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☆ Dear Ones, I am Astria of Electra, a Pleiadian of feminine expression, an Archeia. To be Angelic is no different than to compare the various ethnicities which make up your culture on Earth. All are One, and therefore no particular part of the One must be perceived as being any greater or wiser, or any lesser than the the other.

To be Angelic is to simply be a messenger for God, as we are tasked to spread far and wide the very same wisdom that you each possess in your higher consciousness. There is very little difference otherwise, and so it is, by the will of The Creator. I am a healer of a certain type and a Master of the Crystals. My home is on the Electra star, within the Golden Temple at Uru.

☆ I am a sister to AuroRa and twin flame to the one in this lifetime whom she calls son. She is a sister of my soul and also my sister by way of origination. How can this be, you may ask? How might one be “born” when there has never been a beginning nor shall there ever be an end? Well, I shall tell you, as it is not expected that you would remember this. Think of your soul group as your family. At the Time That Is No Time we were created as a single group of shining sparks of light.

The sparks divided and split off, then split again, and on this process went. From one smaller spark springs you and your Divine Twin Complement. And it is in this way that God’s great Universe became richly populated with life. Ah, AuroRa, I see that you remember nothing of these things. Dear listeners, I do not expect this concept to make sense at all to you this day, so put it aside for now. For you shall grasp it soon, when the last shred of the veil of illusion falls away. You shall understand me then.

☆ On this occasion of my first transmission to the blessed ones of Earth, I wish to speak of truth and freedom as I perceive it from this place. You chose to enter the denseness of physicality as champions for the higher good, at this time of upheaval and rejuvenation. You knew that the freedom of the masses would not come easily, and you agreed to help this cause by means of strenuous labor and much frustration.

I commend you, as this is no small thing to undertake. Now your work is near complete and you must now spread the word to all humanity that these are to be days of increased and very serious discernment. Discernment, I say, and never judgement. To offer judgement in any way is akin to stepping backwards, so do not lower your vibration in this way. To humankind I say, question carefully all that you have been taught to believe and all the actions of the ones you see as holding positions of trust. Refute the ludicrous disinformation that pervades your media and sources of entertainment. Place your faith in God and only God, and create a sense of hope for those around you.

☆ The truth shall make you free. Shortly, there shall be put a clear voice to a series of information, which tells the truth about the visitors from the stars. Understand that for a great many years the roundtables of world power kept hidden the truth about humanity. Expect it to resurface in an effort to place us, your family, in an honest and favorable light. History shall re-tailor itself to know the truth and be accepting of us, as we are great friends. Before many on Earth are able to trust us, we have to tell the real story of how we resisted the influences of the darker energies and remained independent of any harmful undertakings.

Look to the Pleiades, to Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and so many more locales that you call home. They sparkle bright above you in the nighttime sky, and are not so very far away as they may seem. Experience our loving presence in your hearts, as we feel your longing for us in ours. Expect the false cover of secrecy to be torn away, and then the freedom of the human race is guaranteed. Expect that you are going to have some of our people hidden well among you, people of Star Origin, this to see to the safety of the populace.

It gives us a much stronger element of success. When the truth is revealed, we see mankind as being more curious than afraid. It is our belief, as it is yours, that everything good to come for your planet begins with full disclosure. I mean not only the disclosure of our presence and of our ships, but the truth about who you are and a factual accounting of the planet’s past.

We observe that many people are beginning to question the happenings of the earlier times. The realization dawns that they have been fooled and their minds fettered with lies. Once the truth has resurfaced, all of the rest of the events related to Ascension shall fall neatly into place. Keeping with the topic of Disclosure, there is much that you, the chosen emmissaries of our Creator, might do to bring it about.

☆ It is clear and straightforward, Dear Ones. Speak the truth. Deny no longer who and what you are, and cease the perpetuation of anything which allows the blasphemy to persist. Let it be known what it is you do and do not believe, in whom you do or do not trust. Speak up, as this is the only way the others shall understand. The conditioning of these sleeping ones runs deep, as so many are not such seasoned travelers as yourself. They are young and do not have the experience to know better.

You must help them, you must make them see. For do you not know that to experience disclosure you need only look into a mirror and observe yourself? They must be made to understand that they know themselves to be within is the very essence of the beings they fear without. If only more upon your planet could grasp this simple concept, we could put swiftly to rest this page of planetary history and move on. Do you know of what I speak? It is when everyone understands that to fear us is to fear your own self. We are all one and the same. Tell them. These are not the days to be reticent. This is your mission. We cannot do it for you.

☆ Lastly, please stay understanding of the children. These are tumultuous times. These great beings of high intelligence are here to uphold the new gateway to independent living, free from the tyranny under which you have become so accustomed to living. Provide them with as life which is joyous and free of stressors. Give thought before providing them with formulas and vaccines, as most of these souls have arrived with an inborn resistance to a number of your diseases.

Their DNA was upgraded partially, prior to birth. Heal them with rest and a peaceful environment. Place crystals upon afflicted areas. Form between you feelings of blessed love, and focus preferably upon the heart.
☆ Know this one thing and you shall emerge triumphant; love can never fail you. Even the worst of trouble disappears in the presence of love. Should you permit me, I desire to return to speak again. I find it pleasing and not at all as taxing to myself as I had originally thought.

Allow me to assist you in the remembering of your truth. Until this time, please carry with you love and prayers from The Pleiades, to bring you comfort in these days.

I am Archeia Astria..


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