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Beloved ones, each of you has a flame within your heart that burns for the truth, that recognizes the Light of God, that points always to what is Real, what is true. It gives you the passion and the power to see this through, to be this burning Light, to be the Light that shines right here and now. This burning flame is the truth of your being and the power of your devotion. It is the flame that leaps in joy when it finds itself reflected in another heart. It is the flame that burns in its outreach to other hearts of Love.

It is the flame that bends itself toward every heart and seeks to light the reminder of the flame within it, and to bring warmth and comfort and what is needed, and most of all, to herald the truth of Love. It is a flame that climbs higher with every moment and speaks of freedom. It is a flame that is forever our connection and our unity.

It is the fire of perfect Love, and this flame never falters. It is alive in you, dear ones, and you are ever and always aware of it. It is the flame that reminds you of what is Real, of the truth of Love. It is the flame that ignites your way through the morass of so many illusions. It turns what seemed like night into the glories of the perfect day. It is the flame that can light the world, that can light the fires of Love.

This flame is now called forth. It is needed, beloved ones. It is needed to burn away the dross of ego. It is needed to light the way for every precious one to remember the fires of Love that burn within them too. It is the flame that will set you free. It is the flame that burns in the heart that is forever humanity. It is the fire of life.

It is time to raise your flame high, to let it consume you, beloved ones, completely, so that all that is left is this passion for God, this power of Love, this fire of Creation. All that you are is the living truth, so alive that nothing of the old world can touch you because you stand in the Reality of your being, that your heart is the very fires of Creation. This power, this power of Love is the only power that is Real, that is true and that is more than sufficient to transform the old world view into the truth of God.

So I call upon each of you to stoke the fire, to remember your burning core, to recall the fire in your heart that has fueled your devotion to the truest Love and to shine that flame forth now. Let it blaze into the world as a beacon of hope. Let it beam so fully who you are that your devotion to Love never ceases for a moment, and you are held in the perfect heart of God in the glories of Love, as the pulsing center of Creation – fully alive here in the world as the flame of truth.

Hold the image of how fire so easily spreads and how if each of you is willing to be consumed, then that which burns as you, that which blazes forth the truth of Love, cannot help but ignite the remembrance in every heart …that each heart too is the fire of God and it is something Real, permanent, eternal, unchanging, unending and undeniable in the center of every being. It will not be denied.

The little mind has set the vision of the world, the sub-creation, the consensual reality strong and demanding. Yet, I promise you in every heart the same fire burns. You have accessed it yourself your whole life, and while perhaps many others have not, it is this very fire that keeps them alive. Recognition will come.

So you are the torch of Love raised high, here to light this world with the Light of Love. You are the flame of God burning. Every moment the fire blazes forth the truth of the one power that is Love… the truth of the birth of new possibilities blazed forth from the heart of Creation now, ready to be accepted, ready to provide the leap, the access, the energy to be transformed, to awaken to the truth that Love is everything – that only Love is Real and all hearts burn with the same flame.

As you begin to perceive this fire of Love that you know so well as your own heart, as you see this in others, you will feel the moment when the flames merge, when the recognition comes and the heart is open. Most of all, you will realize that the fire of Love that is so strong in you will never, ever, ever go out. You can count on it, you can see by it, you can live by it, it is your energy. You can hold it up and shine it for humanity.

In this fire there is only one thing. It is the one Love, the one heart that burns as every heart and that creates this world of Love where the perception of darkness is eradicated and only Light is present. When you find this fire of remembrance of the truth, when you find and hold onto the remembrance of your commitment, when you feel the power of your devotion to this true beauty, then you never live again with shadows. Shadows cannot exist in the Light. The fire is the shining perfection of Love proving to you continually that you are exalted, that you are present as the hologram, open as this consciousness, empowered as this one heart of Creation and never disconnected from the truth again.

This fire in your hearts, dear ones, is Real and in it you are aware of everything, aware of the vastness of your being, aware of your heart as the energy of Creation burning, and most of all, aware of your unending and deep commitment to hold forth this flame, to recognize all that you are beyond the perceptions of the ego mind – to recognize your truth as a limitless being of Love that nothing can ever diminish.

This Love is both fiery and consuming, tender and lovingly encompassing, gloriously creative in its expression, deep in its center of silence, alive in never-ending anticipation of what Creation brings. This Love, this fire of life, walks with you, and the fire in your heart is part of this and will always bring you to this perspective.

So, that which burns inside your heart must now stand forth, must be revealed, must be held up in humility, free of ego, as the power of truth. It must become that which lights the world to Love. This fire, dear ones, is needed now.

Come, leap into the flame. Surrender the small dreams of the ego. Let them be consumed by this blaze of limitless Love until all you are is the one fire of unity and the power of pure Love. Even when you must walk in the world and use the little mind for what it is good for…the fire of Love that is your heart can illuminate until what speaks your words and shines through your eyes is this most magnificent fire of Love.

There are those who sometimes speak of the ego burning. There is no need to burn that which doesn’t truly exist. As I have always said, turn on a light in a closet and suddenly the shadows don’t exist. And so it is, beloved ones, with the fire that burns within you. The moment that you fully allow it, the shadows of duality must be gone, illuminated by the fire of this Love and the power of your devotion to this truth is unparalleled, unprecedented.

You are here to serve in this awakening to this very truth of Love in the world…to be witness to the flame of hearts unending being recognized for what they are and lighting each other like kindling until the fire spreads and Love reveals the world as perfect joy.

Beyond the shadow dance of the ego mind, Love shines unabated. This very fire of perfect Love is who you are. You already feel this that burns within you. You always have. Now, beloved ones, let it out. Let it be free. Let it burn unabated until every heart is included in this Light and the fires of Creation become visible in humanity. That which once perceived itself as separate is reunited in this perfect joy and rejoices in being the power of Love.

Will you agree to let the fire that burns within you truly shine? Will you let it free? Will you acknowledge your devotion? It doesn’t matter what you call Me or how you see Me. All that matters is that you are the truth of Love. That which it is, the perfection of your being speaks far more clearly than any words and that which we are together, this hum, this song of life that is so rich…this too cannot be hidden any longer.

The fires in your hearts, dear ones, are not only torches which others see by but are the fires that are here to ignite remembrance, to be the sentinels of a new way of being — to bring the Light into the belief in darkness that it too can fall away, that this very fire now illumines the little mind until all the shadows there turn to nothing. That which shines in you is like the sun at noon. There are no shadows. There is only Light, and only this blazing power of Love.

You are a torch for God. You are the fire of Love. Don’t hold back, not for another moment. Let what you’ve always known now be what you live. Let that which had been within you since your childhood now become your whole identity. As you blaze, blaze with Me into this unity of pure creation, this one explosion of life undeniable and unending. Let us swirl as one together throughout the cosmos and let us stoke the fires of Love that are this world, this Earth and this precious, most precious heart named humanity.

Hold forth your true self, the torch of Love unending. Hold forth the very fires of Creation and let them shine, now and now and now. There is nothing else. Are you ready to be the fire of God?

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