Help Me Make it Through

Divine God of mine, help me make it through another minute, another hour, another day, as the pain within my heart I can barely stand.

It seems the duality of the world around me I can no longer take or let alone comprehend. I feel my heart is broken into million pieces and I am in so much need to mend it.

I need your help my Highest I AM.

How can I mend this broken heart, how? Teach me how. Show me how. You are my only hope, can’t trust anyone else you know that! You know my deepest secret, my deepest love.

I Can not hide anything from you, so please understand and help me make it through.

Let me go on with my life just as you know you wish me too, but first help me be strong. Give me some light, a sign to go on with this life that is a part of you as it is a part of mine.

Do not let me down buddy, do not let me down. We can make it, we can make it through.

~LFabre   = this posting





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