Corporal Flags no More: Canada First

On February 3rd 2022, and one day after the Chinese New Year, Our Majesty, Queen Romana Didulo traveled in an RV from Victoria, British Columbia, and with frozen temperatures to Ottawa, the former Capital of Canada. We say former because the New Capital is/would be in British Columbia, a province in The Kingdom of Canada.

Thousands of people were waiting cheerfully for the Queen in front of the Parliament in Ottawa.

And the Queen showed up with a white coat, a tiffany blue scarf, a simple black hat that was covering her entire head; jeans, black boots, and purple gloves.

Below, the Queen is escorted by the people to the front of Parliament in Canada.

And waiting for her as well, was the suspending upside down, Red Canadian Flag, where a few minutes too soon, some men held the flag up, while the Queen lit the flag on fire. The fire did not spread wide, maybe due to the freezing weather, but regardless, the flag was burnt.82A5978C-9BB3-4E10-B571-4DC7C72544F5_1_201_a

The picture above showed the Queen lighting on fire the corporal Red Canadian Flag.

It was a Symbolic Act. A symbolic act that simply said: it is the END of the corporal timeline. It is the End of an era. All Corporal Flags are Done with worldwide. Cease and Desist. Buried. This symbolism also said, that all corporal governments across the world are also dissolved. These were the governments that disguised as The We The People government when for a fact it was all a scheme/mafia run by the most ferocious criminals worldwide. This symbolism also said that the most powerful+ and prestigious corporations are also dissolved due the fact as well that they all made their fortune by committing crimes that no matter how you describe them; they were all based on human trafficking in all forms.

The Queen emptied/closed their entire bank account. Anyone that made their fortune with human trafficking deserve everything taking away from them, inclusive their own lives. Would you agree?

These companies, many are already out of business, and many are/would be nationalized for us the people owning it; to serve us all with transparency.

And continuing, right after the upside down Red Canadian Flag was burnt by the Queen, it was replaced with the New Purple Flag for the entire world to see.

And as in unison, in Washington DC, that same evening that the New Purple Canadian Flag was honored, the White House was light up with the colors, red, white, blue, and purple. Translation: Red= Canada. White= the white coat the Queen was wearing. Blue= the blue scarf the Queen was wearing. Purple= the New Purple Flag for The Kingdom of Canada. We are glad we clear this up before the degenerated society, “and without offending anyone from the LGBT” think that this action was for their honoring. Interesting how everything is coming together, right?

Below, picture of the former White House, I mean White House in Washington DC acknowledging the Grand Event that took place on February 3rd 2022 in Canada.


Now, someone asked, and other were kind of upset that the Queen burnt the Red Flag from Canada. They felt kind of nostalgic… as if something is wrong here by burning the flag.

Are you people kidding me?

It has to be this way! We cannot move forward in a new timeline looking at flags that we all know very well, went on committing the most horrific crimes against their own people, and people all over the world. Take for example, beside Canada, the flag from the sister country, the United States,+ and England, Australia, China, Germany; and let us stop right here because basically all countries flags are guilty. Guilty to the point where we all want to vomit. Therefore, it is a must that all countries dispose of theirs corporal flags/ wars flags, and surrender to the People’s Flag that The Kingdom of Canada was the FIRST one honoring it. Besides, the purple color carries the frequency of Love.

Is this making sense to anyone? You bet.


The Queen speech was direct and clear. Her message was that the corporal governments are DONE with, and that we the people are moving forward on living a basic normal life without the infringements, and infiltrations. Without the Mandates. She specifically said goodbye to all the positions of Premiers; Prime Ministers= CEOs; Mayors, Governors, and etc., etc. Translation= the country has been giving back to the people, and we do not need criminals in the middle pretending representing the people. She dissolved all political parties that for a fact were corporations masquerading as The People Government. Their aim was the continuation for dividing and conquering; wars, and the degeneration of the species in all forms.

As the Queen said, “The people can govern themselves, and under Natural Law.  And further, they need a representative that can connect with theirs hearts and minds.”

As we can see for ourselves, the Queen is very allergic to politics.

And we are also pointing at the timing of all this. I mean, this event happened the day after the Chinese New Year. As if sending to what is left from the bankrupt Communist Empire around the world, a clear and direct message; a New Year gift that says THE PARTY IS OVER.

And in case you are not aware of, Canada was one, if not the most corrupt country in the world. And hard to believe, thousands and thousands of Chinese troops/soldiers were settled within Canada, waiting for the right time to invade the United States. How ironic is this when communism had already infiltrated our country for a very long time. Infiltration was not enough, imagine that. And imagine most Americans finding out just now that our country was a communist country pretending being of a free society. Our country basically has been a prison country govern by fat snakes, greedy demons, and slimy parasites.

But fear Not, these creatures are not in this physical realm any longer. And the Chinese soldiers that were in Canada got the surprise of their lives when the Queen ordered them to go home.

Further, we hear people commenting being very sad/envious that we in the United States do not have a Queen as in Canada. To those people we say, Smell and feel the new reality. Read+ and innerstand… Queen Romana is the Commander in Chief for the entire Kingdom of Canada, if not the entire planet along with her mighty sword and mighty army. Enough said.

And are you aware that Queen Romana is 48 years old at this year? She was born in 1974. And speaking of Gematria= numerology. This means her age= 48= 3. The number three represents a triangle= security all around. And if we take the year 2022 this will add up to 6. The number six says that he is free, and that he is not bound being tied up in any shape or form. Now, if we add up 6+3= 9. Nine says that ALL is complete. Complete as what no longer serve is done with, and the new NEW is also completed. Mind blowing, is it not?

In conclusion, many changes and wonderful surprises are ahead for us. And we are most certain that all mandates would be over soon enough. And further, the purple flag would be a shining star in every country. The purple flag with its frequency of love will change all people’s hearts, and courage, responsibility, prosperity, health, harmony, and love would be taking very seriously. It is already happening! Welcome to the Grand Era of Aquarius with its magic and wonders. Imagine being free from all debts; being economically free, and having plenty of time to travel and doing what deep inside you always wanted to do for yourself and for others.

Patience, it is already here! No, we are not talking about Nesara and or Gesara, this is beyond all these.

Where We Go One We Go All

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Long live the Queen of Hearts, and her awesome crew members. And so it is.

For a complete innerstanding on this matter, read: = this posting









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