Befriend Our World









Befriend Our World

Gentle. Be gentle to the world. Encompass the world with gentleness. Be tender love to the world. Give forgiveness before the event, and you will not take offense. Give forgiveness to everyone for everything. Giving forgiveness means that you will not take offense.

Sometimes you take offense before the offense. If you can cry before you are hit, you can love ahead of time as well. Your choice.
All of the world has not learned how to be a friend in advance. Much of the world has learned to be on guard, ever alert to prevent being stepped on, trampled, offended.

Of course, I say it is better to be alert to embracing the world. It takes courage at the beginning to welcome everyone to you, sight unseen. Must it be scary to give acceptance ahead of time?

Some of My children, because of what they were taught or picked up somehow somewhere, learned to be ready for skirmishes. They had an aim in life to keep themselves safe from being taken advantage of. They learned to tense up, ready to be on the look-out for lack of respect.

Ah, pretty much, what you look for, you find. Look for reproach, and, by and large, reproach will be waiting there for you. Assume appreciation, and odds are appreciation will be lined up for you just as easily as well.

In any case, expect that which you desire.

Let’s be frank, some of My children like a good fight. They like to have an object of contention. They are alive then, anticipating having to protect their image as a fighter for justice. Actually, in these cases, such fighters are looking for trouble. When you look for trouble, you draw it to you. To some degree, then, you are a warmonger.

Better to strew peace before you. Then you are a peace-bringer, a peace-forecaster, and a blessing to the Universe. This means you are an Uplifter of Humanity. This means you put battle scars aside. This means you let go of tension, and so you yourself are more relaxed. As you go, so goes the world.

There is room for yourself and everyone else in the world. There is room for all.

The sign you paint — make it read: “Welcome.” Make it say: “There is room at the inn.” These are the signs that are to hang out in your heart for all to see.

If you want a warm welcome, practice welcoming.

Be what you would like to receive. This is creating peace in the world. What is wrong with that? What would you think I would like you to be – a rabble rouser?

I would like you to be a lady or gentleman. This is what ladies and gentlemen do. They give courtesy. Their manners underlie peace. They open closed hearts. Closed hearts may fear being trampled on. True ladies and gentlemen strew courage like rose petals. They give you good ground to walk on. They bless you for Being.

If you don’t want to fear, then drop fear. You don’t want to live in fear. What do you think stress comes from? Fear. Therefore, abandon fear. You live better without fear. Besides, it’s very easy to restore fear if you later discover you want to. Anyone can do it at the drop of a hat.

Better to be a Champion of Good Will. What is peace anyway but good will toward the world and all the travelers in the world. Why not be an Exponent of Peace? This can only stand you and the world in good stead. Wise choice, this choice to fling open the doors and let love out to walk around amid what seem strangers.

When you are a friend, who can be a stranger?

It is your destiny to befriend the world. ~Creator

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