What shall I say but that all is well? That is a new thought. When was the last time you thought all was well with the world? And your place in it?

History is of the past. And the past is repeated. If the past is repeated, what has been learned? The past cannot be changed, but the present can. On what do your thoughts dwell?

A new era in the world can only take place within you. Your thoughts seed the earth. Someone must think wars are still good, or there would be none.

Someone must think there is an advantage to war or there would be none.

Someone must think that wars are holy.
Someone must think that wars are won.
Someone must think that control is a good thing, or even essential, or there would be freedom on earth.

Someone must have forgotten I gave free will or they would not impinge upon it.

Someone must think he needs more of something, or there would be no greed.

Someone must feel denied, or he would not covet nor steal.
Someone must feel denied love or he would not deny it.

Be one who steps over the limits the world has set. Be one whose thinking foremost includes love.

Be one who thinks how love can be brought to any situation, overt and silent.

Be one who dares to see more than most and dares to pursue it.
Be one who gives more than he takes.
Be one who serves with grace.

You have borrowed this world for only a short time. Make your presence grace upon earth.

What have you been doing? Where have your thoughts been? But no matter, where do you put your thoughts now?

If you could have three wishes fulfilled right now, what are they? On whom are your wishes bestowed? How big are your wishes? What do they encompass and what do they leave out? What comes after them?

If you were the only person in the world who could make three wishes and have them come true, what would they be?
If you could make only one wish and have it come true, what would it be?

Wishes do come true. The level of your thought vibration echoes throughout the world. It comes true somewhere. It is felt everywhere.

You are not separate from the world any more than you are separate from Me.

The world is not an object. It is illusory, but not an object. It needs to be well thought of and encouraged.

The world is not be gossiped about. It is not to be disgraced. The world is a precious treasure that has been marked and worn. But it is a precious treasure nevertheless.

You have thought of the world and your life as separate items. Your life encompasses the world. Be good to yourself and to the world in thought and deed and see what happens.

Desire that which you want to befall.

Do not desire strife.

Desire peace and bless the world to it. Your thoughts have an impact upon the world. No thought is wasted. No thought is lost. No thought is insignificant.

Your thoughts have power. Your thoughts do not exist by themselves.

Your thoughts are laser beams that cut through the universe. Align your thoughts with what you would most like to give to earth.

Do not bemoan and complain about life on earth.

Sweeten it.
It is you I ask. I ask you.



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