Blessings from Archangel Zadkiel



Blessings from the Zadkiel
Archangel of the Violet Ray of Transmutation

I AM Zadkiel Archangel of the Violet Ray. I come into your awareness to remind you that we, the members of Celestial Service who are aligned with the frequency of transmutation, are here to assist our human brothers and sister serving on the body of Gaia. All of you have prepared for myriad earthly incarnations to perform the role that you are to play in the ensuing process of planetary ascension.

We, the Angels of the Violet Fire, have been assisting Ascending Ones since before time. In fact, we are the first Greeters for those who have returned to the fifth resonance and beyond. Because our Essence flows with the frequency of transmutation, our Celestial Service is to serve as Portals through which the Violet Fire can flow into that which is completed and ready to transmute into its higher frequency of expression.

The energies of the Seven Rays of Comic Rays of Light flow in circles. Once we of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation assist you with your moment of return to a higher of reality, you will Flow into the Blue Ray of Beginnings. Thus, that which has been transmuted into a higher frequency moves instantly into a new experience of reality. There is no “death” as energy cannot die. It can only change frequency.

Up until this time of ascension this frequency change, this transmutation from one frequency of reality into a higher frequency of that reality, has been “unconscious” because the Violet Ray sealed off the old reality at the moment of its transmutation. By “sealed off” we mean that the completed cycle was archived so that it would not interfere with your new reality. However, once you return to your Multidimensional SELF, you can experience multiple realities within the NOW of the ONE.

Dear human angels, we wish to tell you that the time of remembering is NOW. It is important that all of you remain conscious of your ascension experience so that you can assist others. Our Violet Angels currently serving Earth by carrying the illusion of a human body share your longing for the return of the unconditional love and comrade with Source. Experiencing a reality based on separation is especially difficult for the members of the Angelic Kingdom, as we normally live in the Group Mind with the ONE.

Our “grounded Angels” shall be among the first to Ascend so that they can assist others in the fashion that has always been their Joy. ALL of you are ONE with ALL life. Hence, ALL of you have a higher expression in our Angelic Kingdom. Therefore, feel your wings, dear human angels, as they tickle your back and open your High Heart. Our wings are not made of feathers, but of Light, and symbolize the Flow of unconditional love from the ONE that enters our Hearts and expands in all directions as it courses through us. Allow the Flow of unconditional love to sweep up your longing for your Return and use it as your Portal for Ascension.

Embrace the unconditional love as it enters your heart. Feel how it Flows through you and fans out in all directions to create your “Wings of Unconditional Love.” These “wings” will support your every movement and guide you through your journey Home. We, the Angels of the Violet Fire, live within you heart and are available to you within every moment of the NOW. We welcome your return and are waiting to greet you as our Violet Fire brings you across the threshold of your new Life.

Before closing my message, I Zadkiel, wish to share with you how angels use the Violet Fire:

First we hold the intention to call upon the Fire…

Then we share that Violet Fire with our High Heart to imbue it with our unconditional love…

Then we send the Fire through our right hand and
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire

We either point our finger or hold our “hands” open. In this manner, we can either create a laser effect that can transmute an aunt or broadcast enough Violet Fire to transmute a city. Practice the this use of the Violet Fire and Know that YOU have the innate ability to transmute ALL fear and shadow into unconditional love and multidimensional light.

We light you return with our Violet Light and guide you through your daily life,
Archangel of the Violet Fire

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