Full Moon Energy for Month January 2024

Let the energy from this Full Moon be for our advantages for nurturing our inner self. Our inner heart. For nurturing our strengths. Our vitality. Our courage. For empowering our greatness.

Be gentle with yourself. Waste not your energy with what does not serve your potential for being what you truly are.= Greatness.

You are courageous divine Beings.

You are the power that be. Embrace your greatness. Embrace your completeness.

Put aside the fuckery. Put aside what does not serve you Or anyone else. Carry with you always the sword of knowledge and discernment without prejudice.

Let the force from greatness be with everyone across the world today, and always.

Respect. Honesty. Transparency. Honor. Discernment. Family. Health. Prosperity. Heart.

So be it






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