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“Freedom is not free> it comes with responsibility.”

” Make America Great Again.”


~ – = For All With Concern:

1- For those that wants their freedom: their liberty: their wealth, we ask you, “Are you ready for meeting the responsibilities that comes with it?”

2- For are you ready for governing yourself?

3- For are you ready for taking responsibility for your own BE’ing and DO’ing?

4- For are you ready for setting moral values that leads the way for our future generations’ well being+ survival?

5- For are you ready for honoring your brothers and sisters: Your family: Your neighbors: Your community: Your city: Your country?  ~ – = For are you with ecclesia?

6- For are you ready for honoring nature: Its creations: Our animals: All creatures: Our elements= Water: Air: Fire: Earth?

7- For are you ready for: If you own a gun: Have the IQ for knowing how: When: For using a gun?

8- For are you ready for using discernment? Think: Motion: Heart: Action?

9- For are you ready for: Fight for what it is for moral value: For what it is right for your family: Your community: For everyone?

10- For do you have courage?

11- For do you have empathy: Compassion: Dignity: Moral values?

12- For are you ready for knowing the law of: For Constitution of law of the Land, – = for your own protection: For everyone protection. ~ – = For knowing the difference between legal and lawful: For knowing the law for contracting, – = for if no wet-ink pen signatures+ no mutual consent exists between two parties= no lawful contract exists+ no action need be taking. ~ – = For if no contract exists= no authority+ no claim+ no law. ~ – = For arbitrarily contract against our people+ against their property(s) are null and void immediately. ~ –  = For anyone committing this crime would be reported: Detain: Kill.

13- For knowing that all corporations: Corporate courtroom system: All attorneys+ esquires+ referees+ corporal judges = are buried. For the BAR is foreclosed upon+ all BAR licenses are extinguished[BAR= British Accredited Registration].

14- For all debts worldwide are prepaid: For all mortgages within the entire United States of America are settled. For there are no debts+ anyone committing fraud against our people anywhere within the United States of America would be detain by our Universal Royal Army.

15- For no corporal police:Corporal marshals: Corporal judges: the BAR: Corporal county clerks have no authority for being claiming loans that they themselves did not loan for the American people. For none have the authority for evicting our people from their homes. For they never had that authority then OR now. ~ – = For anyone practicing hideous crimes of racketeering+ extortion against our people, they would be reported: Detain: Kill by our Universal Royal Army: Military: Militia. ~ – = For all is Visible all ways always.

16- For all corporal County Recording Offices[Public Records Centers]= all throughout the United States of America are foreclosed upon. For CRIS[Court Registry Investment System] is foreclosed upon. ~ – = For those responsible for using fictitious accounts NAMES for committing crimes for the American people= racketeering+ extortion+ jail for profit= slavery, would be detain by our Royal Army+ all repossession be return for the people.

17- For all corporal judges that are enforcing foreclosures on private territories for the American people in New York State are with warrants for their arrests: No exception. For all fifty States apply.

18- For the corporal police have no authority infringing the lives for the American people on the roads+ towns+ their territories. For the police are private contractors for former corporations: For marshals are private contractors for former corporations. For all are order takers= order followers from jewishcons robotoids criminals[CFR] in violation for constitutional law. For they are liable and responsible for their own actions. ~ – = For they would be reported: Detain: Kill.

19- For everyone in Continental United States of America be not paying rent: For be living free: For this apply worldwide. ~ – = For all living systems [+ the people] are its own value. ~ – = For we ALL are our own creators. We. Are. All. Responsible. For. Our. Own. Creations. = Thinking [thoughts]. Words. Actions.

20- For universal martial law by our Universal Royal Army is in place for protection for the people.

21- For all corporations are dissolved: Shutdown. For the propagandas machines are dissolved: Shutdown. For the jailing=prison for profit is dissolved: Shutdown. For human trafficking is punishable with death.

22- For the Continental United States of America is a family of nations where its people are being protect with Constitutional law of the Land. ~ – = For Constitution of Law of the Land= Constitution for the land: Natural law.

23- For the people are the highest authority of government in Continental United States of America. ~ – = For we are all lawful inherits of earth wealth equally. ~ – = For we are all custodians for planet earth.

24- For the land for the Continental United States of America belongs for its people: For it is NOT for home growing terrorists cells: Not for corporations that are destructive for our earth= nature= our people= our animals+ all creatures.

25-  ~ – = For our Continental United States of America is not for grab OR for sale to: For any communist party: Terrorists cons clones. – ~ = For all destructive cells that be within the natural earth must cease for existing. ~ – = For our people are not at war with anyone: For those that are being a threat for our people for whatever means would be detain: Kill.

26- For Washington DC: That thing we call government in Washington DC is foreclosed upon: It is run by clones. ~ – = For all clones be destroy.  ~  – = For the White House= its territory belongs for the people.

27- For a new government must be establish: Is being establish by real humanity= the American people. ~ –  = For all American people can: Must be knowing: Know: Get involve for our new government,= must support those that are working for making the reality for new government agencies be. For we the people are the govern.

28- For the education for our young generation is vital whether be at home: Public school. ~ – = For our children must not be expose for the adults degenerated devalues as sexual immorality: Unhealthy eating habits: Destructions for our animals: All creatures: our people. – ~ = For children learn and do what they see: Are taught.

29- For Vaccinations are genocide: Detrimental for cognitive development for our children. ~ – = For anyone: Institution that is enforcing: Instigating vaccination against our children+ against our people would be liable+ accountable+ responsible for all actions.

30- For government and religions are part for the same tree: For each are part for the people being in charge. – ~ = For moral values and the well being for the people are the priority for each.

31- For what would you do with: Lets say one million dollar: two million: three million?

32- For would you go on splurging it buying all the materials things that would not make you happy after all: Or would you use discernment: Caution: Ask for guidance from your highest self: Are with spirit: Be in good health: Balance: Use it as needed: Share helping others as needed?

33- For are you ready for having fun lovingly: Responsibly: Knowingly, – = knowing responsibility+ accountability?

34- For are you ready for creating paradise on earth? ~ – = For the earth is the Kingdom!

35- For you are with immense power knowingly aligning with the kingdom= the earth: Its creations: Its powerful energy.

36- For we are all queens and kings for our kingdom= brothers and sisters for the earth and its creations.

37- For we are here for serving each other: Service for others for their highest good. ~ – = For we are all navigating in the same ship: Orb: Plat-net. – ~ = For repeat this sentence 3 times: For never forget.

38- For these are written pursuant collective consciousness for: By the people: pursuant for law of the land: Natural earth. ~ – = For Zero- Point Prime Creator= Source.


:Make the existence great again, = MEGA

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~the people have spoken





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