Anchoring LOVE and allowing the Heart to open


The new energies are now being anchored across the planet and many are now feeling the effects of these energies. Feeling like you could cry but cannot figure out why? moved to extremes of anger? feel intense rage yet cannot understand why? all of these scenarios are your emotions literally crying out to be acknowledged.


Many are under the belief that the new was to be a time of greater light and greater promise and this is here now. “but I cant see or feel it!” I hear your cry, well then you have emotions to acknowledge and emotions to release. Many across the planet are now deep in chaos, trying to logically figure out a world that is now based on EMOTION. Logic has little to do with the world now, the more that you try to involve the brain in working out our new world the more chaos and the more frustration you will build up within your being.


The old energies were cold and logical. The old world did not have much to do with emotion and the repression of that emotion is what has caught many by surprise. For who would have realised that emotion could run so deeply! It is to be remembered that the emotions that you are moving through and releasing are not just this lifetime, here on planet earth, as you begin to clear emotion you resonate at a higher vibration and you are able to align yourself with others selves in different timelines and dimensions. So the crying episode you experienced sitting having a cuppa and a biscuit may have nothing to do with this lifetime and be something to do with another self. This is fueling the confusion that rages across the planet.


Emotion is not a subject that has been discussed planetary wise for aeons, most people shy away from emotion and the more we moved into the old energies and the more the we were taught to push down emotion the more we stored. The outpouring of anger across the internet, the need to make logical sense of our world and whether we are to be invaded or taken over or whether its all made up is fueled by this emotion. For your emotions are tricky things, when they are not being acknowledged they will create scenarios to show themselves to you. So the anger that you feel for a lifetime of being ignored or ill treated may come to a head when someone jumps the line at a bus stop. The intensity of the emotions that are coming up for release are taking many by surprise.


The outpouring of anger of course leads to further fear which leads to more anger and so on. The need to be right is uppermost in most peoples minds yet it is illusion. For you cannot be anything but right if you created it! Everyone creates their own life, at all times, through the thoughts they allow into their minds and the emotions that are within their energy system. If you have lived lifetimes (as many have) of incarnations where you were not heard, where you may have been killed for your beliefs then this new energy will begin to spark that fear within you. For you are reacting to a high level of fear that goes back over the dimensions and timelines of the universe. Of course consciously this will not be obvious to you, but many are so deep in the fear and the outpouring of anger it has blurred their vision.


At the end of the day it matters not whether you believe that aliens will visit us, take us away on spaceships or you think the world is now loopy, it is a PERSONAL experience, the way you interact with the information that creates your experience is personal, no two people will ever have the exact same life experience. To stand back and to absorb this then shows the level of fear that is to be cleared and healed across the planet. When another is in fear we are able to sense this, illusion taught us deeply about self preservation and many instantly take the defensive stance when another makes a comment or suggestion about the way that they live, the hostile defence stance is then felt by the person making the comment and so it escalates.


It should be noted that much of this behaviour is learned behaviour and has been taught over aeons. We are now living in a world that is based on emotion and not logic. If you are not in a space where you have dealt with or have the tools to deal with the mass of emotion that is coming to the surface for you then the past weeks and the coming months will appear to be full of chaos and confusion and danger.


The only way to anchor LOVE onto the planet is to open the heart. The heart is the organ that is created before the brain when we are growing inside our mothers yet many will still look to the brain for answers. This makes no sense in a new world that puts emotion first.

The opening energies of this year were intense for a reason, if you were able to let go and allow the emotions to surface and acknowledge them then perhaps you are now beginning to find strength and clarity of vision. For those who refuse to do any clearing and refuse to open the heart preferring the old energies of logic then this will be a confusing year and a confusing time to be alive. We cannot act and behave in the old ways in a new world and expect clarity of vision.


No one came here to this planet in this form at this time to sit and wait for it all to be delivered to them, that is old energy and the new energies will clearly show this is dissolving. The new IS here, it is here before your eyes, if you cannot see it then please go within and check with your heart.


The heart emits a note, it is your presence in the universe, the note is tuned to the planet earth and the universe. Many are unable to hear this note for the hustle and bustle of the teachings that are seeking to hide this note. To hear it you need only open your heart and be still. For in the silence you will hear a beautiful clear note, that note is YOU. If you cannot hear your note then you have not opened your heart.


The choice as always is down to you, for we each have free will that is our birthright. By the same token you cannot continually look to others to make choices and decisions that you refuse to take. No one can make you open your heart, no one can open you heart for you, likewise no one can make you listen to the note that is YOU. Only YOU can do this, many are now sitting waiting for the magic to unfold unaware that the keys are on the table in front of them. Unlock your heart and allow the LOVE that IS to flow through you, around you and within you, for YOU are that LOVE.


The choice to interact with it rests with you at all times.



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