Blue Ray Message

Blue lights are filling your hearts, those blue lights sent from us, we are making sure all fronts are covered up, for all of you, to be in peace and centered from your heart.
Dear ones, we greet you once again with happiness and joy because the time of freedom and release is approaching. Noticed that now the earth is showing you its true colors? This is so because you finally are starting to adapt to the new reality in masses, you are starting to understand that you no longer have the power to doubt as faith is not only inside you, it has become you and now you know that assuming your beauty is finally showing you how to “fly”. Know that the Blue ray is among all of you, and we are your earthly guardians among many others.
Finally the time to develop the butterfly’s wings has arrived; more will be released as soon as we insert the various keys that are needed to do so. You may imagine what is happening to you like a hall with many doors, each one opening to you when you have found the key. The keys are all inside you, some will find them with ease others may take longer, your Higher Self knows why this is so, as it has granted the richest path for you in this reincarnation.
Now we have come to tell you that your voice can make a difference, your speech is the magic that can and will materialize your desires to help, to protect, to support and to reunite as long as you are a being of light and pure intention.
Sing as much as you can and do this in the 5th tune, these vibrations will be our gift to you, our healing and protection. We know many of you at this point are no longer afraid and finally gave us permission to come closer to you. We thank you for trusting in us. Know that for now those who already ascended have to keep walking their path without worrying too much about their language not being understood.
There is a time and a place for everything to happen dear children of ours, you are doing well, because you have found your time and place to become divine as you were born.
Find your center. Find yourself. Remember yourself. You will, when you have found the center of your time and space.
Know that you will carry much weight on your shoulders but this will make you walk far. You will be able to carry things that might look bigger than yourself, they are not, you are them, you are everything, you can make everything happen if you believe, in yourself.
Many that have not awakened will try to influence you with their vibrations, they do not mean to harm you, they are just doing what they have created for themselves. By limiting their vision and senses, they are not able to see with the same eyes, yet.
Nevertheless spread who you are with all the confidence that is you, your love and healing energy to all those that are in need, heal their eyes, cure their hearts, they will feel it, even if they force to resist to this beautiful light, it will make a change, deep inside.
The universe can not refuse a wish that comes from pure intention.
Even if you don’t see or understand this yet, keep your mind open because one day all of you will. Your voice will make a change, sing,  pray,  use your vocal chords as the divine instrument that they are. Express your feelings and let them go, don’t be afraid of judgment as this is an illusion, you are ALL and ALL is you, judgment does not exist.
The 26th of October will also mark an important event, this time it might be invisible to some of you but it will be of great meaning for the ascension process.
We finish this message with a prayer that we share with you in order to heal what is left to be healed and awaken the cure in each of you;
I AM a being of the blue light,
I AM the light of Michael,
I AM the sword of truth,
I AM balance, faith and perfection,
I AM the extension of you,
I AM the cure in me,
I AM the cure in you,
I AM the cure in me,
I AM  the cure in you.
I AM a being of blue light,
I AM Jupiter’s sun
I AM the cure of the earth,
I AM the cure of the sun,
I AM the cure of the moon.
I AM the love in me,

I AM the love in you.

Picture taken from: Fraktalia

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