:For the Tax Group at Oceanside, CA: all others


FOR ORIGINAL, Lucia Maysonet with all due legal and lawful delegated authority, do declare on this date of 9/24/17 that I never had giving the written delegated authority for ( the County of: Broward, et al; City of: Hollywood, et al; the State of: Florida, et al, Court of: Broward, et al; Judge of…, the Tax Group located in Oceanside, CA, et al; any BAR member, et al; County Clerk= Brenda Forman, et al; former IRS; former Federal government of…, or known or unknown Public Notary; known or unknown condominium association; former Broward County corporal police=agent, et al, or Broward County Public Records staff, et al), and CONSENT for representing original, Lucia Maysonet with any private or public commercial affairs.

FOR ALL illegal and unlawful covert: overt ADVERSE liens against the name Lucia Maysonet, et al, with the aim for monetizing: stealing private territory for, or any lawful belongings or lawful pension or lawful benefits that original, Lucia Maysonet is entitled to, are NOT the concern for anyone listed above, unless he/they/she is with a contract and delegated authority for representing original, Lucia Maysonet.

Original, Lucia Maysonet is inalienable without prejudice, and with prejudice. A $1.5 million fine apply for anyone that is committing crimes of racketeering: treason: fraud against private name Lucia Maysonet.

FOR all: any known or unknown debts concerning Lucia Maysonet, et al, are settled. Doc#XXXXXXXX9: Doc# XXXXXXXX35: Instr# 114554902:

ANY CONCERN REPLY: cvacnewearth@gmail.com

DULY sworn as true and correct, executed on this 9/24/2017 with all rights reserve inclusive the rights to make final determination of all definitions and intent stated herein by original, without prejudice and with prejudice.

This document was recoded worldwide here: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/for-the-tax-group-at-oceanside-ca-all-others/ , and at the corporal Broward County Public Records under common and natural law, = for UCC 1-103: UCC 1-308 thereof.

/s/Lucia Maysonet________________________

Public Notary____________________________















Note: Waiting for more documents being display…

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