Black Rock City: Is it a Coincidence?

Not that many people are aware that in the State of Nevada, that is a state in the Western region of the United States, there it exists a Desert that name is Black Rock. Black Rock is in the Northwestern part of Nevada.

Black Rock Desert is full of wonders and history, and it is public property that it is well preserve by the state of Nevada. Black Rock Desert is about 140 miles from Reno, that is a mayor city, and 100 miles from a town that name is Gerlach. Which by the way, this town of Gerlach is one of the only two ways entrance where one can get to the desert; the other way entrance is through Reno. Black Rock Desert is 70 miles long, and up to 20 miles wide.

Now, what all this have got to do with all the fuss that was going on lately with Burning Man Festival? Well, first of all, Burning Man is just one part from the OneWeek Festival that takes place at Black Rock City, within Black Rock Desert.

Black Rock City is an ephemeral city. Meaning a temporarily city with more than 80, 000 residents that comes from all over the country to display theirs creativities. These are artists, musicians, inventors, cars shows; self- expression, self-reliance, etc., etc. It seems as if everything throughout the city is very colorful and exciting. But what it is very odd, is that all these people must provide their own accommodations, either by camping trailers, cars, trucks, and busses. Meaning, this city do not have any hotels, and or fancy restaurants for anyone accommodations.

And then after a week of exhibiting everyone creativities; buying and selling stuff; eating and having fun at Black Rock City. And at the last day of the festivities, that is when everyone gets ready to witness the colorful theatrical ceremonial burning of a towering, faceless effigy and a temple dedicated to the DEAD.

I do not want interrupting what you all are thinking. However, this year of 2023, it made it odd that an out of control torrential rain flooded the entire Black Rock City and beyond.  At first the people did not think of anything with the rain, but when they saw that they were literally stuck in the deep mud, they begun panicking.

Many made the intention of leaving in the middle of the festival, later to find out that the chances of getting stuck in the middle of the road was greater than what they imagined. And now the exit out is even closed!

Regardless, whether some were stuck in the middle of the road on the way out, or whether many stayed in the city helpless, the theatrical colorful ceremonial of Burning Man went on.

Burning Man died in the Mud whether you like it or not.

And then after, the doors opened and now everyone can leave Black Rock City. And thousands and thousands of vehicles hit the road as in caravan for miles and miles on the way of freedom.

But what it is astonishing, and or perhaps a coincidence or not, is that the enormous corporation that name is BlackRock, went bankruptcy near the same time of Burning Man Festival.

BlackRock, as we said, is this enormous corporation with an enormous computer where all small and large corporations are manage from worldwide, and along with Vanguard that is another company comparable to BlackRock. These includes of course management for all governmental corporations as public schools, teacher’s pensions, taxes; banking, stock exchange, etc., etc. BlackRock connected to all existing computers inclusive real estate market, as well as with China’s Evergreen / Evergrande, that is the financial hub for China. China is bankrupt. Communist China is bankrupt. BlackRock is / was directly connected to human trafficking, same as it is the Stock Exchange. Be certain that all names for every human being on planet earth, dead or alive, is registered within the Stock Exchange. More on this later.

Now, do not despair as all is working according to plan, and no one is going be left behind with no future, and without financial compensation.

Prepare for change. Huge changes are at hands not only in this country but worldwide.

So, so far it seems like some people are sending each other encrypted messages knowingly and deliberately without annoying the public.

Black Rock vs Black Rock. Burning Man died in the mud vs BlackRock dead.

They are playing everything out as a symphony. As a movie loaded with Dramas. Adventure. Catastrophes. Deceits. Death. Truth. Freedom. Sovereignty. Rebirth. And whether we know it or not, we are all participants.

Do this sound as something we can all relates too. You bet.

If BlackRock is dead, it is obvious that we all would be free. Free as when all those people that were stuck at Black Rock City felt when they were able to leave and reached the open road of freedom.

Exodus galore. And it seems we all will be victorious.

Sounds Biblical, is it not?

Enough said


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