Cosmic Energy Transformation

As the higher vibrational cosmic energies are passed from the central sun and arrive via a portal inside our own sun, these spread out from the Sun’s heart chakra as a holographic energy bubble to its planetary family residing within the Solar System.

The higher dimensional light codes charge and are absorbed by each of the Planets and the frequency vibrations are stepped down to benefit their individual inhabitants. As the energies pass through the heart chakra of each planet, they in turn create a holographic bubble which is sent outwards to benefit all the other planets. Depending on the frequencies contained within your own unique signature vibration, the newly arriving energies create a sympathetic resonance within you which alters and shapes your moods and behaviours – we know this as astrology. Each planet has differing characteristics which are dominant within their individual personalities – the ancients knew this when they named each planet – Venus, the Planet of Love, Mercury, the Planet of Communication (nearest the sun). The positions of the planets in relation to each other also take effect on the strength of the frequencies having a minor or dominant impact on their arrival.

Our moon in particular has an important role in stepping down many of the frequencies used in the physical processes of Ascension, the Full Moon is a time of clearing out any stagnant energies remaining from the previous month and then absorbing and recharging the physical body with higher vibratory energies. This will feel like a draining process in the days leading up to the Full Moon and then a top up in the days that follow.

Resonance from absorption and acceptance of these new cosmic energies within the heart chakra once again create a holographic bubble around you creating the vibratory ‘bliss’ feeling of liquid fire within the chest area. This is the time to send these energies through you, down through your root chakra, earth chakra and directly to the heart chakra of Gaia. You are acting as a conductor of energy to ‘pass through’ these energies and create a ‘path of intention’ to Gaia. At this point the energies passing through your heart and down to Gaia are of such a high frequency that may not be beneficial to retain and store within your energy bodies. This then becomes the purpose of the New Moon.

The New Moon is the period when Gaia having absorbed the higher cosmic energies, has fully integrated and balanced them into her energy bodies. Her increased signature vibration sends out a resonance at a level we can absorb back into our own bodies again, tapping into our Earth Chakra. This is the time of growth and increase in understanding as the higher vibrations create physical, emotional and perception awareness changes within us.

The equalising effect of energies balancing within our energy bodies can feel like a flattening of the previous bliss feeling. The forcing out of lower emotions and stagnant energies can be uncomfortable and produce physical symptoms as a result of the discharging process. The ache after the exercise, the bloated feeling after a heavy meal, the tiredness after the excitement.

Gaia too demonstrates these symptoms within her own physical body.

We grow with Gaia in a process of mutual shared Ascension.


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