For Lakeshore Mobile Homes Park Allege Agents

Date: 08/24/18

FOR Faiz B Mahmud, allege manager at the allege office for 2701 S Park Road Hallandale Florida 33009+ others.

 : ON Wednesday date of 8/22/18 at about 12PM, and not too far from the allege OFFICE; we were on Janis Boulevard doing our own business+ taking care of the children, inclusive our dog, when a furious suppose manager name Faiz Mahmud came out of no where warning us to stop our dog immediately, that by the way had just got out of the car to do what dogs do. His reaction was intrusive+ controlling just because the dog was outside. He claimed that he did not want the dog doing anything at someone else yard.

NOT knowing what to say, and obvious, the owner of dog disposed the dog’s doing as soon as possible without us saying anything. In fact, none of us have said anything yet to the furious manager.

HOWEVER, he continued on talking+ flipping his ID card saying that he is the manager+ that there are rules+ that everything around the mobile homes park is his responsibility.

I found this being ought so I said to everyone that I need not being speaking with him. I closed the car window, and saying goodbye to our friends [the dog owners that were at the said property], I left immediately. However, I noticed that he [the suppose manager] was taking pictures of my car tag.

LONG and behold a few minutes later, the suppose manager came knocking on our door claiming that I must speak to him immediately or he will call the police+ I will be taking out from our house. Swiftly I said to him that he needs to leave the property immediately, and that I do not wish talking to him. I closed the door. However, he stayed there talking to himself+ showing being very upset.

AT about half hour later he showed up again threatening+ screaming outside the front door of our home, saying that all people that are not owner(s) of a [the] mobile home needs to be immediately registered at the office. [What?] Then a man on a wheel chair that is very ill managed telling him that anything that he needs saying to us, needs be put on writing as soon as possible.

AT about half hour later the suppose manager came back again with a sheet of paper where it details all the RULES that apply for us living here. He also stated we have seven days to go to the office and register those that are not property owners living with us! See page 4.

WE are beyond disbelieved for the reaction from the suppose manager+ the enormous unlawful+ un-natural layout RULES against us the people from allege agents that goes on disguising as the people government.

LONG and behold we were all having emotional issues about the disturbances the suppose manager created for us at home; for we as a family are helping each other. + Especially Juan Torres that many family members come and go watching over him. I mean, tomorrow can be someone name Mary Ann, or Rose Mary, or Mark, or Sandy, etc., helping him out.

:I, Lucia F Maysonett affirm that I am staying temporarily at Juan Torres [a family member] home for DUE CAUSE. This we believe, and for avoiding further discussion, is all the allege office needs knowing. Date 08/24/18. /s/___________________________________

FURTHER, we do not think: consent be running to the allege office reporting this nonsense of who can stay in our home or not. The facts are YOU are the one that is beyond violation of privacy+ freedom with your layout RULES against the people within this community. It is in plain sight direct crime of infringement+ coercion+ Subordination+ belittling+ racketeering+ invasion+ extortion.    

NEXT, the manager claimed that I, the person that refused speaking with him, disrespected him! Wait a minute, I disrespected him for refusing to speak to someone that I do not know with an attitude? And what does this have got to do with the issue about the dog that started this in the first place. Why is the suppose manager not sticking to the facts instead of creating another unrelated issue leading harming someone? Cry me a river despicable control freak. You have the audacity harassing us, inclusive threatening calling the police, beside presenting us a layout sheet full of irrational RULES from someone that does not have a contract with any of us to claim such of authority, NOR do you pay our water bill+ our electric bill.

FURTHER, we paid $620.00 dollars a month for living in the land that you claim you own, when the [true facts] are this land belongs for the people that are living at [/s/ here]. We suggest you knowing the laws that runs our Republic+ more so the very serious laws since 2012+ some serious executive orders that apply for all those “former” corporal agents that are violating the lives of the American people via a State of Florida website? We do not think the STATE website grant you the authority for committing [fraud] or violate common+ natural law. THIS will be a topic for another day, however, be aware that anyone from Broward County living in this community or not, have the lawful right bringing to the light the crimes you have been committing to the people from this community knowingly+ deliberately for over a decade according to facts.


According to the people, and since a long time, and since concern among many within this community recently, the people are more than distressed. They are afraid+ betrayed+ sick and drained from the tyranny that is obvious from the allege owners + allege manager(s) that are running [scamming] the people any which way. Some describe the abuse beyond reason, and especially when they saw the layout sheet with all the [suppose] RULES that apply. They are mad as hell. + They know about fraud. + They are standing for what it is their lawful right. For they are standing against actors that disguise as government.

WE the people command. demand the layout sheet that the allege office have with all the RULES BE ADJUST immediately for DUE CAUSE as of this date of 08/24/18. LET THE PEOPLE BE, WE THE PEOPLE COMMAND. DEMAND as from this date, 08/24/18. WE also command. demand the immediate dismissal of Faiz F Mahmud for DUE CAUSE, + further as it is essential that we have a Spanish speaking [manager] do the fact that 80% of the community is Spanish speaking language.

WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT CONSENT the harassment. The control. The violation+ invasion from any alleged foreign or domestic actors disguising as the people’s government, + claiming being the owners of the people’s land through deceptive measures. We command: demand ALL actors taking steps immediately according to Laws+ Love for all.

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 Without prejudice+ with prejudice /s/ Juan Torres  ________________

 Without prejudice+ with prejudice /s/ Lucia F Maysonett  __________


Faiz B Mahmud, allege manager at the allege office for 2701 S Park Road Hallandale Florida 33009+ others.

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