Everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained


At present, waiting is the name of the game.  Yes, it is tiresome for you, but it is also unavoidable because the illusion is time-bound, just as you yourselves appear to be.  Within the context of the illusion, where you are experiencing an unreal and threatening reality due to the fear of scarcity, disease, suffering, and finally death, it takes time for events that you anticipate to occur – the apparently irreversible arrow of time!

Remember, you chose to manufacture the illusion to experience separation from God, from Reality, and as you have been frequently told, in the moment that you made that choice God instantly provided the escape from it — its resolution, your way Home.  In Reality you are always at Home with your loving Father and all of His divine creation.  The illusion was but a momentary aberration that you built to amuse yourself and into which you projected yourself in myriad forms, and with a time-line to follow; and that time-line is coming to an end.  When it does, you will awaken from the illusion to discover that but a moment has passed since you fell asleep, and that while you were sleeping nothing occurred to disturb the eternal peace of God’s divine realm.

Knowing this, as you most certainly do at the depths of your being, there is obviously no need for you to worry and get anxious as you await the moment of your grand awakening.  All is flowing perfectly towards this divine event, and at the moment it happens you will all be absolutely overwhelmed with joy — a joy that is infinitely worth waiting for, although of course the wait will not be infinite!

Watching what is happening all over the world at present cannot fail to demonstrate to you that something of great importance and significance is going on.  Humanity has had more than enough bruising encounters over the eons with various organizations that have set themselves up as the ultimate authority before which everyone should bow in obeisance, and it is not prepared to submit to it anymore.

Everyone has the God-given right to be themselves and live as they wish; the only restriction to that freedom is that no one is permitted to harm another. That restriction has been ignored, overridden, and disregarded far too many times, but because your understanding, your attitudes, and your behaviors alter as the divine field of Love envelops and embraces you, and you all accept It, no one will ever again even imagine harming another.  Unending peace, joy, and harmony welling up from the depths of your true Self will guide you ecstatically and creatively forwards, forevermore.

The old established order that has ruled life in the illusion for so long – under different names, different disguises, and with seemingly different agendas – is crumbling and cannot be restored, repaired, or rescued.  Its time is past, and that is causing some alarm.  All have become so accustomed to the heartless way in which the ruling orders have consistently maintained their authority that they are fearful that as it crumbles it will destroy all the services and organizations that are presently seen as essential to life on Earth.  This will not happen.  The corrupt ones themselves will indeed move on, but everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained, repaired, or replaced as necessary and appropriate with the absolute minimum of disturbance to all of you.

Those who are destitute, in poverty, homeless, diseased, or suffering in any way will immediately have their circumstances improved in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee, because there are advanced technologies prepared and available to clean and heal the planet and all who live on her that will be put into action as soon as the old order has crumbled.  Every conceivable disruption that the could occur as a result of the old order collapsing has been taken into account; nothing is being left to chance, so that the New Age will arrive and thrive instantly for the benefit of all.

Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love.  Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity, and outside of it there is not even nothing.  Nothing is unreal, totally insubstantial and illusory.  Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists.  It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally.  And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it.  And as you awaken, your awareness will return — bringing you untold happiness.

With so very much love, Saul


John Smallman

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