Blue Ray Sacred Seal

Activate your Star Grid Power of Light –
Star Being Alliance Decree
Reunion Unified Force Field of Creation

Breathe deeply and feel yourself completely in your body and in your divine power as you say this decree:

At the highest point of Light in the Heart of God,

I activate within me an alliance of Sacred Cosmic Power of Source Creation, with my starlight family of all systems, galaxies, dimensions of time space to unify and strengthen the sacred codes of Light in me and the positive evolution of mankind.

I merge my God force in the unified field to support the highest cause of Light, Love, peace and harmony in me and all life. Through grace and ease, we are now one invincible, indestructible power force of Divine light in Source Creation!

Language of Light Voice Seal ( say:)  Ah Ye Ah Ha E

Start feeling and sensing this alliance of divine power. Take 5 to 10 minutes a day to breathe deeply the waves of the unified Cosmic Force field of Light supporting every part of you. Bring in the dolphin and whale spirit rays to assist you in being in the sacred flow.

You see, beloved Blue Ray light bearer, you are already there as it takes a sensitive empathic nature to be in the divine rhythm and flow and this gift is already awakened within you. Your precious treasure of your feeling nature, intuition, and power of the Goddess, the sacred divine feminine, are what is needed to be able to commune and maneuver in the higher realms and to utilize these gifts of the Gods. In your quiet moments you can hear the unified field, then it becomes more easy for you to see, and easier to see in Nature at first. This unified field is God — this is Creation, and this is grace.

We wish for you to experience this delight of magic, playing with the Universe and seeing how your life changes, how life will suddenly support you, how conflict will be transformed, and where your light and star family on earth will find you.

We are thrilled and excited to be together with you to experience us and feel this sacred divinity. It is time for you to use your sacred power. You are the glory of God; Creation is at your side awaiting your next command. Unity is what you already are — do you see it is time to be what you already are? The veils of illusion are being lifted though the great shift.

In sacred alliance of the Light Force of Source Creation we empower you now and always.

Your United Light Family of the Stars


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