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I am honoured to be among you today and such a glorious day.

Bright hearts, when you finally make the conscious choice to change your entire way of thinking and accepting the teachings of the many masters that have been working tirelessly and from the books and educational sources that are available, then your work to perfect yourself begins. This endeavour is by no means a simple task; it is performed with the full awareness of the presence of God, our Father of Creation. While you go through the many stages of recalibrating your blueprint, you must learn to remain respectful of others and not force the truths you unfold unto another. Sharing what you find is one thing; understand the truth for one does not mean it’s the same for another. When you force your opinions on another dear soul, this action is not the action of someone working within their I AM Presence.


Your victory dear ones is when you are able to overcome and remove any lingering ignorance that is preventing wisdom to flourish. The very height of your success is developing yourself the ability to be able to discern good and evil and the appropriate insight in all people and things. This is so you develop and nurture your wisdom, kindness and become more compassionate towards all people that come into your life. No matter the cultural choices and understandings, respect, love and compassion must be dispensed equally and fairly.


Each and every one of you needs to learn to understand and discern what is real to what is unreal, what is appreciated to what is unappreciated as well. Recognize with keen observation what was created by God for your pleasure, whether it a subtle gift or the very nature that surrounds you. Through the journey you are on, your personal lessons and the teachings you read and the information you gain is helping you develop exactly the being you are meant to be. Through all the information you decipher you are learning that becoming one on a universal scale is essential and is steadily occurring. The universal unit of oneness that you are aiming at becoming part of connects you to the oneness of the source of All Creation, and to all the many individuals who are also utilizing their precious energy to reach this perfectness within themselves.


The greater you are able to dedicate yourself to your own perfection and raising your consciousness to the higher realms the closer you are becoming One with God. This connection bright hearts will bring deeper peace and harmony that will undeniably affect every part of your life. Your happiness bright hearts consists in the information you discover that reveals the truth. The truth of oneself delivers knowledge and wisdom and the opportunity to work and be within their I AM Presence. Through all your situations you developed creative ways to fight back and survive. Your life experiences are the portals to your ever developing and expanding wisdom. There is great power inside each of you. Uncover your truth and discover a deeper beauty bright hearts and utilize the power that has always been there for the greater of good. This power is your inner power, your strength, courage and determination. It is your love, compassion and selflessness and more. This is where the real you resides dear bright hearts. Unfold this real you; allow the world to see the brightness that has been yearning to be seen. I know it can be difficult to find your way when you are new and uncertain, especially among those who have been doing their own perfect work for a very long time. There was a starting point for everyone. Respect bright hearts and equal opportunity to share and grow is necessary. Each of you has so much to offer.


I encourage you Bright Hearts to learn to be less impulsive and in more in-tune in the realization of the wisdom that is all around you. You will not lose your way by holding back and listening instead of plowing steadily ahead. Instead you will be expanding your limitations and awareness. Sometimes bright hearts you do need to slow down, breathe and really see the world. Stop rushing and listen to what the spirit has been trying to tell you. Being able to slow down and absorb the wisdom that can be found if you choose to recognize it will indeed bring you closer to your own life’s purpose. Every step you take bright hearts, when you take the steps with love and within your I AM Presence is doing just that.


Bright hearts if you are serious and persistent enough you will achieve all knowledge and wisdom you were meant to receive and gain. You must be willing to see the truth and wisdom as being unlimited and understand the truth isn’t all about the nice parts in one’s life. The truth is the complete balance of all that encompasses a person’s beliefs, characteristics and personality. Within discovering one’s truth is acceptance that the areas where one is not so perfect is part of the perfect package that you are working at changing and developing; mastering those areas that you are already good at and improving the areas which are not your strong points. When all is done, you must be love who you are. You cannot love another, not truly until you are able to truly love yourself.


It has become apparent of the obsession of physical beauty. It is important to look after your shell of a body, inside and out but not where it takes over your complete life. There must be balance. And understand bright hearts, how your physical body looks, is not the reality to your spirit body. We as divine beings love you no matter how your body looks. We do not love you more or less because of an image you are trying to achieve. There are no limits of love, joy and peace for the world. There are no strict diets or routines to be present in the comfort of God’s love. Even among spiritual study and practice, we do not love one person more than another because one is more committed, or has studied more. This is a great misconception that still lives. Even though each of you are at different heights and has learned different things, no one is better than the other. Airs of authority are unnecessary, and we do not look at them. We look past these walls and illusions and see the real person behind the façade. I will tell you this bright hearts, when you love unconditionally, this love will then be constant and unfailing. It is a love without conditions and it is pure. In the core of this tremendous power is the ability to overturn anything that is unclean and impure. To love this purely and wholly is the goal mankind is reaching even if many are unaware. There is a hunger out there, as it is seen through many of your hearts and that is to find true, real love. Each of you who have not found this love are destined to find a love that will match them completely. This love may come to them in this lifetime or the next. What is done now, the choices you make determine your future bright hearts. Learn to love yourself completely and follow the path of your journey explicitly. Remain focused and in the present. The future will unfold as it is meant to; it cannot be rushed. Understand bright hearts love will always find you. Love is fire and food of your wisdom, the reason why you have succeeded through so much. The root of it all after you remove all the reasons you will discover it is LOVE.


Before I leave, I would like to encourage each of you to live rightly in truth, be fair and loving in all your endeavours. Along your journey dear bright hearts you will find yourself shedding old habits and rebirthing newer and brighter ones. Death isn’t always about one leaving an expired body, death is also letting go of an old way in exchange for a better way that is filled with love, hope, endless compassion. Embrace your changes with love and free yourself from unnecessary worry. As you meander, allow yourself to find your way to me, I Sananda will welcome you with a gentle warm embrace that is infused with the love of our Father.


I AM Ascended Master, Sananda through Julie Miller


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