Beyond Death


I do not want to make it difficult to understand and be understood. I only want us to go beyond ordinary love so we can live for ever.

It is not easy and the road is long but there is no other choice.

When we are together there are no clouds in the sky, the stars are smiling, and the Gods are happy to aid us.

I only want us be together. I want us to concur death so we can live forever in the infinite worlds.

We cannot hide. There is no other choice. Only love is the answer. Only love can lead us to eternal bliss, to eternal happiness, you know this very well.

We need to die from instant to instant until birth occurs, until our true Being shine within us, within our hearts, and within the infinite sky.

We have no choice! Understand this my love, we have no choice.

Give me your stone and I’ll give you my chalice.

Be the sky and I’ll be sun.

Be the wind and I’ll be your breath.

Be the fire and I’ll be the water.

Be the darkness and I’ll be the light.

Be the night and I’ll be the day.

Give me death and I’ll give you birth.

Be one with me and navigate within the nectar of true love forever.

~L Fabre this posting



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