in fact, “Whenever you remember yourself, relax.  Whenever you observe yourself, relax.  Relax all your muscles.  Constantly relax yourself.  Every moment of every day, keep relaxing.”  It makes a huge difference.  Likewise, if you cannot relax during your daily life, then in the evening when you try to meditate, all you are going to be trying to do is relax; you will not get to meditate, because tension will obstruct you.  When you begin meditation, you should already be perfectly relaxed. So that would be the main thing I would recommend—relax, relax, relax.  Constant relaxation.  Do what you can to help:  take walks, take hot baths, go out in nature, feel the air, swim in natural waters, take a break from so much thinking, clear your head, go outside and admire your Mother.  She is beautiful.  She is much more beautiful than concrete and glass and steel and bricks.  She is much more beautiful than your computer screen—far more beautiful.  Go out and take that energy from her.  She can sustain and nourish you.  She will feed your soul. Second to relaxation, there are many exercises you can learn to improve your spinal health.  The two main groups are the Tibetan Exercises of Rejuvenation—there is a book about that—and also Runic practices, which can also help.  There are a number of other stretches, but mostly it is just: relax.

Audience:  We are doing horrible things to our Mother, and the existence of plastic must be akin to spitting on your mom.  Everything that is plastic, that is manmade, is a symbol of what you have done to your mother, negatively.  Should you try to reduce that as much as possible by recycling, and it seems like people only use plastic, so should you really be conscious of your carbon footprint, in the way that you use plastic, and stuff like that?

Instructor:  I totally agree with that.  I think we have to reduce how much plastic we use, and be very conscious of what we purchase and utilize.  Most people buy bottles of drinks and throw them away, and do not realize that that plastic is sitting out in the ocean right now.  It is in landfills.  It is not going to break down for a long time.  Pens, even our clothes have plastic a lot of the time—polyester, a lot of synthetic fabrics—and all these synthetic things that we keep making and buying that we really do not need.  We need to be more conscious of what we do, but ultimately, that is really secondary.  The reason is, this planet is about to be purged.  The Divine Mother is going to cleanse herself.  She is about to take a shower in fire.  Reducing your carbon footprint and those kinds of things are good.  I am not saying to not do them.  But in the end, everything will be destroyed anyhow.

Audience:  Recycle what you can.

Instructor:   Yes.  Do what you can do.  Another is to eat properly.  Most of us are eating without knowing what we are eating.  The minerals, the plants, and the animals that we consume are modified—genetically modified, chemically modified, even with radioactive elements.  Those elements are filling our bodies and making our bodies and our minds sick. In order to succeed in this process of awakening Kundalini and creating the soul, your body has to be prepared.  It is not an easy task.  It is not like the Kundalini is going to come along and it is going to be like walking in the park.  It is not easy.  It is transformative.  The energy of the Divine Mother is the very creative power of the universe.  It is a lot of energy, and you have to learn to manage it and deal with it.  With our bodies as they are now, we are sick.  We do not know what is in our water.  We do not know what is in our air.  We do not know what is going on with these tomatoes that now have the hormones of pigs in them.  We buy meat at the supermarket from animals that were tortured, and that is filled with artificial hormones, chemicals, pesticides, and all kinds of garbage that is not natural.  I am not saying everybody should immediately become vegans and stop eating altogether.  We have to eat and survive, but do what you can to try to take pure food from nature.  If you can pick your own fruit, if you can grow your own fruit, do it.  If you can get fresh, real, vegetables grown from seeds, do it.  If you can get healthy meats, like Halal or Kosher, where the animals are properly cared for, do that.  Halal and Kosher are at least an incremental step better than the foods that come out of these giant factories around the world, where the animals are processed like machines, and treated like machines.  Our food production system is horrible.  We need to become conscious of those facts and try to manage our health better. All those energies that we take in—we have to transform them.  If you are a very aggressive person, or you are dealing with a lot of anger, you might want to watch your meat intake.  You might want to look at what you are eating.  If you are very anxious, depressed, sensitive person, you may want to watch what you are eating.  You might be eating garbage that is influencing you towards these bad behaviors.  By managing your diet, exercise, and health, you can go a long way towards making your mind more stable, and give yourself a better environment to reach some spiritual development.

Audience:  Does being obese affect you negatively in the work with your Divine Mother?”

Instructor: Does being overweight affect you negatively?  Absolutely it does.  If someone in this work is overweight, they will have a serious obstacle, so it is highly advised that you work on that.  Try to uncover what it is in you that makes you eat too much or be lazy. We all have different body types.  The idea of “overweight” is also overblown in this society.  Some people are naturally bigger, and some people are naturally smaller.  When I am talking about overweight, I mean where you are unhealthy.  You can be big or small; it does not matter, as long as you are healthy and strong.  But someone who is significantly overweight will have bad back problems; their spine will hurt; they will not be able to relax; they will have a hard time meditating; they will have a hard time concentrating.  When you are very overweight, it produces a lethargy in your psyche, and gluttony becomes a big problem, and laziness.  So those are significant issues you have to look at.

Audience:  You alluded to forty-eight laws that are in operation.  Can you explain those?

Instructor: The forty-eight laws that are managing Malkuth are an aggregation of the laws of the Sephiroth above.  When you study how the laws of nature function through the Tree of Life, it makes perfect sense.  It is not like you can say, “Law number one is the law that you cannot park here.”  It is not like that.  Those forty-eight laws are a mathematical combination of all the spheres above Malkuth.  Nature is a series of worlds differentiated by their relative subtlety. The physical world (Malkuth) is very low. Above it are many worlds. Each world is created by the trinity or Law of Three.  The first manifested world has three laws. The next world below that also has three laws and are modified by the three above it, so that makes six laws in that level. The next world below has three laws, plus the six and three above it, so that makes twelve laws. This goes on until you reach Malkuth. All the laws of the worlds above Malkuth are combined in order to create this world of forty-eight laws.  There are a few lectures that explain this; it is quite simple.

Audience:  But you would include gravity as one.

Instructor:   Gravity, relative to the physical world, is a result of those laws.  But I do not think, in my experience, that you can say there is one law of the forty-eight laws that is gravity. The forty-eight laws are the interacting, descending forces from above. When those laws interact, phenomena result. In this level, gravity is one such result or effect of the complication of those laws. Yet, similar forces are at work in other planes, where you do not have forty-eight laws. In other levels, there are forces like gravity, that function like gravity.  Gravity is a force of attraction, of magnetism.  We experience it in a certain way here, but if you go to other dimensions there are similar phenomena.  Basically, the laws that we study, are just Sephiroth inside other Sephiroth.

Audience:  Have you ever heard of those scientists who can create elements that only last for a few seconds?

Instructor: Synthetic elements?

Audience: Yeah.  Like, they can create elements, but it has to be at like -500°, or something crazy, and it only exists for a few seconds, but they say it exists.

Instructor:Yeah.  The scientists are playing a lot of experiments.

Audience: That is really bad, huh?

Instructor: Not necessarily.  It is not necessarily bad.

Audience: But does a consciousness go into that, and then the body of that consciousness, is it destroyed?

Instructor: Not necessarily.

Audience:  So if an element is created by a scientist, it may not necessarily be inhabited like natural minerals?

Instructor: A scientist cannot create life.  A scientist can only modify existing forms.  The only one that can create life is God.  To take elements, put them together, and put a soul in there—only God can do that.

Audience: So when they genetically modify corn or whatnot, those probably are not inhabited by a soul anymore, huh, since they are modified?

Instructor: They can be; they can be deformed.  Nature is very complicated.  Everything has life in some form or level, but it is modified.

Audience: So there is a soul that is going inside it that has to inhabit those atoms that make that piece of corn?

Instructor: If it has energy, it has life.  And if it is modified to function in a harmful way, then it is a negative form that creates a lot of karma.  Case in point: atomic energy.

Audience:  One more thing.  I’m sorry.   When one destroys atoms, isn’t that destroying the bodies of these consciousness?  Isn’t that very bad?

Instructor: It is.  It is a terrible thing.  The splitting of the atom is a terrible crime.

Audience:  So the atomic bomb is very, very, very bad.  That destroys millions of atoms, so you are destroying the bodies of millions of souls.

Instructor: Not only that, but when an atom is split, a lot of negative atoms are released—negative atoms from the infernal worlds.  So not only is there physical radioactivity, but there are a lot of spiritual atoms that are split and released.  The effects of the nuclear and atomic energy experiments are really unimaginable.  Samael Aun Weor wrote about it a few times and it is bad, very bad.

Audience: You said we have a lot of dead elements that we surround ourselves with.  But the elements that we make, it is still matter.  Does it still have evolving or negative forces in them?

Instructor: It depends.  Every living form has an energy in it—life.  But there are also dead forms.  So a lot of the forms that we work with are dead, they are corpses, whether that is atomic matter or material matter, different elements that we combine to make things.  The way we have to look at it is that atomic structures and molecular structures are hugely complex and apply to the Tree of Life. When we split a physical atom, we release the energy that was in that atom.  There is an enormous amount of energy in one atom.  But when that split occurs, a doorway is opened, and that doorway affects not only the superior worlds, but the inferior worlds.  The splitting of an atom is not just physical, because an atom is not just physical.  It is matter, energy, and consciousness.  So there is energy from above and below that is affected and released.  It creates an enormous impact. Similarly, when we are manipulating matter in the world, we are also manipulating matter internally, just as when we have a physical discussion with each other, we are manipulating mental matter.  Right now, we are manipulating mental, emotional, and hopefully conscious forms, if everyone is conscious of the conversation.  If someone is angry or irritated, or feeling some negative emotion, then they are affecting very negative forms of matter—not physical but internal.  So similarly, everything around us is like that.  This table has other aspects of its existence, not just physical.  All the atoms in it are multi-dimensional. When someone awakens consciousness, they start to intuitively perceive that.  Samael Aun Weor was experiencing those types of things, and he explained that when you awaken consciousness in the Causal world, you can see the karma of something; you can see the number of atoms in it; you can see the mathematics of it—not in the intellect, but with the consciousness.  It is not hard; it is just something you see there—you see the other aspects.  When you see in the fourth dimension, then you see its eternal aspect; you see its progression over time.

Audience:  What about when we use elements in the positive sense, say things we put on our altar?  That is not something that we use negatively.

Instructor: You have identified exactly the key.  This physical body is a transformer of energy, and every moment we are receiving energies:  from our atmosphere, from breathing, from food that we are digesting, from our senses, from our soul.  There is a lot of energy in us, and we are transforming it constantly according to our will.  What is our will?  When we are following a will to feed our lust, all those energies are fortifying and strengthening that lust.  If we are taking all those energies and praying sincerely, then we are fortifying our soul, our consciousness.  If in that prayer, we are utilizing an altar or a prayer book or a symbol of God, that symbol—let’s say it is a statue or a picture—is part of the transformation of that energy, and it is affected by it, without question.  And this is how churches, temples, even your bedroom, can be magnetized, and can become a very sacred place.  You can go into certain places and feel sacred energy.  You can go into other places and feel diabolic energy, negative energy.  But nowadays, we are so accustomed to the negative energy we do not notice it.  We like it.  We do not notice how negative the energy of many places is, because we are so used to it.

Audience:  I am trying to fathom this model that you have here.  You have, basically, a soul that emanates from the Ain Soph and comes down into this physical body, and you’re talking about a physical process where you are basically effecting some kind of alchemical change in the physical vehicle.

Instructor: It is a change that happens on many levels, not just physical.  The physical body is the receiver and transformer of energies.  Malkuth is the lowest sphere on the Tree of Life, and many forces condense and flow through, in and out of, Malkuth.  We know that because right now we have energy working through us—that is our vital body.  We have emotions—that is our astral body.  We have thoughts—that is the mental body.  We have some degree of will—that is related with our conscious will, our Essence.  We have spirit, but we don’t know about spirit—it is too subtle.  So likewise, when we begin to work with the force of Kundalini, it is a more condensed channel for those similar forces to work.

Audience: Okay.  Let’s pose the question this way:  If you begin on this work and along the path you die—the physical vehicle dies—and you then reincarnate.  Are you then going to derive any benefit from this work in the subsequent vehicle, or do you start from scratch?

Instructor: It depends.  The Kundalini that is raised in the physical and vital bodies is, of course, brought into these bodies, by means of physical matter.  So if you die and you take a new physical body, you will have to raise those forces again.  However, if the soul did not fall, that recapitulation of that initiation is very rapid and easy, because the initiations are in the soul, not the body.

Audience: So if you make that milestone, and you die, you will begin at that milestone you left off at.

Instructor: Similar to how your body died, when you get a new body, that new body has to grow and develop according to certain stages.  Well, the Kundalini is in that.  It also has to grow and develop according to certain stages.  But that is only with the physical and vital body.  The solar astral body does not die, neither do the solar mental body or the solar causal body. I am glad you brought this up, because it makes an important point.  For a master working in these low levels who has just acquired the solar bodies—solar astral, mental, causal—the acquisition of those bodies provides immortality.  We all want that, right?  Now, we know our Essence, our soul, is immortal in the context of “it never dies,” but it is constantly transmigrating through nature, according to the karma of the soul:  in bodies, out of bodies, in bodies, out of bodies, with no ability to consciously manage that and determine it for oneself.  A master has immortality in the fifth and sixth dimensions—in the solar bodies—and thus can self-determine their birth.  That is real reincarnation.  It is to choose to incarnate.  Now, there is still karma, and they still have to work with karma, they are still subject to karma, but they have will—conscious will—to help navigate that.  It is no longer a mechanical process. What this means is that with the acquisition of the solar bodies start you to become free from the mechanical laws of nature.  They provide a beginning of freedom from mechanical nature, but it is not complete freedom. You are not completely free from the mechanical laws of nature until you resurrect.  With resurrection—I mean, full, real resurrection, like Jesus went through—the physical body is sacrificed so that that body of liberation can be made, the body of resurrection. That is an immortal, perfected, physical body—immortal.  That means that, right now, Jesus—and many other masters at that level—inhabits the same physical body for millions of years after that resurrection.  They have powers over that body to go in and out of the third dimension, to change its shape, to change its form—unimaginable abilities that we cannot conceive.

Audience: That guy you said was soft as a sponge.  He was under a lot of energy of people trying to kill him.  They could not kill him unless he desired them to, huh?

Instructor: He was able to manage his karma and not be killed by them.  But other masters—

Audience: So the karma was so good it just would not work out for them.

Instructor: Well, it was not his karma to be assassinated.  He had to die another way.  Some masters had the karma to be assassinated.  Joan of Arc, for example, was a great master who had, by her karma, to be burned at the stake.

Audience:  And that means she must have done some bad things.

Instructor: She did.  She had karma.  But with that death, she paid it.  She is now a Resurrected Master.

Audience: [incomprehensible]

Instructor: Exactly.  We have to emulate that example.  That is a big deal.

Audience:  With going back into nature, how effective is going back to nature with only the brief periods we can go back for retreats and camping?  I’m thinking with work, we only get about a week’s vacation.

Instructor: Well, I am so glad you asked me that, because this was a big thing I was meditating on all week and I forgot to talk about it.  [Laughter]  That shows you how much work I have to do. Samael Aun Weor, in his books, told us again and again that we need to return to nature, that we need to return to our Divine Mother.  Like much of what he wrote, it would be easy to take that at face value and read it literally, and interpret that as though we should abandon the cities and go live in nature.  Some people interpret it that way and go to live in the jungle, and that is fine.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But that is not what he meant, and the proof of that is how he lived his life. Samael Aun Weor did not abandon the cities and go live in the jungle like a hermit.  He lived in the heart of one of the most crowded, polluted cities in the world—Mexico City.  He did not want to be there for his own pleasure.  It is not a pleasant place to be.  He was there to serve and help people—to serve humanity and fulfill his mission. What he actually meant by, “Return to nature,” is psychological.  It is spiritual.  So yes, we should take vacations; we should take retreats; we should, whenever we get a chance, go to the countryside, the mountains, the beaches, and get away from the city, and appreciate nature, and be nourished and fed.  That gives you so much food for your soul—to get that influence.  But that does not mean that you have to abandon the cities and go live in a cave.  The age for that has passed.  The need for that type of lifestyle was in the Piscean Era, and that passed. Now we are in the Aquarian Age, which is an era of fraternity, where we have to work together and help each other, and be together.  Unfortunately or fortunately, it is in the city.  That is where everybody is.  So we need to be there; we need to help each other.  So take a vacation, but come back.

Audience:  He did spend a number of years in the Sierra Nevada.

Instructor: Yes, and that is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, should you have it.  If you have the ability to go for a few years and live with the natives, then you should do it. Nowadays, it is hard to survive that way.

Audience: There are plenty of groups and organizations in the city—farmers markets, and people working in parks and conserving the nature that we do have—that is another way.

Instructor: Yes, there are a lot of resources now that you can change your diet and your lifestyle, and there are tools.  There is awareness of it, and there are resources you can take advantage of.  It is true.  But again, the main, most important thing is to change psychologically—not your physical habits as much.  Change your mind.  Change how you look at things and how you think about things.  That is what is most important.  It is not to go home and throw out all your plastic.  That is fine if you want to, but it is not going to make any difference to your soul.  Your soul needs its Mother. ~Gnostic instructor

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