CIA Director Gina Haspel Investigating ISIS Link To Mexican Massacre Threatened By Trump Coup Forces: Eric Ciaramella

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A chilling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the joint Federal Security Service (FSB) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) investigation into the flow of money raised by an ISIS terror cell in the Dagestan Region and secretly funneled to Syria, states that the family members of the American children and mothers massacred in Mexico now warning that this attack was “worse than ISIS”, may be closer to the truth than even they realize—a truth growing evidence is strongly suggesting was a massacre meant as retaliation for the American military raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and three of his children—is evidence supported by captured ISIS terrorist Abu Henricki al Canadi who revealed his terror organization’s attack plot via Mexico—and which yesterday caused CIA Director Gina Haspel to rush to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Salman to uncover further links between ISIS and Mexico—but upon whose arrival, saw CIA Director Haspel being immediately attacked by spies within her own agency warning her to stop President Donald Trump from releasing the name of the so-called “whistleblower” the coup forces against him are using to overthrow him—a “whistleblower” top socialist Democrat Party leader former US Senator Claire McCaskill is now calling a “tipster” who has no obligation to testify before anyone about anything—is actually known the world over to be CIA operative Eric Ciaramella—but whose deranged efforts to keep the American people from knowing about him and his crimes, now sees social media giant Facebook enacting a policy to remove all content that mentions his name—and Facebook further warning that they will remove any page found daring to even say the name Eric Ciaramella—which logically means that for Facebook to follow this new censorship edict they’ve just enacted, they must now remove all pages that mention and/or contain the Mueller Report—most specifically because the Mueller Report cites CIA operative Eric Ciaramella and his links to the leftist The New York Times multiple times.

 According to this report, while the families of the American babies, children and mothers massacred in Mexico bury their dead, the entire leftist mainstream propaganda media establishment in the United States continues to ignore the implications of this tragedy while devoting all of its demonic energy to keep hidden from public knowledge CIA operative Eric Ciaramella—even going so far as their demanding that Donald Trump Jr. be “immediately arrested” for his revealing this coup plotter’s identity—but who fail to mention what criminal charge could be made as they know it’s not a crime for anyone to reveal who this CIA operative is—a fact well known to top socialist impeachment coup leader Democrat Party US Congressman Eric Swalwell who threatened in a Tweet: “In the future, you will go to jail if you out a whistleblower. Legislation coming.

As to why the American leftist mainstream propaganda media is protecting CIA operative Eric Ciaramella at all costs to their already destroyed reputations and credibility, this report explains, is to provide cover for the socialist elites running the Democratic Partywho consider themselves to be the smartest, savviest, and most highly educated Americans—but who, beyond all belief to the point of sheer lunacy, chose Eric Ciaramella to launch their latest impeachment coup attempt against President Trump—and as best said about him: “If Washington, D.C. is a swamp, then Eric Ciaramella is a viper who slithers among them”—and in whose slithering adventures during the 2016 presidential election, found himself being an honored guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a State Department banquet.

Joining CIA operative Eric Ciaramella in these viperous slithering adventures through the Washington D.C. swamp, this report continues, is his radical leftist Deep State attorney Mark Zaid–who upon President Trump taking office in 2017, declared “The Coup Has Started” while calling for “impeachment and rebellion”—then told his fellow coup plotters “We Will Get Rid Of Him”—followed by his declaring “I predict CNN will play a key role in Donald Trump not finishing out his full term as president”—which, of course, was followed by CNN having him appear at least 11 times on their fake news network—but none of whose viewers are allowed to know the truth that Mark Zaid near exclusively watches on his YouTube channel little girls dressed in Disney costumes.

Lover of little girls wearing Disney costumes radical leftist Deep State attorney Mark Zaid joins with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella and CNN in latest coup plot to overthrow President Donald Trump

Not being amused at all by this latest perverted “Impeachment for Imbeciles” coup plot to overthrow President Trump, this report concludes, are powerful Republican Party US Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson—both of whom have just demanded documents and answers from the State Department related to the department’s interactions with Hunter Biden related to his paid position on the board of a Ukrainian gas firm at the time his father, Joe Biden, served as the Vice President of the United States—neither of whom are intimidated in the least by either little girl loving radical leftist Deep State attorney Mark Zaid or his CIA operative client Eric Ciaramella—but are US Senators outraged over the bombshell impeachment testimony that’s now backfired on these coup plotters when it was revealed that the Obama administration tried to partner with Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas firm but was blocked over corruption concerns—and were further enraged upon their learning that fired anti-Trump Ambassador Yovanovitch LIED UNDER OATH during her impeachment testimony about contact with a Democrat staffer—and as it always seems to be, is a furor President Trump keeps rising above in spite of everything that’s thrown against him—best evidenced today by his approval rating hitting 50%–which is 3 points higher than the approval rating leftist media darling President Obama had at this same point in his presidency.


October 31, 2019

Outed CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Accelerates “Day Of Reckoning” Set To Cancel 2020 Election

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A mainly redacted highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that the task ordered to be conducted by the Security Council (SC) to assess the strategic geopolitical issues surrounding Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft ditching the US Dollar this past week in all energy purchases has determined this move was necessary and timely due to the growing instability now occurring in the United States—an assessment supported by Denmark yesterday removing the final hurdle to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Europe in spite of fierce American objections—moves that can best be understood by one noticing that the US is continuing to plunge itself into the abyss of outright insanity—best exampled by it now being shockingly revealed that Penzeys Spices is the top spender of Trump impeachment ads intended to boost their sales to anti-Trump deranged leftists—one of whom, beyond all doubt, is leftist CIA operative Eric Ciaramella—who left his job as top assistant to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster in early July-2017 because of his hatred and loathing of President Trump—who’s further connected to the Steele Dossier, former CIA Director John Brennan, Obama’s top national security advisor Susan Rice, and the transfer of funds from the IMF to the Ukraine which were stolen—was first outed in 2017 as being an Obama spy planted in the White Houseworked with top Democrat Party operative Alexandra Chalupa in the creation of the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax—and has now been outed as the so-called “whistleblower” working secretly with US House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff and Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden in yet another attempt to overthrow Trump—the dangerous absurdities of leading to catastrophe are being noticed with grave concern and alarm the world over—most notably today by the renowned American author and journalist James Howard Kunstler—who in his just released emergency article titled “We May Not Have A 2020 Election” warns the “Day Of Reckoning” is fast approaching—correctly warns that the US banking system is nearing a crackup—points out that the majority of the top mainstream media outlets in the US are about to named as co-conspirators in the plot to overthrow Trump—further warns “a great deal about our economy and our way of life is false and is going to fail”—rightfully predicts that “when all is said and done, I am not convinced there is enough there to convict President Trump of anything”—and grimly states in his conclusion: “I think one of the possibilities is we may not have a 2020 election.  In some way or another, the country may be so disorderly that we can’t hold an election. There may be so much strife that we cannot handle the legal questions around holding the election, and it may be suspended.

 According to the portions of this highly-classified report cleared for official viewing within the Kremlin and permitted to be openly discussed, the outing of Deep State coup plotter CIA operative Eric Ciaramella as being the “whistleblower” secretly working with US House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff and socialist Democrat Partyleaders in an attempt to overthrow President Trump, conceals from the American people who, in fact, is the most feared “whistleblower” ever known in all of their nation’s history—a virtually unknown law professor at Georgetown University and Pentagon analyst named Doctor Adam Lovinger who was invited by General Michael Flynn to serve as a Senior Director on the White House Security Council—but on that same day, saw top Pentagon official James H. Baker filing four separate charges against Lovinger—a blatant retaliation over Doctor Lovinger having filed a bombshell “whistleblowing” complaint over “the moral hazard associated with the Washington Headquarters Services contracting with Stefan Halper”—his claiming that Halperwas being used by Net Assessment to go out essentially and engage with foreign government officials. As a contractor that’s totally illegal”—and his stating that: “There has never been an external review of these contractors’ [e.g. Halper] research products…It is now clear that over several decades the office [ONA] transferred millions of dollars to inexperienced and unqualified contractors.

To understand in its full and grave significance the “whistleblowing” complaint filed by Doctor Lovinger, this report explains, is that his Pentagon job was in the Office of Net Assessment (ONA)—one of the most secretive units in the Department of Defense created in 1973 by President Richard Nixon to serve as the Pentagon’sinternal think tank” that looks 20 to 30 years into the military’s future—and one of whose longest serving “private” contractors is Stefan Halper—the same Halper known as “The Cambridge Don The FBI Sent To Spy On Trump”—and is, also, the same Halper who, in 1980, conducted a CIA spying operation to ensure the defeat of Democrat Party President Jimmy Carter.

Upon President Trump assuming power in January-2017, this report continues, Doctor Lovinger began discovering that the ONA had been making illegal secret payments worth millions-of-dollars to Stefan Halper during the 2016 US Presidential Election to sabotage the campaign of Donald Trump—a shocking discovery Doctor Lovingershared with Trump’s new national security advisor General Michael Flynn—after which then saw General Flynn appointing Doctor Lovinger to work directly with him in the White House—but that quickly ended when the Deep State targeted both General Flynn and Doctor Lovinger for immediate destruction—a destruction of these two highly esteemed military professionals, however, the Deep State failed in executing—and has, so far, resulted in Doctor Lovinger being cleared of all the made-up charges against him, as well as General Flynn watching as the made-up charges against him go up in flames, too—made-up charges against both Doctor Lovinger and General Flynn secretly masterminded by Stefan Halper paymaster ONA Director James H. Baker—the same ONA Director Baker who flipped and is now fully cooperating with US Attorney John Durham—and based upon his stunning secret grand jury testimony into the Deep State plot to overthrow President Trump, caused US Attorney Durham to announce that his probe is now a full blown criminal investigation.

The fast looming “Day Of Reckoning” the United States is headed for, this report concludes, is when the facts of Deep Statewhistleblower” leftist CIA operative Eric Ciaramella collide with those of the highly esteemed “whistleblowerDoctor Adam Lovinger in full and catastrophic view before the American people—one of which, beyond all doubt, can in no way whatsoever survive when exposed and compared against the other—will be a titanic collision taking many of these peoples unawares as they’ve only heard of one and not the other—thus making the renowned American journalist Jim Kunstler correct in his warning assessment of the near future that says:

I am wondering whether the editors and publishers of the Washington Post and New York Times and the producers at CNN and MSNBC are going to be named as unindicted co-conspirators in this effort to gaslight the country and really stage a coup to remove the President and to nullify the 2016 election.

I say this as someone who is not necessarily a Trump supporter.  I didn’t vote for the guy.

I am not a cheerleader for the guy, but basically I think the behavior of his antagonists has been much worse and much more dangerous for the nation and the American project as a long term matter.

I really need to see some action to hold people responsible for the acts they have committed…

I am not an attorney, and I have never worked for the Department of Justice, but it seems to me that by naming the publishers and editors of these companies as unindicted co-conspirators that allows you to avoid the appearance of trying to shut down the press because you are not going to put them in jail, but you are going  to put them in disrupt.

That may prompt their boards of directors to fire a few people and maybe change the way they do business at these places.

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