Beat a New Drum



What prevents you from having peace in your heart?

One way to look at this is that uncertainty prevents you. Here’s the thing. Turmoil in your heart doesn’t change uncertainty one whit. Perhaps it cultivates it.

If you can have either peace in your heart or anxiety, which would you choose?

Have peace even with uncertainty. Change comes with the territory, beloveds. Alive on Earth does not mean certainty. Uncertainty is a given in human life. Uncertainty is certain. That’s how it is.

Be uncertain about turmoil then. Don’t compound uncertainty.

Everyone would like certain guarantees. What you can be certain about is that you have freedom of choice. With or without guarantees about the course of your life, you are guaranteed freedom of choice. You have every right and every choice as to how you are going to react to the course of your life. Better to be an initiator than a reactor. Initiate peace in your life and peace in the hearts and lives of those around you.

On any given morning, particularly in a cold winter, you can’t be sure that your car will start, and yet you turn on your motor anyway. Come from a place of confidence. If your car doesn’t start, you find that out. You are ahead of the game. You can lament, or you can check to see that you have gas and the battery is charged. You can take it in your stride or you can kick your tires.

Consternation doesn’t become you.

As much as you can, have the idea that whatever happens to you happens for you, not against you.

It is easy to find fault and obstacles. Make it just as easy to find blessing and good fortune.

You have, perhaps, fallen into a habit of enforcing the negative rather than the more uplifting. In the name of being realistic, you may cut yourself off from what you desire. You accept a piece of coal, and you overlook the gold.

It is great to be satisfied. It is. It definitely is. At the same time, it is good to look beyond the past. It is the past that tells you that you can’t do better. It is the past that tells you that nobody can, that nobody has. Involved in the past, you miss getting beyond it.

In one way I am saying to make the best of what you have. Certainly, that’s a good idea. Count your blessings. At the same time, you can bless yourself more. Good idea.

Begin with letting go of defeatism. Beat a new drum. Gain a new perspective. Open doors. Sometimes, even when you don’t have a great poker hand, you can still win. That also happens. It is happening to someone. Can it not happen to you?

It is not for you to decide that you can only go so far and no further. It is for you to leap over boundaries. It is not for you to be stopped by them. If you own a racing horse, don’t be so sure to think he’s going to lose before he’s even come out of the starting gate.

You know, if you desire something, go for it. Certainly, don’t be the one who doesn’t give you a chance. Stay away from people who consider you already defeated. Surprise yourself. Most of all, surprise yourself.

Magical things happen in the world. I know of no reason why miracles can’t happen to you. Maybe they have, and you’ve been so busy declaring that something can’t happen that you haven’t seen it when it does.


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