As if

What is important, is that you act as if your new world is already existing.

This starts with peaceful and cooperative actions with your loved ones and also those you are not intimate with or not yet. Consider each and everyone as your family who is on their path of learning unity and unconditional love.

Secondly, learn to live a life which is not dependent on false happiness. What we mean is, to drop your dependence on “consumer life”. Only acquire what you really need and do not support the industries and markets which are created to enrich your controllers and at the same time are aimed to distract you, by your desires from your true soul purpose.

Learn to be content and in balance without unnecessary accumulation of things which you do not need to feel happy, but you might still think, they would make you “happy”, out of mere old habit. Learn discrimination and refrain from your old patterns with the tendency to consume things.  ~Acturians, Love to all this posting

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