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Asun and Akasha represents the Gold Twin Flames from our Great Central Sun, they belong to the Seraphim order. Some 37,000 thousands years ago they incarnated here on earth, and gave rise to a great civilization of light in the area known today as Delphi, in Greece. At the moment they are helping the earth, and its chosen humanity to ascend to the Fifth dimension. We can call to Asun and Akasha to help us with our ascension, personally, they are Divine  Beings of Light, and they love us dearly.

Here are some gentle reminders from them to us.

Asun asks us to make a choice:

I choose peace.
I choose to be at peace with myself and with my history.
I choose to be at peace with Life and with all who have ever touched my life.
I choose to be at peace with my Creator and I have crossed that Bridge of Peace and I am ready to encounter Love in all its Grace.


One day you will come to live in the Heart Realm of the Rose Pink Flames of Love, Will and Grace, and I encourage you to call the Rose Pink Flames in a way that you have come to call and love the Violet Flames.

Rose Pink Flames, rise up through me — I bow before your Grace.
Rose Pink Flames, rise through me — we come now face-to-face.
Rose Pink Flames, rise through me — I bow before your Grace.
Rose Pink Flames rise through me, we come now face to face.

You are a Being of Light and Love. You are a Being of Divine Consciousness – say to yourself often, and come into agreement…“I know I am not my physical garment. I know I am a Being of Light and Love. I know I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Consciousness and that I have come to express myself through a physical garment and I know this.”

Remind yourself often: “I say Yes to Life!”

Akasha: I encourage you to acknowledge the Love of the Divine Mother’s Presence. Perhaps you fear not death, perhaps your greatest fear is Love. We encourage you to stop withholding and denying your love within your hearts. Welcome the Magnet’s Presence in your heart. Invoke the great Love Flame in your hearts (This is The Mother’s Presence) to pour its love into your Earthly Self, out into my world and to all others.

Asun: Ask yourself:“Am I denying myself? Have i denied Love in my life? Has the Journey been so difficult that a part of me yet denies the fulfillment of Love? Is it possible that I actually fear Love because I have too often experienced human love that has come with hurt or pain? Perhaps it is time to choose Divine Love?” “I will not fear, I will embrace, I will discover, I will lavishly allow the Love in my heart to pour to others. I will lavishly allow a smorgasbord of Love to come into my life that I can share with others.”

“I am willing, and allowing, and giving myself permission to get in touch with all parts of my being that are yet in denial. I am willing, allowing and giving myself permission to stop the withholding of greater Love to all that I desire manifest in my Life.”

A Divine Plan suggests you will stand and face the Light. The Divine Plan says that you will defend your Planet and that you will defend your beautiful garments you live within. The Divine Plan says that your Light will be so strengthened first, and you will be protected by the Angelic Forces. The Divine Plan says you will use your Will and that you will speak up and command the forced purification of your Planet and of all Life on Earth including the beautiful Physical Garments that were created for you. The Divine Plan suggests that you will discover the Lost Knowledge of the Sacred Fire and use the Sacred Fire to accomplish.

Asun asks us to silently remind ourselves several times a day: ‘There is nothing to hold on to. Don’t hold on to anything, let everything flow, be in the flow, for life loves to be in perpetual motion.” We do we get stuck? Why do we feel in a rut sometimes? Why is it sometimes difficult to release difficult emotions? Asun suggests that it is our constant holding on to these things that makes our lives more difficult. This is big, so give yourself this silent message 5 or 6 times a day: “Don’t hold on to anything, there is nothing to hold on to.”

Asun suggests we remind ourselves we have not come to live a conventional life or to be conventional. We have come to live an extraordinary exceptional life of excellence!

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