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Happiness without cognizant of happiness is not real happiness~ Gnostic.

Today ask yourself, “How can I change my monotonous life style and make an impact in my life and on to someone else?”

If you rose that question, chances are that you are to something extraordinary, indeed, that is a wake up call and you should grasp the opportunity in your hands immediately.

Take a pen and paper or your notepad in your phone and start brain storming about ideas, about all that it is within your reach, about the people who are part of your life, your friends, your job, your habits… Ask yourself if is it there something “extraordinary” about all of them and about yourself, but most important ask yourself what role do you play in all of it?

Now, can you see the play being play in the theater of your surrounding? What role are you playing? Do you like your part? What message are you sending to the world with the part you’re in? Are you happy with it? Are you a good player or a bad player or are you just seeing yourself as a useless “log in the mud.”

This is the question that you should ask yourself now, this is the question that is going to lead you to the answer that you were afraid to hear before. Wake up, do not settle for just “another day in your life until you hit the bucket,” no, stop that now. It is time for you to shift your way of thinking, it is time to start seeing life from the other sides that you never dare to look, it is time to start changing your out-look to the within you, which is where you’ll find other dimensions not visible to your limited eyes and trapped conscious.

Life in this world cannot make us happy unless we can fully be aware of our Inner universe that is full of many worlds and entities waiting to help and communicate with us. You must reflect and comprehend this, the world that really matters is the one within you, and we have all the tools to explore it and liberate ourselves from the useless illusion we’re in. When you start by acknowledging this, educating yourself on this, working on “specifics” that will lead you to a definite goal, then the outside world, which is the life style that you are experiencing now (the one you’re pretending to be happy when you’re not) become a transformational phenomenal. Your life style, the one that you think “is all up to be” somewhere in the Hills of California, New York City, or for that matter Upstate New York will be the laugh of you, because now you are able to see the difference!  And the difference is that this life of ours is nothing more but impressions of something we imagined, and now we are so fascinated by it, it trapped us! We have to fully acknowledge this and break loose sooner than later.

Once we navigate the inner worlds fully conscious of the transformation that is taking place, this chaotic world of ours become a gymnasium for our own good, that’s all, and that will bring “real happiness to you, and ultimately the universe. The uni-you has to connect to the uni-verse. Universe means the playing of ONE-SONG. Uni=one, verse= song. When we are not in sync with our own song we become lost.

We understand that we are so used to what we learned from our parents, teachers, our culture, that it is just unthinkable to change. But that is exactly our point! Take a deep breath, pray, meditate, and snap out of it!  Ignorance is not a choice in this age and the limited time we have left on this plane.

The good books tell us that there are three types of men: physical, mental, and spiritual. We are going to work with the mental men today by giving him a very simple exercise. By doing this he will give his mind a rest, and the reason for this is by atomic work, or by mobilizing certain atoms in the body to bring relaxation.


When in the shower and after you have taking your bath, alternate hot and cold water in the upper third of your lungs. Do this for at least five minutes, and then get out of the shower. Then wait a while or a few days, what will come will surprise you, as you will feel different, not agitated or fatigue. The working atoms of your body are more active, therefore you feel with a new kind of energy. Practice this all the time, and at the same time take advantage to navigate at whatever the cost the new direction of your life.

Peace to all humanity

L Fabre








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