Don’t Leave Home Without It





Give Me an idea of what words you would most like to hear. More than like to hear, I mean what subject might be most meaningful to you to hear today? What are you most eager to hear? Perhaps you are ready to hear more about the truth of you even beyond the wondrousness I tell you that you are.

It is easy for Me to go on expressing My joy in you, yet it may be that you are craving something more. Perhaps you want greater understanding, perhaps of the meaning of life.

Of course, I’ve told you the meaning of life, and what you grasped so well for a while now eludes you. You don’t remember exactly, do you? There are some areas that simply are not concrete enough for you to hold onto. What is less concrete holds deeper meaning. Deeper meaning is more subtle, and it is the subtle that is the hardest of all for you to hold onto. It slips your mind now.

What is on your mind today, beloveds? Everything you have yet to do? Windows to wash? Books to write? A hair appointment? And, yes, what is it all for?

You may wonder. You may say to yourself:

“If I am so divine, how come the majority of my life by far is concerned with details of life?”

You may further add:

“God, I’d really like to have more of my attention on the Divine, yet, how do I fit it in when I have to pay taxes and bills, so much to catch up with. There is so much I have to take care of before I can turn my attention to You. You do understand, God, don’t You?”

Yes, I understand, and I laugh.

Tell Me, please, what else distracts you from Me? Perhaps the weather? Snow to shovel? Or sidewalks to sweep?

You know what? Even as you shovel, you can think of Me. Even as your sweep, you can think of Me. Honest, you don’t have to spend all your time thinking of what you presently think of. There are greater fields before you. You come to grips with the uncertainties of life, and, so, time with Me escapes you.

Do you know when to whisper My Name in your heart? Now. Right now. This is the time to think God. At this minute. What you have been responding to and collecting may be dross. I’ll bet that you have either been frittering away your thoughts on thoughts of that are not worth even frittering away.

What about Me would you most like to think about now, assuming that you have time or can make time?

I know the answer, do you?

You might say you want to think about My power and My glory. Of course, My power and My glory are one and the same. My power and My glory are love! Love is My power, and it is also yours.

Don’t kid yourself that you are powerless when it comes to your life. No, indeed. You are powerful, and love is your power and glory, naught but love. We have the same love in Our hearts, only you think your love is less. Beloveds, you simply haven’t exercised your love enough. Sometimes I wonder if you think that your love is a wild tiger that you had better leave at home.

But no, love is to accompany you everywhere you go. At work and at home, love is the height of you. It is your grandest power. Now, exercise it. Take it with you. Don’t be without it.




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