All About The Elements

The Elements in the Absolute

All about the Elements:

Anyone using the elements to aim to glory, power, and riches, and annihilation of his enemies and nation will be for a big, big, disappointment.

Sects and religions do not understand the meaning or expression of the word, “magic” other than black magic, witchcraft or evil powers. No wonders, and astonishingly people are frighten with horror when they hear the word “magic.” Charlatans, jugglers, and conjurers have discredited this term from the beginning of time, no wonder magic, knowledge has been look upon disrespectfully.

From the beginning of time, the word “Magus” has been regarded as one of the highest adepts, and in fact the word magic derive from this word. The so-called “sorcerers, mediums, gurus…” are in no way initiates, they are only imitators of the mysteries who counting on the ignorance of people aim to theirs selfish lies and fraud.  A true magician will despise such practices.

Magic is a sacred science,  it is the sum of all universal knowledge, it teaches how to utilize the sovereign rules. Magic and mystic are the same, and when ever a true initiation is taking place, one has to follow the same rules no matter what sects we come from. If we were to consider the universal polarity rules of good and evil, active and passive, light and shadow, each one can serve goods as well as bad purposes. Take such as a kitchen knife that is obviously only for cutting bread, however, that knife can become a dangerous weapon if in the hands of a murderer.

Many of us know that the word “Tarot” does not means a game of cards, the tarot are but a symbolic book of initiation which has the greatest secrets in a symbolic form. The first tablet of this book introduces the magician representing him as a master of the elements, offering the key to the first Arcanum- the secret to the ineffable name of Tetragrammaton, the kabbalistic Yod-He-Vau- He. Here we will find the gate to a magician initiation.

Tetragrammaton literally means “the -four- letter- word.”  Masters used substitute words because they were afraid  to utter  the sacred name of YHVH (Yahveh) or Jehovah as it later became by introducing a vowel of another word to the consonants of YHVH.

From generation, people from all over the world are still seeking the truth; true knowledge, sadly, they go on reading all kinds of books, which by the way are all but speculation of the  “truth.”  Scholars come to mind, these people are all fill with theories and more theories just to catch a little pearl of wisdom, sadly they will never get a speck of it. Only people with exceptionally faculties, or a poor minority seemed to be able to gain this wisdom.

Every thing that has been created, suns, planets, stars, (macrocosm) big or small (microcosm) has been achieved by the effect of the elements. Imagine the universe as a clockwork with all its wheels and mesh, all inter independent from each other. In the old Orient, the elements were call “tattwas.”  Here in the West we are familiar with their good and bad influences, and according to the Indian tradition the tattwas runs as follows:

Akasa- princple of ether

Tejas- principle of fire

Waju- principle of air

Apas- principle of the water

prithivi- principle of earth

According to the Indian doctrine, the four tattwas descended from the fifth principle which is the Akasa or the ethereal sphere, or the infinite space that is a Great Soul. The Akasa  is something inconceivable, non-created, incomprehensible, indefinable, timeless and space less. The ultimate cause of all things existing and created. Religions have giving the name of GOD. It is the fifth power, the original power.  Everything has been created by it and is kept on balance by it. It is the origin of all thoughts and intentions, the whole creation is subsisting on it, beginning from the higher sphere to the lowest one.

The first principle to come from the Akasa is fire , the basic principle of fire is heat and expansion, so in the beginning must had been fire and light, and in the Bible we read, “let it be light.”  Come to mind, obviously that the origin of light came from the fire.

Each element has two polarities, passive and active, or positive (+), and negative (-).  Positive is constructive and creative. Negative stands for all that is destructive. In another way, these are the forces of evolution,+ and devolution or what we call good, and what we call evil. Or what we call light, and what we call darkness. Good is pro life. Evil is against life. Or evolution is pro life, and devolution is against  life. These forces do indeed exists! It is like saying, or knowing that God=good does have an antithesis that= evil, and that both good+ and evil are right in front of our eyes. And it is our responsibility knowing the differences, and knowing indeed that without these forces life could not exist. We could not exists. Further, it is not for us take evil within our own hands, as eventually nature would take care of this. Keep in mind that ALL that it is born= created, one day must cease to exist. We all know this. Thus we must [honor] life until it has met its own course= its life span= its full usefulness as nature/and or our creator wish. Know that everything in the universe has been created under these immutable rules. Also know that our actions do bring either empower consequences for our souls, or de-power consequences that both falls under these universal rules, and no one is exempt. Not even the gods.

Fire owns the expansion or the electrical fluid (not like the material electricity, although there exist some analogy to it). Expansion is identical to extension, therefore fire is latent and active in every thing created in the universe, beginning from the tiniest grain of sand, or tiniest creature, for example.

The principle of water in contrast with the principle of fire have the basic qualities of coldness and shrinkage. Just like the fire, it has the two polarities of passive and active. Active  as being constructive, life-giving, protective and nourishing; passive as being destructive and dividing. This element has the basic principle of shrinking and contraction, it has also produced the magnetic fluid.

Water and fire are operating in all regions, and according to the rules of opposites poles, the fiery element could not exist on its pole without the element of water on the other side. Fire and water are the two basic elements of which everything has been created. Let’s not forget as well the electrical, magnetic fluid which represent the contrasting polarities.

The principal of Air is not regarded as an element but rather as a neutralizer or a mediator between the fiery and watery element. They say it act as a mediator between the active and passive activities of fire and water. They also say that through the interaction of passive and active of the fire and water, all that has been created become motion. Therefore, the  principle of air get the quality of warmth from the fire, and humidity from the water. Without these qualities any life would be inconceivable. Keep in mind that the fire, water and air are not the same as the ones in this grossly material plane, although there are some contrasting similarity.

The principle of Earth is born out of the interaction and solidification of fire, water and air. Therefore, earth has giving a shape to the three mentioned elements, as well as limitation and space. The earth together with the three elements now has formed a reciprocal action and thus become tetra polar, labeling the earthly principal as a 4-pole magnet. The fluid in the polarity of the earthly element is electromagnetic. Therefore all elements are active in the fourth, meaning the earthly element.

Light. The opposite of light is darkness, darkness came out of the principle of water. It is written that darkness has all the contrasting specifics of light. Without light, darkness would have been unrecognizable, and without darkness there would have never had been any light. Darkness and light were produced by mutual interplay of the two elements of water and fire. Light has the positive outcome, while darkness have the negative one, this interplay is working all the time in all regions of the universe.

This lecture  was inspired by the master Franz Bardon and Samuel Aun Weor ~ LFabre

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