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In our previous lecture we spoke about our galaxy, the Milky Way which has a central sun named Sirius. Sirius is millions and millions of times bigger than the sun of our solar system. Sirius is also a gigantic world rich with minerals, animals, and human life.

Its inhabitants do not reach one meter in height, they have a thin body composition, and are of extreme, divine beauty. They live in humble houses in the woodlands where they cultivate their garden, and their goods. There are no cities since they do not have the harmful idea of building cities. Building cities belong to the unintelligent people.

Sirius is also the name of the great God of the Siriuns that along with its inhabitants worship and celebrate the drama of the Christ. The drama of the Christ is universal, as the Christ itself is a universal Force. That force is what unites everyone to the infinite worlds, to the supreme worlds of the Gods.

Our solar system is the number seventh sun that rotates around a center star, or center sun which name is Alcyone. This group of seven suns with their respective worlds forms what sages had been cited for millions of years as “The Pleiades.” The Pleiades is within the Milky Way, and scenario like these are by the millions in our galaxy. The Pleiades are known for their divine solar humanity that throughout time has been kept in touch with certain people of earth, whether be telepathically or them coming in their spaceship to earth. They are exceptionally humanitarian, and wish to always help these earthlings.

Let us also tell you a bit more about our galaxy. So far you know that within our galaxy there are millions of worlds with their respective suns, now just as all those suns and worlds are within our Milky Way, how about if we tell you that the Milky Way rotates around a sun as well! This sun that we are talking about now is named “the Polar Sun.” Around this sun rotate only galaxies! Can you fathom this? And our neighboring galaxy is called the  “Blue Galaxy” of which we are not allowed to go to because beyond the Milky Way there exist other kinds of universal laws.

Now you can figure out when our scientists get too excited celebrating among each other the idea that they discovered “another planet, or another star.”  What they are seeing are the worlds of the solar systems of the Pleiades, especially the worlds from the next solar system to ours which is the “Tyler solar system”, that’s all.

The name of our solar system is Ors. Our sun, which our scientists say is a ball of incessant cloud of Helium, is to your amazement a planet millions of times bigger than the planet Earth and the supper giant, Jupiter. The sun is rich in minerals, plants, animals, enormous mountains, cold and beautiful tropical weather, human life, and oceans so huge that the oceans of our earth all together will look like a few drops of water!

Now you can come to the conclusion why the planets of our solar system rotate around our sun, obviously!  The sun has to be millions of times bigger than the weight of its own thirteen planets that rotate around it! The force of attraction, or magnetic force of the sun keeps them from running loose across space!  There it is no way that the opposite is true, that the sun is a cloud of helium; the planets never be able to stay rotating around it, in which case would have been a disaster for the Milky Way, as other worlds would had been in danger of colliding with each other.

Our sun is a star with beautiful elements of nature making life there flowing beautifully. Their inhabitants (like the people from the sun Sirius) never live in cities, building cities is absurd, they do not like cities, and they are all true human being, true masters of the universe. They have a stature much like ours, yet their body is harmoniously perfect, very beautiful men and women. They live in small houses, and they love traveling across the universe in their space ships. Their laboratories are in small woodland villages. They are very wise, in fact they are so wise they can point directly with their little instrument that we might say is a telescope but it is not, into the home of anyone here on Earth and check you out thoroughly. Meaning they can see your aura and see if you are dead or alive. Dead to them means someone who does not have “the secret enemy” within. The secret enemies are the egos.

Egos are in true essence atoms of the inferior worlds, or evil ones that control the conscious mind of these Earthlings. If you are dead, then you know “knowledge” and that is worth checking.  Alive means that you are full of the secret enemy, therefore you are a walking dead human machine, meaning you are ignorant of what you are, and most certainly do not know anything about yourself and the universe.  Which brings to mind something even Jesus mentioned in the Bible: let the dead bury their dead, meaning, the ones we think are alive are just as dead as the dead. What he is saying is that we are ignorant.

The citizens of the sun consider the people of earth vicious and malicious people who emit sinister, evil vibrations wherever they go, and that brings disharmony.

The sun is just like this planet with four kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal, and human.

Their minerals kingdom within the sun is so big that one vein of, let’s say gold is as big as the planet earth. As we all know, the mineral kingdom is in the infra-dimension of each planet. Imagine with the size of these metals the electricity and magnetism that will shoot from them, from uranium, cobalt, radium, from its lodes!  And that is why we see the sun as a big ball of fire!

Let us give you an example now, and with one special camera we take a picture, lets say of a leaf. That leaf will radiate a light, same goes for the human body, a pebble, a diamond, etc., etc., or anything you can think of.  Do you know why? Because matter has light and light has matter, or any matter has magnetism, electricity, or aura as some mystics call it.  Scientists call this “Bio-Plastic” but this is actually the ethereal body of everything. Which comes to mind the idea of what came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is the egg, because the seed of everything is within the light (the seed) in the ethereal world.

Anything radiates this aura, but what radiates the majority of this aura are metals, so when you see the beautiful colours of the planets, we have to think that this is the magnetism and electricity coming from the metals of that planet.

Do you know that the veins of metals that run in the infra-dimensions of planets are comparable with our own nervous system?  This is something to reflect on.

So all these metals in the sun bring about a total of immense, strong, powerful radiation. The lodes produce tremendous irradiation, the radiation of its lodes, the atomic energy that these have traversed interplanetary space and arrives at the terrestrial atmosphere. It is precisely the superior cap of the terrestrial atmosphere that is in charge of disarranging the solar rays into light, heat, color, and sound.

The radiation of the sun reaches not only the planet Earth but all other planets in its solar system, thus each atmosphere of each planet arrange the sun rays just like the earth does. And to entertain our scientists, let us tell them that the corolla of the sun is a kind of aurora borealis formed by the electricity and magnetism of such a star, that’s all.

Do you know that sexually speaking, metals are united through magnetism and electricity? And do you know that Copper goes beyond bringing us electricity to our home? Copper is the father of all the metals as it works with the three forces, positive, negative, and neutral, and it is because of copper that the other metals depend to survive! Scientists do not know this, nor are we going to say more.

So let us summarized this: what we see from the sun is the radiation of the metals; the metallic immense radiation of the vein of gold, silver, iron, copper, and all the metals that exist in the mineral kingdom.  Everything in the sun is in perfect balance, nothing is degenerated, and that is why the radiation is so immense!

Let us tell you this another way: when we see inside the atmosphere of this Earth, or when we look toward the sun what we see is the radiation of the mineral, plant, animal, and human of that planet, that is all.

Let us puzzle you more; lets say that you went beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, right? If you were to look towards the sun you will see no light, no fire! Do you know why? Because when the radiation of those kingdoms comes in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere they are transformed into light, heat, cold, color, and sound! Now, look around you, you are in the dark!  But of course, after the Earth’s atmosphere everything is dark. That is why you see our astronauts with little lights whenever they go to outer space, and of course wearing very protective suits against the cold weather that is up there.  The higher we go, the colder it gets, we can see this when we climb mountains, it is cold up there isn’t it?

So as we said earlier, our sun is a star. Its four kingdoms are in perfect balance, and that is why it is the supplier of all the forces that sustains its planets. It equilibrates all the forces by giving and receiving. Now you might ask, why does the sun want its energy back?  First of all the sun sends its elements from the four of its kingdoms to all the planets at wholesale, you might say. This wholesale price is called quanta or solar wind, which is what the scientists are seeing as a ball of fire. These are the elements or intelligent atoms, or divine creatures, or gods, that go to work on each planet. Each one of them has a specific duty to work on, such as here on the crust of the earth we have the compounds and simple elements, like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc., etc. These are bombarded with solar energy forcing them to multiply and convert that solar energy into light, heat, cold, and sound.

By the way quanta moves at the speed of light but when they enter matter they slow down depending on the atom that they are subjected to. It is that atom’s responsibility to transform that energy, and return it back to the sun.

The magnetism and electricity of the quantum phenomena of the solar light in the different elements of nature is the law that sustains the different planets, because in the center of the earth and on every planet there it is a center of gravity that transform these forces sending it back to the sun, so the earth receives and gives, and so are all the other planets. The name of this Cosmic Law is: Trogo-Auto-Ego-Cratic law. This is a reciprocal law that nourishes and balances all the forces within the king star and its planets.

So every single mineral or atom of every metal carry out a certain mission, which is to transform certain vibrations, which are coming from that king star which is the sun. There are different vibrations and radiations that are sent out in tremendous flames, but they are not physical flames, they are flames of energy that are coming from certain parts of the sun. As there are different radiation so there are different kinds of bodies to trap those forces, which is why we have all kind of minerals, metals, plants, animals, and us so-called human. They all come in different sizes and they are all necessary for the entire solar system to stand, even the tiniest of insect is making a difference. Now you will understand why we are also called energy transmitters, so sorry to disappoint you all. Now if we were with solar bodies that would had been different.

These forces are even measured with the scale of justice, such as water, something that is sacred, and if the force that is coming from the sun to nourish it finds water that is all polluted, then those forces are going to resist and cause harm somewhere on earth as well as in the entire solar system. If the elements when they try to enter to equilibrate the force, the law, cannot do it, then it returns mad everywhere. This applies to the forests, rivers, oceans, animals, the atmosphere, etc., etc. Petroleum for example, is not meant for anything else than to nourish the earth, instead we use it for our own vicious accumulations of material things. That is why nature, as we call it, punishes everything that is not in equilibrium with the law.  What you’ll give, you’ll receive, and this applies to everything that there is. That is why we get all these catastrophes of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc., etc. The force is not equilibrated so it is resisting its own balance, causing disasters everywhere.

Do you know that the outer layer of the atmosphere of the earth is very dangerous as we speak? Rockets sent to outer space, and nuclear explosions did that. You are not going to believe this but the citizens of our neighboring planets are not that very happy with us, some of them want to help us, and others do not even want to get close. Throughout the entire Milky Way, we are the most perverse humanity, and because of us their planets could be in danger as well. They are watching us very carefully because they know what to expect from people like us, and worse yet now when our earth is going through some massive changes. So they want to help us if we let them.  We’ll talk about this later on.

So now you know that our Star, the Sun is a king Star of perfection with all its kingdoms in perfect balance, in perfect harmony. That is why the Native American Indians pay reverence to our Sun. Why? They knew the secret and importance of it. They knew that without the sun life would not be possible, and that the beings of the sun were always watching over them.

Peace to all humanity

~ Gnosis/LFabre this posting

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