Everything is Short-Lived


Why would you allow love be a vehicle for suffering? Why on Earth would you let your heart be a tool for wounding you? Why would you have a wounding tool in your tool box when your heart, your original heart, is meant for sweetening? Bitter coffee may have its place, but a bitter heart? Never. There is no place in your heart for bitterness. Bitterness is going upstream whereas your heart is meant to flow downstream, all the way to a shore known as love.

Who would knowingly choose bitterness when there are honeyed fields beyond? Why not love, beloveds? Why not love for all you are worth? Why not love to beat the band? Why not love with all your heart?

You may well have misunderstood love, taken attachment, an ownership as the rites of passage when a stream of love is your passage all the way to My heart. Ultimately, beloveds, it is My heart you desire. You may consider someone else the emblem of My heart, and, yet, as dear as human beings may be to you, they cannot fulfill all that you dream of, no matter how clearly or how vaguely. There is no substitute for Me.

That’s how it is. That’s the way the wind blows.

That is hard for you to accept. You would like something in the world to give you true happiness, yet everything in the world tends to be short-lived. A new car, the top of the line, soon enough loses its charm or simply can’t satisfy the unnamed yearning you have. Of course, you want more than a top of the line car. Sooner or later, it needs servicing. It needs something from you. Soon enough, a car is just a car, and you want another.

So may it be with girlfriends and boyfriends, even with husbands and wives. What can satisfy you for long, or for long enough? One way or another, it seems that the love of your life is snatched from you.

I seek you. You live in the relative world, and I am Everywhere Always. I am in the relative world, and I am in Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is not outside you. It’s true that everyone is you, and yet there is One God. One of Us exists.

Certainly, there are glimpses of Me in the world. I fuel the whole world.

It is true that I am within the people you love, and, yet, still, there is One God, and that is what you seek permanently, not temporarily, not flitting from one butterfly to another. You want the Wholeness of Love, the Depth of Love, and that is not found in an outside object. It is always found within you.

Narcissus by the waters fell in love with his own outer image. He did not yet know about his own inner image. Made in My image, unknowingly, he forsook My image and adored his own outer image. An outer image does not suffice. Not over the long haul, and, sometimes, not over the short haul either.

Made in the image of Mine is your heart of love. Objects are simply not enough. Objects change. In the world, love objects often change.

Love objects are a beginning. And yet it is the Heart of Love you seek, and I am the Love that you ultimately seek. I seek your inner awareness of Me. I seek your knowing that I reside in your heart, and that I reside comfortably in your heart for all time. For all non-time. For all Eternity. You are My Infinite Love, and I am yours, and We are not Twain but One, One indefatigable love. Love Me, love you.


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