Demons, are a manifestation of our creations. The reason there are so many Demons out there durning the first part of the Awakenings, is because we have many Demons that we have stored in each Chakra energy points. The 1st Chakra is something that we have stored alot of Demons in, because the 1st Chakra is the base Chakra. It is the root Chakra, of Sexual energies, and also a place where we are suppose to feel safe and secure in. There is also alot of Leadership qualities that come from the 1st Chakra.

When we have stored our own fears, and not feeling secure about who we are on our path, and when we feel out of place with our own leadership roles, we can face many demons, as we awakening through the process of the Kundalini energy when it awakens. That is why when you first have your Chakras awakened, it is really important you make sure that your Chakra energy is balanced out before you start anything on Planet Earth here with any kind of Spiritual groups, or anything that tend to lead to followings as well.

The reason this is, is because there are many groups out there today, that are really taking advantage of the fact that your Kundalini energy is just rising from your 1st Chakra, and the groups out there today on Planet Earth, can really swing your Chakra energies around if you aren’t balanced poperly. Please be sure to find someone on Planet Earth here, that you trust completely to do a Chakra balance with your Kundalini energies. When you have recieved your Kundalini balanced out, and all of your Chakras are intuned with each other, then it is easier to fight off your Demons in your Kundalini energy. There are some out there that have created so many Demons for themselves, that they have managed to manifest the Demons on Planet Earth here. That is a rare case though.

The truth is though, we are all Warriors and Battling Angels out there of our making. We are Warriors of fighting off our Demons we create. When we start to see the Demons we have created in our Energy field, we feel better with fighting off the energy that we were giving the demons power too. We all have Demons on Planet Earth here that we have to face in our life. I can’t count on how many fingers here, where someone that has just Awakened, have had Demon energy around them, and been feeling the energy of Demons.

They will often come and say that they are being attacked by Demons around them, and that they can’t control the energy of the Demon energy. That is because usually in this case, there Kundalini energy is starting to rise and open up all of the Chakras in there own Energy Feild. There are so many that will come around and say that they have the Demon energy around them, when they first awaken. The truth though is, that they have the power to fight off the Demon energy themselves, but they don’t want to take the steps to fight off the Demon energy, so they find excuses, and things to blame on the Demon energy they are feeling around them. Demons fighting is often done in the Dimensions, because of the Chakra energy that is awakening inside of us. We all become Angelic when we Awaken into our power, and we become Angelic when we face our Demons.

Bless the Nite, April


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