Happy Father’s Day for all our Men around the World

25137D4B-2144-4D90-96BB-AB24864E920A_1_201_aWe thank you for your hard work and responsibility for all those that you love. We thank you for protecting your children 24/7 all ways always from predators that goes on disguising in all forms, and that may come from all background, such as from schools, churches, camps, libraries, hospitals, doctors, and even family members, etc. We thank you for teaching your children outstanding family values that would lead them for their greatest good in the future inclusive love for nature, respect, courage, discipliners chores, and healthy eating habits. Your children are not negotiable. And neither is your heart, your integrity, and your moral values.

Eyes OPEN when comes to your children; read between the lines, wear your gun, and take no fuckery from anyone.

enjoy your Day and every day. be healthy. be wealthy. be in bliss. heart. 

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