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Welcome a New Cycle of Life


Our hearts and minds intentions for this New Moon cycle that start on February 20th 2023, are, first of all, protection for our people and for our children all ways, always,+ and cleansing; getting rid of what no longer serves us. Getting rid of what no longer serve the greatest good.

Over. Is. Done. With.

Our intentions are for health, prosperity, wealth, courage; bravery, responsibility, discernment, family, spiritual wisdom, continuing learning, honor, liberty, natural law, and harmony, Be for everyone around the world always.

Welcome a New Cycle of life.

Blissing be upon all the creation always.

So be it

 ~ Heart



Free Spirit


Beside the great performance from Chris Stapleton at the Super Bowl { video above }, there it is something deep that touch our hearts and minds about the American Flag and the National Anthem, matters not what is taking place at home or abroad. It touches that deep spirit’s feeling of hope and pride the American people carry within their hearts. It is that feeling of Knowing that something much larger, much important, much grandiose, much full of liberty; much full of freedom, joy, bliss, prosperity, and unity, someday would finally manifests for the greatest good.

And the American people are correct. Our nation is the Voice for the world that is bringing the manifestation for a better future. That is bringing the manifestation for a better world. That is finally bringing Spirit’s freedom not only on this planet but the entire universe.

 And this is awesomeness of the highest level, is it not?

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Good Point


Good point for us start bringing awareness about sexual energy, { See Video below}. The sacred sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the energy of creation. It is the force of creation. In truth, this is a very complicated and delicate subject, however, and for your keeping in mind, the perversion of our sexual energy by any means, for a fact, has been the downfall of our humanity. If generated and conserve properly, the sexual energy can make us as divine GODS, and or just as old wasted walking corpses full of legions and diseases.

One of the most common serious disease caused by the perversion of our sacred sexual energy, is mental illness. This is something for us reflecting, “that is if we still have the energy for doing so,” by consciously shifting our perceptions; our actions; our lusts, and our ventures, thinking the consequences that it would bring. The harm that it would cause not only for ourselves, but for others too.

Sexual energy exchange, is the most contagious form of energy that cannot be reverse. If you exchanged it, you inherited. You inherited on a cellular level, motional and emotional level, and spiritual level. Deep dive here. This is not a laughing matter, nor are we saying not to have sex, what we are saying here is that the time for knowing how to generate, and conserve our sacred sexual energy, whether we are married or not, has arrived. The time for us NOT wasting our. Sacred. Secretion. Is. Now. The time for us continuing our learning education based on facts and truth that would empower us, is now. The time for us Stop expressing our needs, and our desires in wasteful ways worse than animals, is now.

Enough said for now.

Hebrews 13:4 reads “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” Within a marriage, partners are meant to be faithful to God and each other.

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Deep Diving


During the month of February, and part of March of this year 2023, it is a time for deep diving our deepest secrets, our deepest emotions; our deepest shadows.

Take time for reflecting. Take time for confronting all these deep issues matters not how dark they may be. It is the only way you/we can move forward with courage, responsibility, clarity, and expansion.

We cannot expand if we are stuck thus we must release all obstacles that in truth are nothing more than BLOCKED ENERGIES. These energies are knotted within our muscles, within our blood; within our energy field, within our minds, and within our hearts. And many of these are even inherited from our ancestors, from our previous lives, and from a chaotic childhood, etc.

This is very serious. And this is why we must be alert about the heavenly energies that can aid us releasing these obstructing obstacles that are destroying our health, our relationships, our economic, and our lives.

It is never too late for us taking control of our lives. And in order for us taking control of our lives, we must first confront the monster within us. Be Not afraid, go ahead and be brave because the fact is, that if we want to expand; if we want expansion within this universe; if we want living forever, we must become warriors for truth; warriors for clarity, warriors for knowledge, warriors for expression, warriors for courage, warriors for service, and warriors of light.

Hold your sword tight and know that darkness and light; duality and creation, comes all from the same tree. Know that power is knowing the differences from these forces. Honor their power, and power would be giving onto you. Know that your power is rely upon discernment, and also letting others do the same.

Know that no one is coming to save you/us, although some benevolent god/force can aid us through trouble times, however, our own destinies rests upon us. Rests upon our own power within. Rests upon our own heart integrity, our own heart’s mind; our own heart intuition, and upon our own power of discernment. Our own power of truth, knowledge, responsibility, honor, and continuing education; continuing learning, continuing experiences, and continuing expansion.

Know that the kingdom of heaven is within you, said Master Jesus. And he also said, “whatever I can do, you can do too.” Here he is clearly pointing for us embracing all the facet of spirit- just like he did. And he also said, “ I AM.” As asserting, “I AM spirit, or spirit and I are one, or the force and I are one” This is something for deep diving, is it not?

Enough said.

Starting right now, say to your own self, “I AM. I AM. I AM. I AM Spirit.”

Now say with confident, “I am expansion. I am expanding. I am the universe.”

Now, and all ways always, say with warm and brave heart:

I am the medicine

I am the protector

I am the way

I am the truth

I am the light

I am the life

Who do you think said these?

Enlightening, Right?

Give Not your power to anyone. And let not false illusion, power for greed, unhealthy addictions, un-empathy; unkindness; unhealthy relationship, and toxic behavior rob you of your own value. Rob you of your own responsibility. Rob you of your own family. Rob you of your own health. Rob you of your own purpose. Rob you of your own divine self. Rob you of your own heart. Rob you of your own joy. Rob you of your own shining light.

Know that all these affirmations will shift your perception for an empowering you. For an empowering future. For an empowering humanity. For an empowering world.

Courage is a virtue.

Heart. Courage. Expansion. Learning. Truth. Health. Wealth. Empathy. Unity. Family. Children. Integrity. Devotion. Harmony. Freedom. Protection. Responsibility. Honor. Love.

 So be it.

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First New Moon of 2023: New Path

This New Moon on the 21st of January 2023, the first New Moon of the year, and according to Vedic Astrology, is in the sign of Capricorn. Accordingly, when the moon is in Capricorn, it says she is not in a happy state, and neither does the Sun!

 Here the moon, the sun, and the stars are encouraging us be responsible handling our affairs whether in private life or public life. Our goals should be living a life with balance. We should be strong enough to make decisions that leaves no one behind. In another way, if you are a daughter, be the best daughter to your mother; be the best daughter to your father. Be the best sister, be the best brother; be the best son; be the best wife. Be the best husband. Be the best parents to your children by providing good examples that would make them responsible citizens when they are adults.

The Moon is encouraging us stop wasting our time in minds games. Mind games that can destroys relationships as that of the family unit. As that of destroying our health by not being conscious aware of what we are ingesting. By not being consciously aware that emotions are a state of disarray within our system that harms our well-being for a very long time, or for life if we not handle it responsibly.

The Moon is encouraging us working out our Karmas in ways that would benefits everyone. In fact, our only goal in life is being consciously aware living a life with balance. By consciously being with this awareness, you/we would not do things that would do harm to others and to ourselves. Would not cause emotional distress to our family; to our neighbors, and to our friends that would have long time repercussions. For example, and being honest, would you be the kind of person that would go across the street from your own wife and children, and pump your neighbor’s wife? Would you be the kind of person that would pump your best friend’s wife, and knowingly break up their marriage, and your marriage too? Would you pump your brother’s wife?

Would you be the kind of person that would give your ex-wife a hard time economically, and emotionally because is the only way your new marriage can survive. Putting the children in between to please your new gold digger wife, is survival of the tyrants. Would you navigate your children to belittle their mother; to dishonor her because your new wife deserve all the respect and glory all of the sudden?

You would treat women disrespectfully. You are a buffoon. Would you steal from the needed? You are a coward.

Imagine the moon, and the sun encouraging these kind of people with these kind of behaviors. It would take miracles.

The moon is encouraging us be expressive; be confident, be heart centered, and not waste our time around people that can harm our system with their toxic attitude. With their heartless, cowardly attitudes that would not lead be in harmony within ourselves, and with our family. Anyone that advices you to mistreat your parents, and or family members, does not want the best for you. He or she is your enemy.

We are navigating the times of responsibility; of endurance; of maturity, of truth. We can no longer hide our actions, hide our irresponsibility. It is time to grow up, and leave the drama behind. Plan your future. Plan your duties; plan your daily routine with those around you in mind. Remember that we are here on this physical realm to make a difference to whomever we can, and this start first of all with ourselves, and with our family. Set new goals that would empower yourself, and those around you.

Start restructuring your old plans; your old habits, your old attitude. Start a new personality. Start a new goal. The goal of being the best person anyone ever met. A person of integrity, heart, and devotion. Start this journey now, starting with this first New Moon in Capricorn in January 2023.

Our future, the future of our family, and the future of our planet, is rests within our hands.

“A true and spiritual partner or friend is one who encourages you to look deep inside yourself for the beauty and love you’ve been seeking.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Blissing be Upon All on this Friday the 13th 2023

C4275E1D-0B14-4C6B-8872-AF9296583D23Sending lots of blissing for everyone within our nation, and around the world on this magic day, on Friday the 13th. A number associated with Love. Unity. Eternity. 13= 4. Four means authority, government, rule, dominion, creation, time, control, branch; kingdom.

Four= water, blood, feminine, woman, womb, creator, birth, messiah; illumination, revelation. Open portal; door, portal to heaven.

Today, we seal and block any and all evil intentions coming from enemies upon our nation, upon our people, and upon all the creation.

Today we are releasing and sending one thousand folds “all black magic, spells, evil intentions, projections, hexes, and curses, back to sender.

Let the heavenly living waters pours upon our family, upon our children, upon our women, and upon our men today, cleansing all with eternal blissing of prosperity, health, bravery, responsibility, and wisdom.

 So be it. Amen

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First Full Moon in 2023: Numbers


 This First Full Moon in January 2023, is signaling us paying attention for change. For restoration; for renewal, for cleansing. This is great time for removing from our lives, and within a wider scale, all that that no longer serves us. All that no longer serves our humanity. All that no longer serves the creation.

We need deep Reflecting here. It is about looking inwards and looking at those areas of our lives that need change; that needs growth; that needs renovation.

This Full Moon is also signaling us taking priority for our family. Taking priority for our children. Taking priority for our elders. And as well taking priority for being at nature; being with nature.

It is also signaling us looking at our finances; our business, our stability, and our security before going deep into this New Year 2023.

This Full Moon is signaling us Not to give up. She is signaling us Be Resilient; be independent and having self-effort; self-ability moving forward and getting back Up from all loss, and difficulties. She is signaling us making a New Path that is better for us individually, and as well for the greatest good. She is signaling Rebirth from all angles. She is signaling rebirth for a new You; new Me; new Us. The rebirth for a new nation(s); the rebirth for a better lifestyle; for a better self. The rebirth for a better world.

Which bring us to numerology that indeed high- lights everything. For example, this New Year 2023 carries the numbers.= 2+2+3= 7. Seven is associated with some kind of completion within the creation from Prime Creator, however, this will be a subject for another day. For now, let us point out that number seven is associated as well with spirituality. It is about going deeper within ourselves and recognizing our deepest wounds; our deepest scars, and our deepest darkness. In all, number seven is about going deep within and cleansing all wounds, all scars, and all darkness, by us reflecting; by us surrendering to our deepest integrity and letting go of what no longer serves us that all along was holding us back moving forward with honor, grace, and responsibility. Number seven allows us connecting with the divine by means of cleansing, and letting the Christ light shine within.

And in case you ask about number three. Well, Number three represents a triangle. The triangle says that all things in nature repeats itself and renews itself. And number two says that all in nature is mirrored. And number four, as 2+2= four, represents a square. The square says that in order for life to exists, the four vital elements must be squaring each other. These four elements are, air, fire, water, and earth. Interesting, is it not? The more you know.

Prayer for this Full Moon:

I am purifying my mind, soul, and body with this divine energy from this January 2023 Full Moon and beyond. I am letting go all that no longer serves me. I am renewal. I am whole. I am heal. I am heart centered. I am brave. And I am align with divine purpose. Thank you. Heart. Heart. Heart. Amen. And so it is.

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2023, the Year of Reflection, Healing, and Manifestation: Be a Warrior

A92E2478-6E63-4B06-8D31-ACD9784F17F5_1_201_aJust dawn on us that all these years we have been fighting in a battle field with secrets enemies that all along they’ve been in front of us. Disturbing indeed.

By we recognizing this fact. By we acknowledging this aha moment, then this means we have landed within the path of enlightenment.

It feels funny, is it not? Go ahead and laugh!  We are not laughing per see, we are laughing because so many of us made it this far. We are indeed very lucky.

Yes, we are very lucky that we can start seeing things from another perspective. From another realm if you will. Truly, it feels as if we can no longer tolerate the deception, the manipulation, the lies, and the drama that would cross our path. Finally we can see through the veil, all the  hidden manure anyone would want throwing at us. We can honestly say that we have achieved the first step towards courage; towards unlimited possibilities. Courage is unlimited, yet at least we can say we are within its territory, and for this we are on guard holding a mighty sword.

And it is by us being on guard that we can Reflect. Reflecting means seeing in an instant instinctively; within a mirror, the consequences from any action from all angles within the past, present, and future. And this is when we hold in our hands our sword against the enemy. And we earned this sword by training ourselves in the battle field of discernment; by fighting within the battle field of darkness until we saw the light shining right upon us.

Romans 12: 2. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.

And this is success. Success that position us now within the path for healing ourselves. The path for healing our scars left from all those deep wounds from the pass. It might take a while but for sure the scars left from the pain, struggles, and sufferings, will erase as we begin taking true responsibility for our health, our emotions, our spirit journey, and our family.

Hold on onto our swords. Hold on onto our truth. Hold on onto our God- giving hearts intuition that guides us doing what is right without prejudice, and even if we have to eat dirt.

Proverbs 4:23, NIV: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23, ESV: Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

And by being within this battle field of awareness, it is very difficult for anyone with bad intentions reaching us. And this is what is meant by us winning the war.

We won the war without ever thinking we would become warriors. We won the war that all this long was a war within our very own selves, more than a reality. Incredible, is it not? Regardless, the path we are navigating through right now, and as days passed by, the more the merry; the more we learn, and the more wisdom we gain. There it is no other way. And there it is in no way going back!

So fasten your seatbelts because we are beginning tapping into our innermost power. We are beginning recognizing our place in this universe. We are beginning seeing that all along we are part and parcel of it all.

And as we begin a New Year, new hopes brighten our future empower by the stars, and our very own divine intuition.

And the future sits within our very own hands, and within our very own creative imagination. We are the foundation for our future generations; we are the stones for our future civilization.

Aren’t you happy we are all in this together?

And it is our time now for us manifesting all that would make a difference for ourselves, and our family. All that would make a difference for the greatest good.

So how about, and first of all starting this New Year, making our intentions be, manifesting a better world where our children Be safe wherever they are. Our children are our precious jewels, and making sure they are protect, is everyone responsibility. Protection comes in many forms beside protecting our children from physical harm from anyone. It is protecting our children from adults disrespect as that of drinking alcohol, smoking, cursing; adults entertainment, and pathetic behavioral attitude from irresponsible parents, other family members, and friends, in front of them for example. If these are issues in a family, someone strong enough need working out a solution. Moral values comes to the rescued here if we want a better future for our children. If we do not want our children become alcoholics; drug addicts, and emotionally a wreck when they are adults. The childhood of our children is be taking very seriously, where they are randomly protect from all harms inclusive psychologically, and emotionally. Parents need be aware from all these we are speaking of here. Parents needs inner standing that they are the only hope and example they have for the rest of their children’s lives. Parents needs inner standing that all children aught being together with their own parents; with their own family. If we want a better society, the safety and education for our children is the main priority, not only from a family perspective, but as a nation as well. Where moral values, spiritual values, attention, and love, are out most important for the future of our children.

So let us all intentionally and wholeheartedly manifests our children be always together with their responsible loving parents. And with their loving grandparents, loving aunts, uncles, and cousins that all together care deeply for their wellbeing and future.

Further, our intention is cancelling all Black Magic from secret enemies that all along have kept us stagnant, with scarcity, and with diseases.

Send one thousand fold all black magic back to sender Now.

Psalm 101: 3. I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me.

Our intentions are, Be prosperous. Be with liberty. Be health minded. Be family oriented. Be open minded. Be grounded. Be responsible. Be courageous. Be empathetic. Be warriors for peace. Be balance. Be with honor. Be with love.

Blissing be upon everyone. Blissing be upon all the creation.

 Heart. Heart. Heart.

So be it. Amen. Amen. Amen

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New Moon Surprise

DF871065-F9EA-4117-87A4-7355E7EBD25C_1_201_aWe Woke this morning engulfed in a huge yellow sky coming from the East, where the sunrise is. I wanted to run and get my camera so I could take a better picture but I was afraid the beautiful color would vanish soon enough. Anyways, I did what I could with my phone. But what is strange, was that on the West side, there it was this huge rainbow within a huge purple sky!

And I am thinking, “Well, today is the New Moon!” And we just had the Solstice, and in a few days is Christmas. Perhaps all these are signs of great things coming!


And suddenly I went on a journey manifesting all that I want for Christmas and or for Easter the latest. I want the cancellation of all my debts inclusive, mortgage, credits cards, students loans, car loan, and etc., etc. Further, I want the issuance of a personal credit card with unlimited credit; unlimited funds so I can purchase food,+ and necessities as transportation, computers, phone, utilities, and housing. And further, and to start, I want the immediate direct deposited in my personal bank account, at least half a million and or a million funds to cover immediate vital necessities.

And I want this not only for myself, but I want these for all our American people. For all the Canadian people; For all North, Central, and South American people.

I want these for all the people of this world. I want this for all the people that are struggling making it through each day pay check- to pay check; and or people that are unemployed, hungry, and homeless.

We are F@#%g tired of the waiting, of the show, and of the BS. We have had enough!!

We are the GOLD itself and the comptrollers know this. Hear us, we want action Now. We want results Now. We want prosperity Now. We want monetary wealth Now.

Let the New Sun and New Moon be our witness.

So be it. So be it. So be it.

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