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The other day I was sitting at the beach waiting for the sunrise so I could start taking my sun bathing. I was the only one there, but not until I spotted this strange-looking, tall men, tying his bike on a pole that is near the beach. He was wearing short, and he seems as if he was in a rush. However, if he was in a rush, I was more so by rushing and take a shot at him. I say strange because beside him being very tall, he has this long white braided hair, and very long white beard.

I approached him and ask if I can take a picture, and very quick he answered, “No, do not take my picture!” A little shy I said, “But why not?” He said that people ask him all the time to take his picture but he does not really trust anyone, as people lie all the time and god only knows if his pictures are everywhere flying throughout the Internet!

“Oh, okay. cool. peace. I will take no pictures,” I said and putting my camera down. Then suddenly he had a change of heart, and started to talk as if he wanted me to hear something very important, but I felt a little tired so I said if we could just sit down on the sandy ground and chat.

After sharing our names, (I will call him David) we both sat on the sandy ground by each other, and then I said, “ You were saying something about the earth…”

With a sad grim on his face he went on saying, “You see, something is about to happen, and people need to know this, people need to understand that the earth is on a curve, the earth is very fragile now and anything could happen. Then there are people out there that do not have the best of intention for us all. Our earth is not happy. Look around you, what do you see? This is not the way the earth should look! The earth’s suppose be a paradise as it was meant being from the beginning. The Earth is love.”

He was quiet for a little while, and then I said, “Have you been reading all this stuff online? I mean what you are saying is true; we are going through some shifting of consciousness and that include the earth as well. Everything is changing.”

He answered, “I do not read this online, my computer does not work, and I do not care, and I do not even own a television. The last time I watched television was when Michael Jackson was very young, and when he was on the Oprah Show, and that was about thirty years ago. I do glance at the TV when I go to the stores or something, but no, I do not get what I know from any outside source. What I know, what I see, and what I perceive comes from within me; from the sun. I live in the land of the gods although I live as well in this physical body.” He said, and continued. “It is very, very sad… I can hardly bear seeing how the earth looks. People are so blind, so ignorant of the ground they walk upon. They are so brainwashed. The beauty of the earth is gone. Look, look at all these concrete tall buildings around the beach that they scares me and break my heart as well. And living in those jail-like residences is not good for anyone health, this is a trap! A lie the Mafia that run this country want us to believe so we can buy their so call luxury apartments jail. And look! there is hardly any space left for anyone to ground, except the beach.

And he continued. “See! do you see that man out there fishing?” He points to a man not far away from us that was fishing. “If he knew what he was doing, he would not fish. Do you think is right for a happy little fish that is doing what a fish does in the water, suddenly die by the trick of an iron hook breaking his throat! That is so cruel and so heartless!” He paused, and then continued. “Earth is a place for all creatures having fun, and dance theirs life’s away. See, when you dance you cannot see yourself but others can, therefore your own dance is your own uniqueness. It is your own signature. Many indigenous ethnic groups like for example in Africa, and or America, that is all they do! They love showing theirs awesomeness and colorful Self; they eat the food off the land that nourish them, and then they dance!

We all should dance like the birds flydance in the air, happy spreading theirs wings any which way for the entire wide world to see.” He said, and looking up the birds flying in all directions in front of us. And he went on. “The birds are in a higher level of consciousness than we human are. They already achieved mastership in all knowledge. And they eat the little fish from the ocean because humanity deprived them of theirs food, of their natural resources, and of their natural habitat. Do you see any fruits trees anywhere? And why is that? There was a time when vegetables gardens, and fruits trees were everywhere. Everywhere across the earth, and of course depending on the season of the year. No one was poor, no one went hungry, and everyone was welcome to eat from all the trees, and from every garden. There were no borders, no flags, no labeling, but why? Because everyone planted the seeds, because everyone knew that without the seeds they will not survive. It was everyone responsibility cultivating this knowing; this knowledge for all beings from this planet.

Seeds are the god’s force, and everyone in those days took that very seriously. One small mustard seed can bring about hundreds and hundreds of more seeds! This is magic. Do you see my point? We need to come out of this ignorance, of this mentality by starting to plant all kinds of seeds everywhere in the land, so that way we can all eat freely no matter where we are. When that is, then we have no needs to go and have supermarkets like we do now, except for some things. Imagine an earth where everywhere you turn abundance is free.” He paused, and then continued. “I have a vegetable garden, and fruits trees within my backyard, and I bless and cultivate all the seeds that I have room for. Sometimes I want to go and plant them someplace else but what are the chances of me not being arrest? Everything is under control, and everyone is being watch! But regardless we cannot just sit there and let the law breaker take our rights away with their laws without contract.”

“What do you mean contract?” I asked laughing.

Then he said, “This is the Maritime Law, a law that deal with contracts, but actually it is bureaucracy abstract bullshit. It is fraud. It is the totalitarianism that England, the Roman Mafia, and the Chinese, took this country from us years ago, and still does, although I have the feeling that something is about to change. And this includes religions, I mean all religions are a money-making scam for the same culprits. I wish the bastards tell the people the real truth. All sacred books are written in codes, all of them. The Bible is a book about Fleshology. I define that as the sunrays navigating throughout our body depending on the strength, and support of the temple. However People are taking the Bible literally when in truth is to be understood as an esthetically experience that someone else had, and or are the words of a real god, as are the many gods the creator created. Of course we can compare ourselves having the same experience as those characters did, so that way we can look at our own progress spiritually. Why? Because it is all about the body, which is the temple of Spirit. That is all. But I do not blame people either about this misunderstanding because no one dared to say anything. It is my feeling that this need to change so people can climb the ladder to heaven and take responsibility for their own lives and actions one sense for all. We must climb the ladder in order to enter into the land where the sun god is, or you can also say where the Christ light is, that way people can start writing their own Bible.”

And he continued. “But meanwhile there is something we need to worry about, and that is destroying all these snake agents that ultimately, and if we do not shoot them to death, they are going to destroy the human species and as well, all livings from planet earth. These agents are very evil. In fact they are not even human; they are clones, and or as well a human body full of legion, and or vices. They have no soul!”

Then he paused. “In the land of the gods we learn, grow, and experience universal knowledge. But we’ll discuss this in some other time, for now all I am saying is that everyone is a star, and you are the universe. I am also saying that we must change our mental conditioning before it’s too late. Before we might not even have a planet to live!

What I want to continue on saying. He went on, Is the fact that our Constitutional rights are all being taken away from us by the Federal Government, which is the Mafia, and along with the CIA and the FBI. They are all working together with the worldwide corporal whores that only benefits them, not our people, and thus the corruption and calamities in this country and the entire world. Our government structure has been infiltrated by these criminals, and so are all governments of every country.

Shoot these criminals where ever they may be worldwide, and fucking bury Washington DC. These people need be eliminate it, and so does the entire system. And I am not inciting violence, and or war. What I am saying is that what does not serve its usual purpose must be destroy. The law of our Constitution is the common law of the Land. And when I say ‘land’ I am referring to the entire planet as well; each country individually.

Our Constitution said that we are our own government, that we do not need anyone to represent us but us. This is why in many countries till these days they have tribes, or communities run by the people, and for the people. In the future we’ll live in communities, and under the law of our Earthly Constitution. That will be the day when the people from earth would be free, as this law applies to all humanity and all creatures.

Free means not living under slavery laws. Free means taking care responsibly of what serves us and the planet for our own survival needs, and our very own spiritual growth so that way we can bring about abundance for our own daily needs worldwide. When we are living with abundance of our daily needs, we are happy, and when everyone is happy, everyone will party and dance in their own uniqueness in gratitude to their creator. Our daily needs really means, us all being healthy responsibly so that spirit can enjoy its own journey within his own temple that is our very own body within this physical realm.”

Then he told me to practice envisioning all creatures, mountains, trees, plants, crystals, rocks, oceans, lakes, rivers, and the sky, all dancing, and having a big party within our beautiful Earth!

After listening all that my new friend said, I could not open my mouth to say anything. I mean, here I am in front of someone who think the same way I do! I am also thinking that I will love to write an article about this encounter.

I asked him if I can write about this stunning encounter, then he said, “Okay, all you need to do is write only key words, and then you’ll remember the things we talked about.”

Would you believe that while I took note on my cell phone, he was telling me Key words that would lead me to recall our entire conversation! We were laughing so hard! I also asked if I ever see him again? He answered, “sure, I am here all the time, you’ll see me.”

David said he has been a vegetarian/fruitarian ever since he can remembers starting eating anything. He also said that he eats lots of raw food, too. And when is not raining, he goes to the beach and runs two to three miles. He also said, he is a very good swimmer. He’s been doing this for the last forty years. He also said he helps anyone that he can. And although I did not ask personal questions, he looks to me someone in his sixties but in truth it is hard to guess his age because he does not have any wrinkles, and his body looks like that of a healthy thirty years old!

On my way home I am asking to my I AM if there is something to learn about this experience today? And the intuitively message I get is that once I asked to meet people within my own frequency.  Laughing aloud I said, I see… thank you, thank you! Then the vision of a video I once watched came to mind= The Dance. Awesome, I said.

The Dance this posting


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