But Since Everything is ONE and Connected

Dear beloved Souls of the wonder-full CreatorI A.M. Archangel Michael. Many of you seem sometimes to have completely forgotten who I AM, or who God even is. When I say these words, I do not mean to say, you don’t have a connection, you do. But the closeness we once had, when Societies on Earth were more spiritual, became in the Dark Ages more distant. If you want to talk about THE FALL, it would be a Fall in Dimensions, bringing you to 3D and some Individuals even lower than than.All of this happened, because of YOUR FREE WILL. God, in Truth, does not ever harm any Soul, nor does God or any of us, FORCE any Soul to ANYTHING. This is what free Will means, and this is the real Power you have and always will have.

I would like to speak of something very essential to you today, YOUR WHOLE BEING, how it functions, what happens exactly when dealing with the two opposing Energies of Duality.

In your memory, stored spiritually as well as physically, you have many Layers of Bodies in your Soul. Your physical Existence is only a tiny Part of the WHOLE. You within yourself are a whole World and a whole Universe in itself. It doesn’t really matter, what others around you might be doing, feeling or going through, all that is important FOR YOU IS YOU.

Interactions with other living Beings on your earthly Journey is an opportunity to help each other grow, look at situations and challenges in a different perspective, romantic partners come into your life to assist you in learning how to LOVE, and that includes TO LOVE YOURSELF.

If you imagine, how much is still out there for your to live, discover, and BE, how small seems then your physical Part? And when I say physical, I mean the way you KNOW physicality, for all manifested Creations are physical, just in different forms.

It is part of the journey of free will and learning it’s consequences freely for yourself, without any force or interference. We cannot even get into your mind or energy field, if you push us away, or God. But even in the worst circumstances, if you are OPEN, if you ALLOW God to help and give you Love, it arrives faster than you expect. And it feels GOOD, very good, to connect with others with LOVE, once you experienced it in a deeper way and got comfortable again and found back to TRUSTING.

Some of you, go through ups and downs right now, due to the Changes happening in the Dimensions around you now. Earth is being pulled back up toward Heaven, and we ALL ARE AUTOMATICALLY GETTING CLOSER AGAIN. God is reaching out for you, and forgives you, but can YOU forgive yourself? Can you let go and accept TO BE LOVED and know you deserve it?

This is truly what held many Souls back from ascending higher and higher, even during the physical Earth Life time, nobody ever said you need to pass in order to ascend!

What we are slowly focusing on now, is the next part of YOU, which is your ethereal/astral Layer. It is visually very similar to Chicken Eggs, like an Egg Shell Layer of Light around your physical Body. This is a more fine-tuned and sensitive Body, compared to your physical, and a very important one to keep strong.

When you say something hurtful or harsh, accompanied always by the equaling energies on topp, to someone else, you not only reach the physical ears, eyes or intellect of the person. If you could see it, it would look like an arrow, being shot into the other’s protective aura layer. For the person “energetically stabbed” or “pinched”, it can have many effects, including on the emotional condition. Sometimes, it influences another not in a conscious way or heavy way, but one feels tired and “sucked out” suddenly, which is a sign that the Layer has a hole. Usually it heals very fast and we are always at your Service to protect you from any attacks from another, in any way.

But since everything IS ONE and CONNECTED, above and below, on Earth and in Heaven, whatever you do here, does not only come back to you, it is already INSIDE OF YOU, which is why YOU took such action. As mentioned before, YOU ARE YOUR WORLD. It doesn’t change anything to get angry at another, or distract yourself from your World within with another’s Mission and Issues. And when I say this, it definitely does not mean that I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, or any Archangel of God, nor even God himself would ever take revenge on you, nor actively DO ANYTHING.

These are Universal Rules, created by God long before the form of Life you even know, and they are a Foundation of the whole Creation and Existence and we all go by these Rules, Archangels and Humans. And one of the first “Rules” God created like a System in the Universe is: WHAT YOU DO ONTO OTHERS, YOU REALLY DO TO YOURSELF.

So, whenever anyone “falls” or gets “punished” in some Way, even after physical Death, it is nothing WE DO. It is YOUR FREE CHOICE, accumulated by all you do right this Moment, this Time, that was given to you for a short period. In fact, all we try, is to keep helping and assisting and fighting for your LOVE.

Dear beloved Souls, trust in God a little bit more, only once, try it with all your Heart, and understand that YOU GOT ALL THE POWER YOU EVER WANTED ALREADY. You chose your own Life, your own Path, your own Heaven or Hell.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of my fellow, dear Archangels, and of course and above all, the Creator himself. I am always on your side, and I will keep fighting for you and never get tired of it, for I LOVE YOU.


This Text can be distributed and shared with Credit to Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the channeled Work.

By Susan Elsa

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