Devotional Passion: the Month of December and Beyond

6558F081-B553-484F-A9F6-4E0AE8CA7B7B_1_201_aThe month of December is a month OF LIGHT. It is about a new sun light, physical light, and inner light. The aim is for us all overshadow the crossing dark energies that this month could bring upon us, or for that matter any other month if we are not taking precautions. We call these dark energies, “Black Magic” that the mind can become vulnerable and thus cause us harm, and especially for younger people.

Keep in mind that our responsibility is living a life with devotion. Living a life full of devotion that will empower us being grounded. By being grounded, we can make choices that are beneficial for us as that of being conscious about the quality,+ and the amount of food we eat, for example. By being deeply conscious that whatever we ingest, whether liquid or solid, ultimately will affect our health state, our emotions, our moods, and our minds. Mind is very vulnerable, and if we do not have a good foundation for backing up, and or supporting our minds, mind will suffer. And if mind suffers, our inner souls and our inner hearts suffers too.

I call it living a life with devotional passion. Living a life with devotional purpose. Another example is spiritual devotion, and spiritual devotion is the Bomb! Why is the bomb? Because when we align ourselves with the sacred energy of a powerful benevolent deity, or a powerful benevolent god, then that energy would protect us. Is like we become one with that energy. And this is when Mantras+ and Prayers comes along. Mantras for example, were giving for us find our spiritual path by the gods themselves; giving by the powerful gurus and or teachers themselves eons ego.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, we are very much ignorance of this knowledge, do the fact that we’ve been led to believe that believing in a god was good enough without us doing the work. We were led to believe that listening someone speaking about how great God is for hours and hours, without even mentioning the name of the god, that was good enough. Actually, we should never speak of a god without first honoring, and or acknowledging his or her name. A god name must be invoke before us asking for help. If we do not do this, then any malignant force can come in disguise, pretending coming aiding us, when in truth he or her is on the bound doing us harm.

We have you known that there are at least forty powerful gods and deities out there that influence our daily lives whether we believe this or not. Some of these benevolent gods and deities incarnated on earth during previous ages, where they walked and lived among our regular people, but this would be a subject for another day. What is important here is, is that during this age we are navigating through= Kali Juga or Kali Age= Iron Age; and that will ends very soon, none of these gods and goddesses stayed here when this age first started thousands of years ago. They did not want being part of the Iron Age, the age where all evil run loose.

Powerful gods from previous ages are for example, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha; Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Shani, Lord Brihaspati; Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama, and etc., etc.

For example, in India, and many countries around the world, adore Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna, that was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu,= Prime Creator, walked the earth during the Bronze Age, the age before Kali. As a devotee of Krishna, he will meet all our needs, and will fill our hearts with burning gradient fire. He will purify our entire body, giving us health, and true knowledge. So powerful and kind+ and loving is Krishna, that even other powerful gods, and powerful goddesses were his devotees inclusive Lord Rama. Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the Neutral God that will make everything possible for his devotees, so everyone would be happy without prejudice. Krishna said, that just by thinking of him when we are dying, we will reach higher realms in the spiritual world. But as I said, more to come later.

And as I said too, mantras are very powerful tools that we must practice every day, just by repeating it 108 times daily with devotion. For this one can sit comfortable+ and in a straight position on a comfortable chair, or with the well-known yoga position. However, with the straight yoga position, not too many people can last longer if they have health issues or are overweight. Either way, you need a Mala beads that do have 108 counts, or you can use a Rosary. Just make sure that the rosary have the 108 beads because many do not have that entire count- they have less. You can order online the mala beads.

You should always make time for this, however, if for some reason you are not able to do your mantras meditation, you can always acknowledge your god by repeating the mantra 3 times, twice a day in front of a lighted candle. It is best using the small white candles that comes in a tin. They last for about two hours. By the way, never blow off the candle. Let it burn till the end where your altar is.

Acknowledge Lord Krishna before mantra+ and prayers; have a talk with him. In fact, you can have a picture image of Lord Krishna right on top of your altar and or hanging at the wall.

Here is a simple powerful mantra for Lord Krishna:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Here is a simple powerful mantra for Lord Ganesha:

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah Ganesha

Lord Ganesha will clean all knots and or garbage within our system that are inherited even from our very own ancestors from thousands of years back. These garbage are the causes of diseases and conflicts in our present lives. Lord Ganesha is full of compassion, and he will make our life easy after cleansing, and or healing us from within.

Further, you do the same with Jesus Christ. He will always touch our hearts for guiding us doing the right thing that would empowers us navigating the right path. And that is enlightening, is it not?

Prayer for Lord Jesus:

Lord Jesus, guide me through the right path of clarity, courage, endurance, blossoming, morality, healing, and success in harmony with the supreme. Protect me. Protect our family. Protect our children, and all children around the world. Protect our planet. And Blissing be upon you and upon us, always. Heart. Heart. Heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We can also do the same with our divine Mother that has a million names. She could be Mother Mary, for example, that is the most worldly common name. We can pray to Mother Mary when we have issues with our children, as that of children with diseases, learning disability; getting through schools and or college; protection, and or having issues getting pregnant. The divine Mother delivers if we ask for her intervention with an open heart, devotion, passion, trust, and thankfulness. Heart. Heart. Heart.

Remember that we must do the work. We must be devotional and full of passion for what we do that empowers us,+ and those around us. We must aim being in balance always. We must thrive in harmony with the divine. In fact our vocabulary should be, devotion, meditation, prayers, trust, morality, and thankfulness. By keeping these on a daily practical harmony, we are on the right path connecting with the supreme and thus the light would be with us always. Where is light, darkness nor black magic cannot enters.

Heart. Heart. Heart.


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