ET Physical Characteristcs~ Re educating Humanity


Greetings to you. It is a pleasure to be here once again. We would like to give you information about the physical genotypes of your galactic family.


This is information you have been asking about for quite some time and we would like to provide you at least the foundation of this information so that you may build upon it in some of your future work.


  • The Lyrans, we are going to start with the group called the Lyrans. We are going to give you some basic information about the various subgroups that have existed within their races and allow you a more expanded point of view, perhaps, on the diversity of your forefathers – which, of course, is reflected in the diversity you have upon your world. We will then bring in the Vegan civilizations, because they are instrumental in forming some of the other galactic races as well.
  • Starting, then, with the Lyrans (going back chronologically), the first expression of physicality that could be considered Lyran would be somewhat small – smaller, in fact, than your present average human. But as the culture grew, as their experiences and genetic structures began changing, their physical characteristics began expanding as well.
  • Lyran Giants, we’re going to give you some of the primary groups that were very active in space exploration because those are the ones that matter the most to you, since they are the ones you had contact with. First is the genotype that we will call the Lyran Giants.
    These entities (physical like yourself, of course) existing in third and fourth density, were Caucasian in type. They were primarily of light skin, light eyes and light hair; the darkest hair would be a medium brown, which was somewhat unusual.The physical body would be likened to the mesomorph, which is basically a well-balanced, muscular body. The height would be anywhere from six to nine feet tall, depending upon the group of entities we are speaking of, the smallest being at the six-foot range (female as well as a male). These entities developed this size from long periods of genetic development on a planet with higher gravitational fields and a denser electromagnetic envelope, also present in the solar system in general.This added to the creation of a more hearty, shall we say, entity. These entities are reflected in some of the Greek mythology and in some of the biblical stories of giants. This is one of the groups that your civilization still has a cellular memory about. This particular group was one of the primary groups that began forming a God/worshipper relationship with you. Do you follow so far?

    This is one of the reasons for some of the expressions in your religious art and architecture (which has very large doors and windows); this patterning with this particular racial structure was very deep within the human psyche. These were the original “gods” – or at least the ones that made the biggest impression on you.

  • Lyran RedheadsThere is another race that has branched off from this giant race, the red-haired Lyrans. Their hair was red to strawberry blonde in color. The skin tone very, very fair; these entities had a difficulty exposing their skin to certain frequencies of natural light, due to the planet they sprang from. Some of these were also giant in stature, though there were some who were average human size.Eye color was generally light to what you would now consider green, though it is a different quality of green than you see upon your world. These entities were some of the first Lyran pioneers. (Pioneers is a very kind word, for there are many worlds that consider the red-haired ones to be the invaders, marauders and the basic havoc-wreakers of the Lyran genotype).
    Are we speaking of what their current state is also?Well, to some degree we are speaking about the distant past as they interacted with your earth plane. These entities still exist but are much fewer in number. We would say that your closest mythological remnants are in your Norse mythology – Vikings etc. Some of that mythology was about actual Earth beings who were either influenced by or interacted with this red-headed Lyran strain. This is not a very common interaction on your world, not as common as that of the giants, but common enough to have made it into your mythology.

    Did they have any spiritual or energetic relationship to the few red-haired Pleiadians? Apparently there’s a remnant of a red-haired group in the Pleiades.

    Yes, there would be genetic connections, most certainly. And if there is a genetic connection there is always an energetic connection.

    It’s hard to think of someone living in the Pleiades who would be violent. But if that aggressive tendency somehow channeled into other areas…

    It’s channeled into excitement. The Pleiadian version is much more watered down. (We can get to that later on if you wish.) But the purebred red-head was very aggressive, violent, passionate and, to some degree, very rebellious. They saw the giant Lyran race as their parents, and they were rebelling against that idea. They were rebelling because they felt that the morality of the giant race was being impinged into their reality. We do not perceive this was the case, but this was another expression that needed to be experienced in your galactic family.

    Did these red-haired people naturally evolve as red-haired, or was there intentional manipulation somewhere along the line?

    There were those from the giant race who left and went exploring. The primary group colonized one specific planet and over generations adapted themselves to the planet. They adapted to the specific mineral content of the planet as well as the atmosphere; the specific wavelengths of the planet’s atmosphere caused the mutation to lean toward the more red tinge. That, in combination with the more rebellious attitude, began to create a specific sub-genotype.

    So that particular race must have felt somehow slighted within the family. Colloquially speaking, did they carry a chip on their shoulder? Did they feel they had something to prove?

    We would say that’s pretty accurate, yes. We say this a little lightly, but this is the story of your entire galactic history. Most groups splintered off because they did not agree with the mother group. In this way most of your experience as a galactic species is based on conflict/disagreement and the attempt at rightfulness.

  • Redhead & Caucasian SubgroupsSo far you have the giants and the redheads. And within the redheads you have two subgroups – one giant-sized, one average-sized. Also within the Lyran you have a broad type we would call Caucasian who are light-skinned, light-eyed (the darkest eyes were perhaps a light brown, but that is uncommon), hair ranging from almost white to a light brown (but anything in the brown range was unusual).These entities’ body types would be anything from ectomorphic (thin), to the mesomorphic (muscular). This is the broadest category. Most of your genetic forefathers were from this Caucasian category. Your diversity began with some red-head influence as well as some giant influence, but those are secondary compared to the Caucasian influence, which is primary.
    In terms of actual internal structure, that information is unnecessary, for it is lengthy and not all that pertinent right now. The desire we have for communicating this information is not so much for the raw data, but for your understanding of how your planet has achieved such a group diversity. So we will stick to the external appearances rather than the internal makeup. 
  • Darker-Skinned LyransThere was one other group, a humanoid type that is more rare, but it has had interactions with your world as well. This was Caucasian in features but the skin is more of a light chocolate, very uniform throughout the whole body. You would consider it a very pleasant, appealing shade. The eyes are brown, not black, although some were green; and the hair was not black but dark brown. This group had influence on your planet in the area of India, Pakistan, etc. That was their primary area of interest in their visits here.None of the races now on your world are pure extensions of any of these races; just about every race on your world has had some mixing. However, this last race, which we will call the darker-skinned Lyrans, were considered pacifists. Their psychological makeup was one of extreme passivity, peacefulness. One may even call them lackadaisical, because it was very difficult to get an emotional reaction out of them. You will find some of these individuals mentioned in some of your Sanskrit literature from ancient times.
  • In a moment we will talk about the Vegan influence. However, we want to make it clear that this last group, the darker-skinned Lyrans, is not the same as some of the Vegan genotypes we will speak of, who have a different genetic structure.
  • Birdlike Lyran SubgroupWould it be a completely different genetics from the Lyran? This group is Lyran-based and the group you’ll talk about later would not be considered Lyran?Yes. They might look similar in appearance, but the base genetics is different. There is a need to express some of the other forms that have expressed their energy through the energy of Lyran that are humanoid, meaning mammalian, but whose appearance is different from what you know as humanoid. This has also accounted for some of your mythology.


    There is one group of entities who are mammals, yet are oriented toward Lyran principles (Lyra being the mother group), and whose features are very different from humanoid. One particular group resembles what you call alien. The body type of these entities would be what you call ectomorph, very thin, almost frail and birdlike.


    The facial structure is more angular, sharper, resembling a bird, though these are still mammals. The eyes are birdlike. The hair is not feathered, but is of a different quality that can resemble feathers, if you are not touching it or in close proximity to it. It was also ceremoniously adorned in a certain way that made it look like feathers.


    This was not intentional but simply their own expression. These entities are very cool and intellectual. They consider themselves primarily scientists, explorers and philosophers. They do not engage in galactic politics, but they do travel and visit. They have had interaction here on your Earth during some of the most influential civilizations – Sumerian, Egyptian. There was interaction in what you call the Indus Valley.
    These entities have entered, in a backhanded way, the mythology of your people. They are not bird creatures; they are mammals who are birdlike in appearance. We have not talked about these entities at all up until this point because we’ve limited our discussion to what matters to you now on the Earth plane.


    This is a curiosity, but at least for now they do not represent something significant you need to look at to continue your own unfoldment.

  • Catlike Lyran SubgroupOne other Lyran subgroup is also mammal and what you would consider to be humanoid – but whose physical appearance resembles what you call the feline kingdom on your world. They are not cat people, but humanoids who have catlike qualities. They are very agile and strong. The nose is not predominant but catlike, if you can imagine the nose of a cat. The ears are neither human nor catlike but somewhat of a cross, a little pointed, not very much, but a little. The mouths are very gentle and small.(Many times when extraterrestrials look at the human face, to them the human face is overwhelmed by the mouth.) 

    These catlike entities have very small, delicate and what you would call dainty mouths. The eyes are very pronounced, large and catlike, with a second lid. Again, these qualities developed from the specific environment they have placed themselves within over generations. They do not have fur. However, there is a protective layer of what you could consider peach fuzz over the skin because of the harsh ultraviolet radiation on their indigenous planet – it simply protected the skin.
    Any primitive interaction with these entities on your world may report that they are cat people – they are not. They are humanoid.

    So early on, the development of these two groups took a different direction than ours did. If they’re Lyran-based, then we’re talking millions of years ago that these developments started separately from our branch, right?

    Oh, yes. They are not so much involved in your human drama. This has not been from a denial of the Lyran dysfunction and conflicts. It is simply that their excitement has gone in other directions, and they’ve evolved in those directions. They have had contact with you every once in awhile. They recognize that you are all part of a family, at least genetically. And there are individuals within their societies who often project to you on an astral level simply to keep the lines open for communication. But for now there has been no necessity for a lot of interaction between your cultures.


    There’s a point we would like to make here about the Lyran, Vegan and other extraterrestrial civilizations as well who have communicated with you. It is about their eyes. Primarily the eyes are accentuated, whether it be through the tilt, the shape, the size, the color or their reflectivity.


    They are usually very pronounced. If you search through your mythologies, many civilizations have accented the eyes – most notably the Egyptian civilization. This did not start out as an adornment but as an imitation of the gods, as an attempt to make humans more godlike, as an attempt to revere the gods. Over time there has been a loss of the connection to why the eyes were accentuated; it was originally because of the gods.
    So why do our eyes appear to be so small in comparison to the rest of the family?

    If you remember the stories we’ve told about the genetic manipulation in the creation of Homo sapiens, the Lyrans did not want to create you as them. They had some definite issues about creating you equal with them. So one of the choices was in the creation of the eyes – to give you more a simian eye quality. You understand what we mean by simian?

    To retain the simian quality?

    To retain the simian eye quality, the ape, which to some degree is one of the most painful things they’ve done to you, because when you look in the mirror your cellular memory remembers simian. If you had the eyes of the gods when you look into your own eyes, you would see God.

    Interesting. When we look in the mirror we see to the past, whereas they see to the future, at least symbolically, the genetic response.

    Yes. That was the intent originally, so that you would always be looking behind you, never looking forward. When the Sirians took over the project from the Lyrans it was too late to change it. So to some degree the Sirians encouraged your practice of accentuating the eyes as a remembrance of God so you would not forget your forefathers. They have done a lot through the ages to stimulate memory in you so that you would never ever forget.

    Are there other lines of Lyran evolution that have nothing to do with us historically, that literally branched off into other parts of the galaxy?

    Oh, yes. But the majority of Lyran evolution is tied with you. For instance, the birdlike and catlike entities we have spoken of have their own affiliation with other groups. They are a part of the developmental evolution of other civilizations.

    It is important that we stress here once again that the Lyran basic genetic structure is the mother of all in this case. However, we recognize Vega as being a significant enough emergence that it can take on its own genotype as well. Those entities who from the very, very early days of Lyra branched off in other directions, began through their own experiences, through their own evolution, to form their own unique genotypes.

  • The VegansThere’s less variation in the Vegan genotypes than in the Lyran. The primary subgroup of Vegan genetics is what we would call standard Vegan, averaging approximately six to seven feet tall (males and females), darker skin, non-Caucasian type. Generally speaking, the skin layers are thicker with fewer layers.The skin is not as soft as human skin, is much tougher, able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat as well as cold. A much sturdier and more durable humanoid being. Generally, the hair of any Vegans who have hair will be primarily black, and the range of shades will be standard black as a midpoint to a light to dark brown (which is unusual) and an even darker black with a greenish tinge. That range frequently varies.
    What is interesting to note is that, depending on the various Vegan race, some have no hair at all, some have very little hair and some have full heads of hair, depending on the individual race. The skin tone will be anywhere from light brown (almost beige) to very dark brown – what you would call on your planet (using your own terminology) either negroid or Indian (your native people) – anything in that shade range.So some of the Eastern Indians are extremely dark brown in contrast to the skin color of some of the African groups that are very black, almost coal black?

    Yes. Generally speaking, the coal black is a quality of your Earth that was bred here. It is very unusual out there. Also you will find that the skin will have more of a wrinkled quality – not always, but some will.

  • Humanoid-Type VegansWe’re basically going to break up the Vegan genotypes into only two categories. One is humanoid and one is non-humanoid and these are appearances only, not genetic structures. What we have described to you previously as Vegan is of the humanoid type. Generally you’re going to find in the humanoid group that the eyes are very striking.The average eye of the standard Vegan humanoid group has a very large, dark pupil and iris. The eyes are generally a little angled but still large, and they retain a lid. So it’s not like the Zeta, who appear not to have a lid. If they walked down your street they would be very unusual looking, but you would not necessarily think they were alien. They would definitely attract your attention; you might think they had some type of birth defect.
    The eyes of these Vegans are very striking, and were even more instrumental in getting the attention of the humans than the Lyran’s eyes. It was simply the contrast between the darkness of the skin and the whiteness of the eye outside the pupil and iris that made it more striking. Of course, those with darker hair and eyelashes seemed to have a black outline around their very large eyes.Many of the other groups we will talk about stem from this Vegan group, most notably the Orions. It is a very broad category we’ve been describing, the human-type group in the Vegan genetic structure.
  • Nonhuman-Type VegansThe second group – nonhuman-type Vegan – is still humanoid, still mammal. When we say nonhuman we are talking about appearance. The appearance of these particular entities can either be insect-like or reptilian. (These are your labels that we apply to the physical appearance of these particular entities.)Generally speaking, you will find that the range of skin color will apply the same as the human type. However, there are some groups who not only have a greenish tinge to the hair but also to the skin. It’s not very pronounced; we don’t want you to think we’re talking about some type of green monster. We’re talking about a basic humanoid entity with a copper base in the skin and bloodstream that gives it a greenish tinge. 

    The eyes are very large and may or may not have a second lid, depending on the planet of origin. They have a very small nose and a pronounced jaw in some cases. The jaw can either be thrust forward (which would give it a reptilian look) or downward (which would give it an insect look). We are talking about humanoid-type entities. We call this group non-humanoid type only because of the appearance – they are still mammals.


    These entities have had communication on your Earth plane with you and have been responsible for some of the stories that circulate about reptilian monsters or cold-blooded aliens, etc. (When one is in fear, when one encounters the unknown, one often exaggerates the experience.) These entities are genetically connected to you. They still procreate as mammals. The base genetic structure is reflective of the template from which your galactic family expresses itself, so they are still part of your family.
    There is more to say at some point about these particular entities, but for now we simply want to present this idea for those of you who have had a curiosity about what this reptilian stuff is about. They are not insect; they are not reptilian; they are humanoid and mammalian. They simply do not look the same as you do.

    These two groups, then – the Lyran and the Vegan genotypes – are instrumental in how the rest of your galactic family expresses itself genetically. We will now mention the other primary groups of the galactic family and show you where their genetic heritage lies.

  • The Pleiadian CivilizationThe most obvious is that of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians splintered off from the Lyran group, some going directly to the Pleiades from Lyra, others going to Earth and mixing their genetics with the Earth genetics for themselves, then going back to the Pleiades to join some of the other Lyran splinter groups there.The standard Pleiadian is a mixture of the different genotypes we’ve talked about. Generally, a Pleiadian will manifest anywhere from blonde to even some black-haired, or very dark-brown-haired strains. The eyes are generally light blue to a light brown – Caucasian. Generally, they are Caucasian. They can range from very petite (five feet tall) to very large (sometimes seven feet tall – rare, but possible). 

    You can see how some of the recessive genes that they brought from their Lyran heritage (the giants, for instance) may manifest in a body. So the Pleiadian group, in terms of the Caucasian type, is very diverse.
    These light brown eyes you keep mentioning, would they appear at first to be gold?


    So reports of golden eyes would actually be these light brown eyes, as opposed to our standard brown eyes?

    Yes, it is not like your standard brown eyes. When we are talking about eye color, in no way are we talking about what you know as eye color. What you see of your own eye color is only how your eyes reflect light in this reality. If you are vibrating at a different rate or if you are in another plane of reality, all color quality changes, because the laws governing light reflection change and the quality of reflected light changes. So we can describe this only broadly. There are other colors of eyes, but if we told you lavender eyes, you would picture what lavender looks like and then your perception of what we’re saying would be very wrong. So we keep this information very standardized.
    There’s really no need to go further into the Pleiadian genotypes because they reflect the Lyran groups very much. Some are combinations; some are redheads; some are very light-skinned. Pleiadian physical expression is basically dealing with Lyran genetics and, in some cases, Lyran and Terran genetics. Is that complete?

    Can you talk about the emotional temperament of the Pleiadians, the similarities or dissimilarities within their own groups and in comparison to us? Is it similar to ours, and is there variance of emotional temperament within the Pleiadian groupings?

    Their emotional bodies are much more harmonious, though, understand that where they are today came from their denial of negativity. We’ve talked to you about that already, so that’s nothing new. You, on the other hand, deny both negativity and positivity in an attempt to be neutral or non-feeling. That is what a greater portion of your reality attempts to do.


    Now, to some degree this is an attempt at balancing what you see as your forefathers’ energies, because obviously whatever they did didn’t work for them, since they were still in conflict. So you are bound and determined not to do what your forefathers did in just about every way.


    The Pleiadian emotional structure is now not repressing negativity, for the most part. However, who they are today is because of their repression of negativity. So to some degree that’s how something that is actually a negative thing (repression) can turn into a growth process that can eventually lead to the growth that is sought.

    Is the potential similar; is the basic emotional structure similar?

    Oh, yes. We would say, more than any of the other races we’ve talked about with you.


    The emotional similarity between the Pleiadians and yourselves is most pronounced. One of the biggest reasons for the difference is simply the differences in your reality. If, let’s say, several thousands of years ago, Pleiadians from that era came and lived on your world today, they would have become you emotionally. But with their evolution, that would not occur.

  • The Orion Civilization
    The Orion civilization is primarily 89% Vegan in nature. Of that 89% Vegan genetics, we would say that 75% is of the human-type, Vegan-based genetics. The remaining 14% would be considered nonhuman-type Vegan genetics.


Therefore, your stories of reptiles from Orion, although they are embellished somewhat (usually by the emotional body), are accurate because there are those nonhuman-type entities with Vegan-based genetics living within the Orion system (or have in the past) that account for those stories. Primarily it is Vegan in nature.
This would be the body types with the very high copper content that is due not only to the genetic line but the diet?

Yes, most definitely. Your bodies here on Earth are based on water and though theirs have water as a primary substance to some degree, a certain oil or fatty content lubricates the body, the skin. Kind of like the idea of the engine in a car; the gears turn because of the oil. One thing we want to mention is a uniqueness in the eyes of Orions.


Through very strict spiritual training, which includes diet, ceremony and certain psychic experiences, various priests in the Orion system can change their eye color to a very vivid blue. Some of your people have had encounters with these Orion-type entities with very sharp blue eyes. If anyone has, it is most likely that the entity they are contacting is a priest of some sort, for the eye color is not natural at birth but is attained through a type of spiritual path.

We told you that 89% of the Orion entities are Vegan in nature. The remaining 11% are of a Lyran stock. We would say that of that 11%, 90% are of the light-brown-skinned people we’ve talked about and the remaining 10% are of the Caucasian-type Lyran – light hair. They are rare, but of course if you’re talking about several billions in population, then that could account for a goodly amount of people.

And they do tend to be aggressive, to leave their mark?

Yes, generally that is the common theme. These are the most common physical attributes of these Orion entities. Getting a little esoteric for a moment, as you get into the rarified vibrations, as you’re getting into higher levels of fourth density, the physical appearances really become very malleable and not all that important. What we’re talking about is the third-density and early fourth-density characteristics, because that’s when the genetic differences are very marked, very apparent.

Is there enough genetic similarity that natural cross-breeding is possible?

Yes, absolutely.

What about between the Lyran and the Vegan types?

We would say that if you took a random Lyran and a random Vegan, there is a 60% chance that the birth would be successful without any alteration whatsoever.

What would the result look like?

In some ways like a typical ethnic person on your planet. Now we’re getting into the idea of the breeding on your planet. There have been two lines active on your planet. The royal houses of Vega – which actually have changed hands and are now the royal houses of Sirius, but are the Vegan genetics – and the royal houses of Lyra.


Your interbreeding with each other throughout history has been an attempt at unifying those houses. So it stands to reason, then, that any crosses between the two out there would primarily be successful with very little manipulation.

  • The Sirian CivilizationThis brings us to Sirius. Sirius, being a primary star, in some ways a dimensional doorway for a lot of consciousness, is very diverse. So we would like to make it known here that the Sirians of which we speak are the Sirians of your history, the Sirians who were part of your genetic project on Earth.There are so many Sirians on many different levels (mostly existing in the Light realms) that we don’t want you to get confused with what we are talking about – those who were part of the genetic creation on Earth of Homo sapiens. This Sirian race we are talking about – we’ll call them the Sirian gods – stemmed from Vega. So the primary genetics of Sirius is a Vegan stock – darker skin, but anywhere from very light brown to very dark brown. 

    They have a lot of the Vegan qualities, including the very pronounced eyes, the large, slightly angled eyes. The particular Sirian gods who had interacted with your planet, having spent a lot of time with the Lyrans who were also part of the genetic project, had done some interbreeding themselves. So these Sirian gods began through time to take on a lot of qualities of the Lyrans.


    Some began to have lighter skin, some began to be more diverse in their genetic makeup. It got to the point where the interbreeding between the Lyrans and the Sirians was so mixed that the only way to denote a Sirian would be through their belief structure rather than their physical appearance.
    Since our focus right now is not the genetic project on Earth, we will be very brief with this. The ultimate attempt was to join the royal houses of Sirius and Lyra. Throughout time on your planet, since the prototypes of Adam and Eve were created, this attempt has been made with the belief that a more advanced type of human being could be created. This is still going on; it’s not so much now the physical attributes attempting an integration but rather the belief structures themselves.

    Because the Sirians gods were of Vegan heritage, it stands to reason that some of them may have had some of the genetics of the nonhuman-type Vegan entity, which would mean that some of the Sirian gods appeared to be nonhuman, whether that seemed insect or reptilian (though they were mammal, like you but with a different appearance). That accounts for some of the stories. Anything more about Sirius before we move on?

    Sirius, like Vega, has an extremely bright sun; so bright that if we were to look at it, even at the probable orbits of the planets, it could cause instant blindness, being thousands of times brighter than our sun. I can understand how their sun conditioned the Vegan body, and the Sirian sun may be even harsher. So I’m wondering if some of the aquatic references could not have been due to some elaborate genetic engineering done in the Sirian system just to survive – or is this a distortion of the mythology?

    The idea of the cetacean connection on your planet (meaning that cetaceans represent Sirius consciousness) is more a Terran than a Sirian representation. Though there are cetacean creatures in your galactic family, the creation of the cetaceans here was deliberate for Earth. It did not come from somewhere else. Thus the types of cetaceans you have on your planet evolved with some help; you can see that by examining the skeletons of dolphins and whales. They have finger and toe bones in their fins. They have a rudimentary humanoid skeleton that has been adapted for their environment.

    What you’re saying is that cetaceans don’t represent a genetic heritage in the human family through Sirius.

    Correct. But they do represent a genetic alternative. It was desired that genetic alternatives would be present for those who wished other experiences. There is a lot more we could talk about regarding this; however, we want to keep it focused in a certain direction.


    If you want questions on this at another time, please feel free to ask.

  • The Zeta Reticuli CivilizationWe’d now like to talk about the entities that you know of as the Zeta Reticuli. The physical characteristics of the Zeta Reticuli that you are already aware of is 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 to, in some cases, 5 feet tall, generally bald, frail-looking, larger-headed in proportion to the body, large eyes that seem to have no lid, very small (if any) nose, mouth and ears.We have given you the story about the Zeta Reticuli. To encapsulate it here, they were a civilization very much like you who went on a path of (in some ways) self-destruction, a specie crisis. They caught it before they were annihilated. However, they found themselves sterile. They performed genetic engineering, cloning, etc. to change their species and so you have the Zeta Reticuli you see today.We will tell you that the base genetics of the Zeta Reticuli before they went through their species crisis and transformation was that of human-type Vegan heritage. Their civilization, when it went through the change, required them to alter their body structure into what they are now. This accounts for one of the reasons why they are here and interested in your genetics, because they are looking for an aspect of their original genetics to reinsert into themselves because of what they perceive they’ve done wrong during their transformation – namely, breeding out emotions.


    If they were to time-travel, which they can do, and go back to their past, they would only be gathering genetic data before their crisis. To them, that genetic data is inferior; they do not want that. They look to other races who have Vegan forefathers for some of the Vegan DNA that has been adapted through experience to a more expanded state of being. Your planet is one of the places. There are Vegan codes active here, and at this point just about everyone on your planet carries both the Lyran and Vegan codes.


    You’ve intermixed so well. When they are taking genetic samples from you, they are looking mostly for Vegan (but some Lyran) genetic codes that have been strengthened and adapted from their original state on Vega millennia ago. So this is why, to them, you are so important – because you carry locked in the cells of your body what they think is their only future.


    You on Earth, more than anything else, have served as a genetic repository, a genetic storehouse for the galactic universe, for your galactic family. In some ways you’ve been earning interest on this DNA you’ve been storing, because it’s a lot more valuable now than it has been in the past. Individuals are now coming back to explore that greater value and that is what the Zeta Reticuli are doing.

    Do they themselves have a genetic future? And what is it?

    They are creating their genetic future as they go along. In some way (and we speak a little bit loosely here) they have no future other than what they deliberately manipulate. According to the laws of species evolution, they “should” have transformed out of physicality already. Since they are not running according to the standard laws of species evolution, their future is what they make it. They could annihilate themselves tomorrow by simply pulling up all of their laboratories and leaving, never enhancing their own genetics, and eventually dying off.


    They could do that, but they don’t want to. They don’t want to leave this reality without resolving the things they feel they need to resolve, and so they will keep themselves physical until they do so. And as we’ve stated before, they understand that you have invited them and that you are also getting something out of your interactions with them; it’s not a one-way street. We would say at this point that what you are getting out of your interactions with them is much more valuable than you’ve ever realized, much more valuable than we’ve ever told you. It’s essential.

    What do these various races think about us when they see us physically? How do they feel about us?

    There are different emotions. Imagine being an interracial couple; imagine being an Asian woman and a black man creating a child. As you watch the child grow, you can very clearly see, at least physically, the African attributes and the Asian attributes and you can watch them expand and grow and interweave with each other.


    They know themselves so well at this point that when they watch you, they can see not only the physical attributes you have, but the emotional and mental attributes, even the spiritual attributes, and they can pinpoint themselves within you very clearly. To some, it’s a shock; it’s painful to come here because you are very clear mirrors for them.


    To others, coming here is the only way they can see themselves.

    Do they like our physical appearance? Do they dislike it? Are they neutral or is it a curiosity?

    When you have traveled the universe as much as many of these races have, it’s not a matter of liking or disliking appearances, because you’ve seen very strange things. It’s like a sense of deja vu when they see you. There is something very familiar about you, and yet there’s something very alien – something that frightens them very much. They are drawn to you and they are also frightened – and that is where growth lies.

    With that, we will thank you for your wonderful questions. There will be more information on this in the future. We’re just laying the groundwork here. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the gifts you have given. Not only to your reality, to your forefathers, but mostly to yourselves, because those gifts will bear much more valuable fruit than you can yet see.


    Much love to all of you.

    From TheLyssaRoyalPage


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