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Greetings Dear Humanity,

I Am Porda of the Mushaba People and Planet. I come to you today to share with you some information that is deemed important. I would like to ask you when was the last time you touched the Earth? When was the last time you hugged a tree or smelled and took in the fragrance of a flower?

How often have you looked at nature and its vital kingdoms and was thankful and showed gratitude for all that is done on your behalf. When I was on Earth just a few short years ago, I was one that loved and lived and thrived in and with nature. Nature, Mother Earth was my life force! Nature has everything in it that anyone needs to bring total healing and balance to the body, mind and soul! I’m gonna tell you a little secret; something that has a tremendous healing effect on the body and mind.

What I speak of is how important it can be for anyone to allow Mother Nature the love and joy of healing you! For instance, take some time and at the very least, bury your feet in the dirt of the earth up to your ankles. If you can it would serve to bury your whole body up to your neck in the earth. Stay there for an hour or so.

You will be amazed at how you will feel afterwards! If you do it enough times it will take away from your body all sorts of dis-eases.

Try making a paste with the rich soil of the earth. Use this paste to help alleviate skin conditions, also as a facial mask.

Simply pure soil of the Earth!

Being “In the Earth” in some way, (feet, body etc.) will help restore your youthful energy, as well as heal organs and internal issues. You may wonder why is Porda telling us about nature?

Who wants to get dirty!








Today people are so afraid of the dirt. They don’t allow their children to play in the dirt and get dirty. They want their children to play clean and not get dirty. This takes away from the child and its connection with the Earth. When I was a child, we used to eat dirt by the spoonful! We use to play, fall, and roll around in the dirt. It was a normal part of being a child and staying healthy and not getting obese and lazy. I see parents actually upset with their child for getting dirty while playing!

Humanity is at the point now to where it is ready to return to nature.

Nature is calling. The elemental kingdoms, of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are calling you. The fairies, the Gnomes and Trolls and Undines and Salamanders, sylphs, all are calling you to reconnect with them.

There was a time when human and nature were one. They worked together and communed together. They respected each other and their space.

Humanity has forgotten that these beings exist and they have their homes their families. It is time to get reacquainted with the nature kingdoms and its inhabitants.

Start to go out to your parks, your woods, your forest and spend a little time in nature. Tell nature how much you love her. Hug a tree and talk to it!

Stick your feet or hands in the soil and feel nature course through your body.

Keep the earth clean; pristine. Do not take for granted that without nature, these beings we would not have life on Earth! They make life possible by doing what they do for every aspect of our existence.







When you buy land, speak with the nature spirits on your land and come to an agreement. There has to be some of the natural land that is off limits to humans because that will be their homes, the nature spirits, where they live and have their children. If you are not able to speak with them seek out one that can to assist you until such time you can do it yourself and that will happen sooner than later.

Respect them and they will respect you. They will protect you and your property. They will assist you in whatever you desire to do with your land. Allow them their peace.

Speak to the Leaders of these kingdoms:
Leader Gob of the Gnomes and Trolls (Earth)
Leader Paralda of the Zaphyrs of the Air (Air)
Leader Neckna of the Undines (Water)
Leader Djin of the Salamanders (Fire)

They will hear you. It will take time for them to trust humanity again but your insistence of communicating with them and you showing them you care and love them will bring them to you.

~ Mushaba Love and Blessings!

Video about grounding. Find out more by watching her videos.

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~ the people

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